Consumer Cellular Verve Connect Review

Are you looking for a smartphone for your kids or other family members who never had one before? Considering buying a simple one with this Consumer Cellular Verve Connect review.

Verve Connect Review

The Consumer Cellular Verve Connect smartphone was launched in February 2023. No trying to be a fancy phone, nor being a high-technology gadget. This phone is specifically made for first-timers who have never experienced a smartphone before.

Because of this, you will find the Consumer Cellular Verve Connect smartphone very simple and straight to the point where it’s easy to use for every age. A large display, Android 12, and a camera will help their users have an ultimate experience with this device.

Do you think about buying this kind of phone for your closest family? We ask you to read this review first before you go far away to end your decisions. This article will cover all of the important and must-notice information.


Consumer Cellular Verve Connect specifications:

Release DateFebruary,  2023
Dimensions156.7 x 72.8 x 8.1mm
OSAndroid 12
Screen size6.1-inch
Resolution720 x 1560
ProcessorMediaTek Helio A22
CPUQuad-core (4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery3,200mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera8MP
Front camera5MP
FeaturesFingerprint Reader, Face Recognitions


Verve Connect
Consumer Cellular Verve Connect

One word for the appearance of the Consumer Cellular Verve Connect smartphone is “basic.” This phone doesn’t contribute to the look we’ve seen on modern smartphones.

The phone’s dimensions are average, with 156.7mm in height and 72.8 for its width. It also feels lightweight, with only 150g of weight, making it comfortable to hold all day.

The phone’s front area is moderate. The look applies a mainstream design of many smartphones nowadays with thin bezels on the top, left, and right sides. Meanwhile, the bottom part is slightly thicker, leaving an unnecessary gap for the phone.

You will notice the phone’s clean and modern look in the back area. It has a dark blue color with a grainy texture on top of the case.

On the left side is a single shiny vertical line that comes in a brighter blue color. It leaves us with a sleeker impression when we look at that. You will also notice its single camera with LED flash and fingerprint reader here.


Verve Connect Display

A 6.1-inch display screen comes great on the Consumer Cellular Verve Connect smartphone. As an entry-level smartphone, this size is quite generous.

Trust us, you will be satisfied with the screen, especially when your activity requires a big screen, like typing a long email, playing games, and watching movies.

This big screen comes with a 720 x 1560 pixels resolution. Again, quite impressive. At the very least, you will get an HD+ display quality. Enough to frame the phone’s contents with vibrant colors and super detailed output.

More than that, the screen is as clear as the morning sky. No hazed-off quality. And, importantly, the brightness is fine.

It is still noticeable in broad daylight, and the phone’s brightness won’t hurt your eyes while under dim light.


Verve Connect Camera

In the middle of the ‘more-than-one-camera’ smartphone’s setup, the Consumer Cellular Verve Connect only uses a single rear camera as its main weapon to let users get their beautiful photos on their own.

The single camera comes with 8MP quality. This is not enough for photography-geek users who love to capture their moments regularly.

It may be good when you’re taking pictures under the golden light, but if you try to take pictures at night or in dark light, the output will be blurry and, worse, get pixelated.

Their front camera also doesn’t do any justice. It has 5MP quality. You can still get a selfie with this, but the quality is far from good. Both of these cameras can also record videos.

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The Consumer Cellular Verve Connect smartphone has a 32GB internal storage capacity. That’s quite spacious, especially for an entry-level smartphone. You can save as many files as you want and download some desired apps.

However, remember that 32GB isn’t the actual size you’ll get from this phone. After all system files and preloaded apps, the real size will decrease to around 21GB. But don’t worry; there’s always a way to overcome this problem.

You need to go to the nearest phone store and buy a MicroSD up to 512GB to expand your storage. After that, you can enjoy your phone at max.


Verve Connect Side View

Performance-wise, the Consumer Cellular Verve Connect smartphone is not that special. It doesn’t serve you with a super blazing fast speed, but it’s considered okay for an entry-level smartphone. This all shouts out to the MediaTek Helio A22, a budget phone’s standard processor.

This processor runs with a Quad-core 2GHz speed. You will notice incredible speed at this level while launching some apps. We notice this device is not a multitasking-kind-of-smartphone. You can open several apps simultaneously, but the performance wasn’t great.

Not just multitasking while opening some intense apps, the Consumer Cellular Verve Connect is also showing weaknesses. First of all, you may be able to access the apps, but the phone’s battery will be decreased, as well as its performance too.

The Consumer Cellular Verve Connect smartphone uses Android 12 as its default operating system. This is such a good option for this phone since Android 12 still packs up with some advanced updates.

For first-timers, Android 12 can help them understand the navigation process better. It has great fluidity and a clear interface, so you will find it easy to find what you need from the Consumer Cellular Verve Connect smartphone. This version also has an amazing privacy and security system.

Anyway, talk about the security system. The Consumer Cellular Verve Connect also has two built-in security sensors; a fingerprint reader and face recognition. These two are responsible for unlocking the device in the easiest, safest, and most convenient way.


In the matter of connectivity, the Consumer Cellular Verve Connect has a bunch of default features. First of all, we discussed their network connectivity. 4G LTE is still the favorite network in most entry-level smartphones.

So does the Consumer Cellular Verve Connect; they still use 4G LTE because it’s still reliable in most places in the world, not to mention they also have a crystal clear call quality. Moreover, Wi-Fi is also available in this phone as an internet network alternative.

Meanwhile, for transferring files, Bluetooth still becomes the most convenient connectivity. And this device is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 for faster and more stable file transfer. Other than that, you can also connect other Bluetooth devices with this feature.


The Consumer Cellular Verve Connect smartphone is great, but what’s the point of having any features if the battery doesn’t support it? Thankfully, this device has a decent battery quality that lets you enjoy all the features all day.

This phone is equipped with 3,200mAh of battery capacity to let you keep up with the digital world all day long. On paper, this phone promises you to have a continuous talk time of up to 19 hours, and when in idle time, it can be up to 500 hours or 20 days.

However, the actual battery cycle can vary for each user. It all depends on users’ digital behavior and their overall screen time.

One thing for sure, this device uses USB Type-C for charging, and as we know, this type is a very good way to recharge your device quickly.

Is the Consumer Cellular Verve Connect a Good Phone?

To answer the above question, we have to recap what we discussed in this Consumer Cellular Verve Connect review. As we mentioned in the beginning, this phone aims specifically at first-timers.

Everything in here is very basic, like the design that is kinda old school, the camera quality that is not near to today’s standard, and the so-so performance.

On the other hand, this phone has some interesting features like a huge display screen, Android 12 OS, and intelligent security systems.

The best part is it comes for those with a tight budget. It costs $89 on Consumer Cellular’s website, and even cheaper at Target, it’s just $70.

Pros: huge display screen, Android 12, face recognition, fingerprint reader

Cons: old school design, low camera quality, standard performance