NUU B10 User Manual (Q Link Wireless)

Learning about your new device is necessary. With quick and comprehensive information, you can find its features and specifications that meet your needs. The NUU B10 user manual is one of them.

NUU B10 User Manual

The great thing about buying a new device is it always provides proper configuration instructions. It’s called a user manual. Not many people notice this tiny document when unboxing their new device. Little did they know making your initial settings simpler and shorter is a life hack.

The NUU B10 is an interesting smartphone. Just from a slight sight, you can tell that this device has many advanced and modern features that can be perfect for your everyday life. It will be a waste if you don’t know how to utilize it. Using it is simple; you need a guide to understand it.

Fortunately, the NUU B10 includes a user manual under its box. But, as we said, not many people are noticing. They assume it’s too much for them to handle it. Thankfully, we understand the situation by providing the NUU B10’s new users a summary of the user manual.

Download User Manual

We serve you the summary below, but you still need the document downloaded to your device for future reference. So, before you read this article until the end, it’ll be favorable if you download the NUU B10 user manual with the link below.

➡️ Download NUU B10 User Manual (PDF)


The first question is, “How can you start setting up your NUU B10 without knowing about the external device?” That’s true because to start some initial configurations, you must first be familiar with the physical buttons.

That’s why you will get some information about the NUU B10’s parts and buttons in this first chapter. Here, you will see the phone’s layout, which illustrates the phone’s front, back, top, and bottom. Complete with the assisting lines to show what and where.

Setting Up Your Phone

Next, you’re ready to set up your new NUU B10 smartphone. The following chapter will give you brief information and instructions. First, it starts with removing the SIM tray and, next, configurations of the SIM and MicroSD card.

After that, this chapter will teach you how to replace the SIM tray and how to charge the battery. All of those instructions come step-by-step, so you’ll understand better. Remember to read the warning at the bottom of the page carefully to avoid any unwanted events.

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Safety Information

Last but not least, safety first! This chapter is the most essential part to read of the user manual’s contents. Because here, you will see a piece of information containing instructions on how to use the phone safely.

In the beginning, you will be informed of the instructions on using the device while you’re near the medical equipment. The next part is about how to use the device in a flammable and hazardous area, make it safe for children, use it in different environments, and clean and maintain the device.

After this last chapter of the NUU B10 user manual, you will see other chapters like battery cautions, FCC statements, etc. If you’re curious, you can open your manual guidebook and read about it thoroughly.