BLU Studio X5 Review: Chic Smartphone With Dual Camera

With many smartphone options nowadays, changing your old one may be tricky. However, if you’re searching for a reasonably-priced, reliable option, this BLU Studio X5 review may be helpful.

BLU Studio X5 Review

The BLU Studio X5 smartphone was released in July 2022. We know some of you are very careful in deciding your everyday device. That’s actually important.

Smartphones are fragile, and there is always a new phone coming up every day, and you must put everything in thought before knocking on the hammer.

The BLU Studio X5 comes in four different chic colors that can be chosen as to which suits you best. It doesn’t stop there; the features and specifications inside are also quite decent for people nowadays who spend their day with their gadgets.

We put every little detail about the BLU Studio X5 in this review article. Hopefully, every single piece of information here will be useful for you to understand the device.

Not only the surface but we dig deeper into the system information. It’s highly recommended to read the review before late.


BLU Studio X5 specifications:

Release DateJuly, 2022
Dimensions145 x 72.4 x 10.1mm
OSAndroid 11 (Go Edition)
Screen size5.0-inch
Resolution480 x 854
CPUQuad-core 1.3GHz Cortex-A53
Battery2,000mAh, Removable
Rear camera5MP + Unspecified 
Front camera2MP


BLU Studio X5
BLU Studio X5

Let’s talk about the first thing you will see, even at a glance; the appearance. The BLU Studio X5 design reminds us of a smartphone far before 2022, small and thick.

If you are looking for a modern smartphone, surely it isn’t the one. While you grip the phone, the feeling will be different, and some of you may find it uncomfortable since it’s bulky.

The old-school design also can be seen directly on the face of the phone. Rather than applying sleek and thin bezels around the screen, it still comes in thick ones, leaving wasteful space around them.

What makes it worse is that the camera and its home buttons are still placed on the bezels while others have been removing this placement.

Nonetheless, the BLU Studio X5 is generous by giving us four chic color options for their smartphone. It comes in earth colors; Blue, Bronze, Green, and Black, and it has clean lines and textures, making it quite attractive to look at.


The BLU Studio X5 chooses a 5.0-inch display screen as its navigating area. The size of an entry-level smartphone is a wise choice and enough to fit all your daily information.

But since the device only has a ~65.6% screen-to-body ratio, it may be uncomfortable to do some activities, especially gaming and watching videos.

Alas, this screen size is not supported by decent quality. This phone is only equipped with a 480 x 854-pixel resolution, far beyond the standard, to deliver every phone’s contents, including the icons and images.

Pixelated contents are noticeable. The details aren’t in good shape; the colors are muted and not as charming as other smartphones—even in the same class!

Not to mention, the brightness isn’t so good, whether in daylight or under the moon.

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BLU Studio X5 Camera

The camera is crucial, and we hope the BLU Studio X5 offers something exquisite for us. Thankfully, the dual camera is placed at the back of the phone for us to catch our moments. However, there is a “but” here. It comes with a dual camera, but the quality is bad underneath.

Two of the cameras are 5MP. A standard and honestly expectable for a budget smartphone. Even though we wish to see more than that quality, this camera is enough for practical events. But for social media? We don’t think so. This camera comes with LED flash; obviously, you can also record video with it.

There are no other words for the BLU Studio X5’s front camera. First of all, it only has 2MP quality. Second of all, there are no other advanced features to at least enhance the results. We advise you to take a selfie under the broad light to get your decent one.


The BLU Studio X5’s internal storage may become one of its strengths. Despite its low-quality camera, this phone is generous compared with its competitors by giving us a 32GB capacity.

Regardless of the decreased size after some pre-loaded apps and junk, this capacity is more than enough to save your memories and drafts. You can also add many apps that you want with this.

If someday the storage is insufficient. You can add up to 128GB of MicroSD cards to expand the phone’s capacity. Just buy the card, and install it to your external slot—that’ll solve the problem.


As a budget smartphone, there are some limits that you’ll find on the BLU Studio X5 smartphone. One of those is on the performance side.

For the CPU, the BLU Studio X5 runs on Quad-core 1.3GHz Cortex-A53. At this rate, you will expect a nearly smooth performance while launching apps or doing your own tasks. These all combined with 1GB of RAM.

Unfortunately, this RAM size is not giving us a fun experience. This is a very small RAM for a smartphone; you will find some burdens while accessing some apps, especially the intense ones.

You should not use the BLU Studio X5 smartphone for extra work since this phone will be drained out, and the performance will be decreased constantly. Trying to get some apps stacking? The device will be exhausted in no time.

The BLU Studio X5 has Android 11 Go Edition as its default operating system. This Android version is such a pain. As you know, nowadays, Android already has two or three higher upgrades, so it’ll be better if it has a higher version.

The Go Edition becomes another problem for the BLU Studio X5 smartphone. This edition surely keeps an entry-level smartphone light and fast since it improves 15% faster performance in accessing some apps. But because of this, the Go Edition has some limits on its features.


BLU Studio X5 Box

As expected from a budget smartphone, the BLU Studio X5 still relies on a 4G LTE network for its call and internet connections. It’s acceptable, and we’re fine with this since this network still has stable connectivity and pristine call quality.

If there are some times your phone doesn’t get connected to the mobile network, this phone also has Wi-Fi as the alternative. With this, you can enjoy faster and more efficient connectivity to stay updated with the world.

The BLU Studio X5 also has Bluetooth 4.2 for file-transferring purposes and MicroUSB 2.0 to charge your device.


Another weakness we found on the BLU Studio X5 smartphone may be its battery. This device only gives us a 2,000mAh battery capacity to let us stay online. This battery capacity is very small, even compared to other entry-level smartphones.

A removable battery type is also not helping at all. This battery has a high-prone break since it is less durable than the non-removable one. Moreover, it is also inconvenient for some reasons.

Is the BLU Studio X5 a Good Phone?

As for the BLU Studio X5’s review, this phone is far from what we expect from an entry-level smartphone. There are some flaws in their features and specifications. What we regretted the most was their low RAM space and battery capacity.

With an $70 price, the BLU Studio X5 has a dual camera that could be a great deal if they also focus on quality. The chic colors of the BLU Studio X5 can’t be helped with many drawbacks in the functionality.

Pros: dual camera, nice color options

Cons: low RAM space, low battery capacity, outdated design