NUU B20 5G User Manual

In-depth knowledge about the phone, the functions, the features, and the how-to information to get started with your new device. Everything can be learned easily in this NUU B20 5G user manual.

NUU B20 5G User Manual

It’s nice to have a new modern, yet mesmerizing smartphone. When you look at your new NUU B20 5G smartphone, it’s understandable if you feel the urge to unbox it and try it as soon as possible.

But everything that comes in a rush never ends well. Either it will make you waste many times, skip some important features, or the device will malfunction quickly.

Who wants to make it happen? No one. That’s why guidance is needed to make yourself fully aware of your new gadget.

The guidance is called a user manual, and as you know, every new device has this kind of document in the box, but many of you aren’t even aware of its presence.

This time, you must consider this document and read it carefully. Thankfully, for this NUU B20 5G, we will give you a quick tour of the user manual.

Download User Manual

Before beginning the tour, having an NUU B20 5G user manual on your device would be better. Because here, we only explain what will be written on the document instead of the full explanations. The user manual can be downloaded in a PDF format with the link below.

➡️ Download NUU B20 5G User Manual (PDF)


No debate; the NUU B20 5G is a beautiful-looking smartphone. But did you know about all of the phone’s hardware stuff? In this Overview chapter, you will learn about this matter comprehensively. The contents come in a graphic that shows the phone’s layout from the front, back, top, and bottom.

Setting Up Your Device

Smartphones are complicated devices, and there are some functions that you may not have noticed before. If you want to set up your device, it’s recommended to read this next chapter first.

Because it doesn’t only give you the information about how to configure the cards and how to charge the battery, it’s more than that.

In the next section, you will learn how to set up the device when your NUU B20 5G smartphone is online. It starts with how to connect the device to Wi-Fi, check the updates, and create a Google account. It’s a long journey here, so you better read it in the user manual.

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Controls and Using the Touchscreen

The NUU B20 5G is a touchscreen smartphone. Assuming you’re a first-timer and have no idea how to use the touchscreen, this following chapter is definitely for you.

You will have a full explanation of the device’s touchscreen, like how to use ‘double-tap,’ ‘drag-and-drop,’ ‘swipe,’ etc.

Customize Your Home Screen

Once you’ve bought the NUU B20 5G, this phone is all yours. You can customize all of the phone’s features to your preferences. And this time, in this chapter, you will learn how to customize the NUU B20 5 G’s home screen.

You can freely rearrange the home screen’s layout as you wish. Whether you want to add some apps’ shortcuts, change the wallpapers, or have multiple home screens in one folder. All of them can be learned here.

The Settings Menu

The settings menu is the most complex part of the NUU B20 5G smartphone, but trust us, it’ll be very useful for you, especially to optimize your phone’s experience.

Don’t get intimidated by the many features and functions available in these settings. You will get enough information from this chapter.

The first information you will see is the Network & Internet; after that is the Connected Devices. You will also learn about the Smart Assistant, Display Settings, Sound Settings, Security & Privacy, and Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls.

The NUU B20 5G user manual can be hard for some of you to understand. Still, with this summary, we hope you get enlightenment and understand more about the device better than ever.

After this, if you are keen to know the full information, the download link is already attached at the beginning.