Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 Tablet Review (TruConnect Wireless)

The Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 review is a comprehensive document that will help you to discover all the important information about your new future tablet.

Cloud Mobile Sunshine T1 Review

Imagine you are in a large family with more than 3 family members with children at home. Giving them a smartphone for each will definitely rip your wallets. Besides, it’s not suitable for children to have smartphones yet. That’s when you need another option, and a tablet is the answer.

Not everyone thinks that tablet is useful. Not after you have many family members at your home that may need digital entertainment or education. Tablets can become a gadget substitute for those wanting to present this activity at home. 

Many tablets’ names appear while you search for them on the internet, and maybe you’ve never heard of this Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 before. Fortunately, we’re thoughtful enough to give you a complete review of the device before you decide whether it’s worth buying.


Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 Tablet specifications:

OSAndroid 11 (Go Edition)
Screen size8.0-inch
Resolution800 x 1280
CPU1.5GHz Quad-core
Rear camera5MP
Front camera2MP


Cloud Mobile Sunshine T1
Cloud Mobile Sunshine T1

The tablet is just a tablet. Honestly, there’s nothing special about the tablet’s appearance. It’s very basic with the similar looking one another. The Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 table also does the same. The overall look is just average.

Let’s dig in the front area first. The Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 device has a wide screen surrounded by bezels. The left and right sides are thin, while the top and bottom parts are wider. For the top bezels, it’s a home for the front camera and speakers.

Move into the Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 back area, and you will instantly see the flashy logo of Cloud Mobile; somehow, it takes up so much space. As for the camera, it is located at the top left with the LED flash in-line horizontally.


Cloud Mobile Sunshine T1 Display

The display screen of the Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 is 8.0 inches, which is actually a default size that is common for any small tablet. This size doesn’t have much difference with a smartphone, so it may not feel strange while using the tablet for the first time,

Besides, this display size is enough to show all the apps available on the tablet. It can be seen clearly, but unfortunately, the quality seems off. This screen only gives you a 720 x 1280-pixel resolution, which is insufficient for a big display. The quality is not giving you sharp details and nice brightness.

The screen comes with protectors, but sadly, it’s just cheap quality—somehow, it feels like plastic because every time we use the device, the screen scratches easily.


Cloud Mobile Sunshine T1 Camera

The camera is not the priority of any tablet. It also applies to the Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 device. Indeed, this device has two cameras equipped, but for the quality? It’s not good.

The rear camera of this phone has a 5MP resolution. This quality is far below the standard. When you’re taking pictures, the outputs will become cracked or pixelated. Meanwhile, while recording videos, the results will be laggy.

The front camera also has no difference—it even gets worse. This camera has only a 2MP resolution, which is low quality for selfies. Still, we understand this matter since the device is not built for such an extravagant camera.


The Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 tablet is embedded with 16GB of internal storage capacity. Some might think this is such a small space for a device. A tablet is not an everyday kind of device, so you won’t need a lot of capacity for this device.

However, the worst thing is that the 16GB capacity will be reduced after all the device’s files take over more than 5GB. These situations will make your device have a tighter space than you’ve ever imagined.

Make a more spacious room into the Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 tablet. You can try this option; add a MicroSD card to the device, and you can add more files and apps on the device.

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The performance of the Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 is not something we are proud of. We don’t have the exact specifications of its processor. Still, this table has a Quad-core 1.5GHz CPU rate, which is just an average.

With this CPU, the limitations are real. You can’t freely operate the device because it is not as fast as the other CPU with higher rates. When we open the device and launch the apps, it takes quite a lot of time. It prioritizes being an efficient device, not a high-delivery performance process.

The chipset is coupled with 2GB RAM (Random Access Memory). This capacity is not to our liking because it can worsen the phone’s performance, especially if you’re multitasking. The device goes slower and slower; even worse, it can show delays after opening apps.

The Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 tablet is also unsuitable for intense applications like high-graphic games. If you try to access this, your tablet will lag, and you may encounter a force stop.

For the operating system, the Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1’s default system is Android 11 Go Edition. If you’re into Android, you might already know that Android 11 is not the hottest version; even more, it only comes in Go Edition.

The Go Edition version has its pros and cons. The pros are that this version supports a device with minimum specifications, like the Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1. With this, the device performance can be more lightweight because it minimizes the apps’ consumed space by offering you some features only available on the Go Edition.

However, this part can be the problem. To make the device more efficient, the Go Edition is cutting off some of the advanced features in the original version. It can be unpleasant if you’re hoping for modern and usable features.


The Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 tablet uses 4G LTE as its main network connectivity. Other than this, 3G and older bands are also available, but of course, we advise you to stay with the 4G LTE since it’s the most reliable network. This network offers you a stable internet, even in a remote part of the world.

Nevertheless, suppose you are in a location that doesn’t provide your mobile network. In that case, you can stay online with the help of Wi-Fi connectivity. Yes, this device provides you this option to use the internet.

Besides the network connectivity, the Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 has Bluetooth connectivity. This can help you connect with your favorite Bluetooth devices, such as speakers, headsets, or smart home appliances.

Is the Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 a good device?

The Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 costs $129.9 for each. For a device that has some flaws, it’s quite expensive. But fortunately, we’ve cheaper options. You can get this tablet for only $10.01! But it would help if you got enrolled the ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) with TruConnect Wireless.

Overall, when reviewing the Cloud Mobile Sunshine Elite T1 tablet as a family device, it has all the necessary features that are sufficient for the needs of children and other family members. However, if you plan on using it for more professional tasks, it may not be suitable.

Pros: lower prices with ACP, perfect for family members

Cons: limited features, outdated specifications