TCL 30 SE User Manual (Q Link Wireless)

Exploring a new device is time-consuming, and some of us do not have that much patience. The TCL 30 SE user manual is an assistance document to discover the device entirely.

TCL 30 SE User Manual

The excitement and happiness of having a new smartphone are uncontrollable. This feeling sometimes makes us lazy to discover our new device, and sooner or later, it’ll make us regret it.

The user manual in every device’s box comes with a reason. It’s guidance, assistance, and a ‘how-to’ direction for users exploring the gadget. Not only the external part of the device but also its menu’s functions.

We know every struggle and burden while reading the user manual for most of you; it’s complicated and hard to understand for some reason. Fortunately, in this article, we shorten the inside of the user manual and serve it for you.

Download User Manual

You can download the original version of the TCL 30 SE user manual before we begin the summary. It all comes with a purpose: to revisit and recheck the manual every time you’ve got some trouble—maybe in the future.

➡️ Download TCL 30 SE User Manual (PDF)


The user manual starts with the Basics chapter. Initially, you will find out the TCL 30 SE smartphone’s layout, complete with the diagrams’ info and the explanation of each key.

After that, you will learn how to start with the TCL 30 SE. From how to set up the device’s card and battery to the simple ones like how to power on and off the phone. There is also information about the phone’s home screen and how to input text.

Multimedia Applications

In this next chapter, we will specifically discuss Multimedia Applications. There are three multimedia apps on the TCL 30 SE. Those are Camera, Gallery, and Music.

First, this chapter will show you the camera’s features and instructions, such as how to launch and use the camera, the Google Lens feature, and information about the camera’s modes and settings. You’ll also learn about Galleries and Music here.

Apps and Features

There are tons of apps and features on the TCL 30 SE smartphone. All of them will be covered in the following chapter. First, you will discover basic applications like Phones, Contacts, Messages, Calendars, Clocks, and Calculators.

Besides those, the chapter will tell you about the TCL apps like NXTVISION and the Google applications already preloaded on the phone. Those included Chrome, Gmail, Maps, Youtube, etc.

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We will discuss this chapter for you who have a certain standard of what your phone wants to look like. In Settings, you can change or adjust the default configurations to suit your needs.

There are many things you can change on Settings. It all started with the connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Networks, and Connections. After that, you can modify your phone’s display, sound, and advanced features. You can also boost your phone’s privacy and security. And many more to discover.


It’s very normal to have some issues regarding your phone if it’s like two or more years of usage. Suppose it happens to you, don’t panic. Don’t get distracted; focus on your issues, and start scrolling into the Troubleshooting chapter.

This chapter packs all the information you need to find out the best solution for every small problem you have with your TCL 30 SE smartphone. It’s like the text version of customer service.

We’ve reached the end of the TCL 30 SE user manual summary. But definitely not the end of the basic version. There is more important information that we’ve not discussed yet here. So, it’ll be better for you to check it by yourself.