Coolpad Legacy SR User Manual

Learning about your device doesn’t have to take days when you have a resourceful document. Check out and download the Coolpad Legacy SR user manual.

Coolpad Legacy SR User Manual

You should do a couple of things before using your brand new device, such as the Coolpad Legacy SR. One of the most crucial steps you should take is to read a user manual.

This insightful document helps to give a stronger understanding of your device. It also minimizes the time you need to spend navigating your modern device for the first time.

While it contains tons of information, the Coolpad Legacy SR user manual is neatly divided into several different sections. You can easily find the guideline you’re searching for.

But if you need a bit of reassurance, we got you covered. Read the summary below to get a short preview of what helpful information the user manual contains.

Setting up your device

If this is your first time using the Coolpad Legacy SR, it’s recommended that you check out this section. The user manual displays the phone layout. Each of the phone components is clearly labeled to easily identify them.

This section does more than just labeling each button or component. You’ll find a complete list of these functions with a brief description attached to them. With the information provided in this section, you won’t understand what component does.

Battery use

A component you’ll need to pay attention to with the Coolpad Legacy SR is its battery. This chapter of the user manual introduces you to several battery cautions you should be aware of. As the batter is a sensitive component, it can be prone to unwanted damages.

Since the phone’s battery is a removable component, users will need to properly insert and remove it. If you have no clue how to do this, no worries. This section includes step-by-step diagrams that will guide you with this process.

Handling a SIM card

To fully activate the Coolpad Legacy SR, you’ll need to insert a SIM card into the device. Just like your battery, there are a couple of precautions you’ll need to adhere to before inserting your SIM card. After all, the SIM card essentially connects you to the rest of the world. Make sure you refer to this section if you plan on changing your SIM cards.

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Touchscreen navigation

The Coolpad Legacy SR uses touch screen technology for its navigation medium. Like most touch screen devices, the phone responds to a variety of touch gestures. To learn what kinds of gestures are accepted, all you have to do is check the user manual.

All accepted gestures are listed out and demonstrated with the relevant diagram. The Coolpad Legacy SR user manual makes sure that you can differentiate each gesture easily. This section will be convenient if you find yourself lost when exploring your device.

Entering text

The Coolpad Legacy SR provides a touchscreen keyboard for you to enter your text. If you can’t locate your keyboard, you can check the user manual. This section gives you a brief explanation of how your QWERTY keyboard operates.

Additionally, you can learn how to edit your text easily with this interactive keyboard. By following the guidelines provided, you can learn how to copy, cut, and paste your text. You can take it to the next level and use voice-to-text input.

Using Wi-Fi connection

Not a big fan of using the data connection on your Coolpad Legacy SR? The user manual has your back. The document teaches you how to activate your Wi-Fi connection in a couple of steps. To turn on Wi-Fi, all you have to do is follow the clear instructions offered in this section.

You’ll need to consider tons of security measures before turning on Wi-Fi. Luckily for you, the user manual presents you with several tips to ensure a safe Wi-Fi connection.

Basic settings

Need a general idea of what your Coolpad Legacy SR settings do? This chapter of the user manual should help you in a gist. This page gives you a list of the basic setting options you can configure to match your preferences. Everything is written in an organized manner so that users don’t get mixed up between each setting option.

Download user manual

That’s all we have for now in summary. However, that’s not the end of the handy user manual. It’s super easy to access the full version of the Coolpad Legacy SR user manual. Click on the provided download link to keep a copy of this document for your personal reference.

Download: Coolpad Legacy SR User Manual (PDF)