Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 Review (TruConnect Wireless)

This time we are going to get an insight into a free smartphone that may be needed by some of you. It’s the Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 review, including the pros and cons.

Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 Review

Nowadays, smartphones are becoming a primary thing for everyone. Communicate, work, school and entertainment can be obtained with this device. In fact, not many people are lucky enough to obtain these.

Without you noticing, there are a lot of free smartphones today. Usually, governments collaborate with network providers for those of you who require a smartphone but have thin resources to get one of these. And the Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 smartphone is one of the options.

Some of you may be unfamiliar with this brand. You don’t need to be worried. Because this time, we will come through the Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 and learn about the device from front to back, up to down, and inside to outside.


Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 specifications:

OSAndroid 12 (Go Edition)
Screen size5.5-inch
Resolution480 x 960
CPU2.0GHz Quad-core
Rear camera8MP
Front camera5MP


Cloud Mobile Stratus C7
Cloud Mobile Stratus C7

The Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 smartphone has an appearance that reminisces the sleekness and minimalism of an old-school design. It’s long and big with a rectangular design that is quite comfortable to hand around.

At the front, the old-looking style appears straight into our eyes with the large top and bottom bezels. It gets worse when they put the front camera right into the top bezels—it doesn’t even apply a pinhole or teardrop style. Meanwhile, the left and right sides have thin bezels, which is great in our opinion.

In contrast, while looking back, the sleekness we’ve mentioned is gone in this area. The Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 smartphone has too much logo placement, making it crowded. The rear camera is placed at the top left with LED below it, and those two are packed in a mini rectangular area.

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Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 Display

Display-wise, the Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 is equipped with a 5.5-inch screen. Standard size for an entry-level smartphone. We don’t see it as a problem since this screen can accommodate the phone’s information nicely.

The problem is actually in its display screen quality. For such a decent size, the Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 only has a 480 x 960-pixel resolution. That isn’t very pleasant to see since the resolutions are far below our standard.

At least, we expect it to have HD+ quality. The 480 x 960 only gives you an FWVGA (Full Wide Video Graphics Array) quality. This is only one level better than the VGA quality, and of course, it doesn’t even come close to being good. The details aren’t as sharp as the higher standard, and the color is slightly dull. Thankfully, this phone is still responsive.


The Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 is obviously equipped with cameras—but please don’t put many expectations because the quality is also below the bare minimum. The cameras are placed both at the front and back. Let’s get started with the front one.

The front camera of the Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 comes in 5MP resolutions. Again, it’s not the best quality, but it’s still dependable for those who need to take daily selfies. The output will be great if you take the pictures under good light. However, the dark and pixelated output will appear if you try to take pictures in a dim environment.

As for the back or rear camera, this phone has an 8MP resolution. It’s also not our favorite quality but still alright for taking any practical pictures. No advanced features are available in this smartphone. The LED flash can give you a little enlightenment to take a brighter picture and video.


Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 Side View

Featuring a low-quality camera doesn’t give us any hope for this Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 smartphone for giving us such spacious storage. This opinion came true when I learned that this phone only gives us 16GB of internal storage.

Mind you, this storage is not even the final amount. Users will only obtain around 11-13 GB of internal storage after all the system and pre-installed apps. To overcome this problem, the Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 provides a dedicated slot to put an additional MicroSD card and instantly double the capacity.

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As expected from a budget-friendly smartphone, the Cloud Mobile Stratus C7’s performance is so-so. We don’t get enough information about the processors, though. However, this phone is applied with a chipset that only gives you enough power to run some lightweight apps.

Thankfully the chipset is helped with a Quad-core 2GHz clock rate as its speed. These specifications can boost the phone’s performance to be faster and more dependable to operate some functions.

The other important part that plays an important role in the phone is RAM. The smartphones’ temporary traffic spaces are stored in RAM or Random Access Memory. Mathematically, the more RAM a smartphone has, the better it goes. Unfortunately, the Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 does not have the space we need.

This phone is only equipped with 2GB RAM. It’s the default size for a budget-wise smartphone, but it comes with a problem. With this much RAM, you can’t multitask properly, and you can’t enjoy some heavy apps as much as you want. The device will become fragile when it has too much work to do.

The Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 is one of the Android smartphones. As for the operating system, this device believes in the Android 12 Go Edition version. Don’t be excited with the ‘Android 12’ title; if you look carefully, there’s a Go Edition added at the end.

So, what’s the Go Edition version? This is a lightweight version of the original Android 12. It’s commonly used for an entry-level smartphone because it removes some advanced features available on the original one.

This is applied to help the smartphone have more efficient and faster performance. Even better, the Go Edition version has more additional apps to save space. It includes Google Go, Gallery Go, Assistant Go, and many more.


4G LTE still becomes the favorite network connectivity in most smartphones, especially the Cloud Mobile Stratus C7. Yes, this phone still relies on 4G LTE as its main network for calling or internet purposes. The internet is surprisingly fast and stable; calling sounds as clear as crystals.

Other than that, the Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 also allows you to connect to the internet wirelessly by using Wi-Fi. Mobile hotspot is also available if some of you want to share your internet data with your friends.

This phone also has other connectivity besides internet purposes. There is Bluetooth that can be used to get connected with other Bluetooth devices. Also, the USB Type-C can be used for charging your phone’s battery.

Is the Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 a good phone?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 is one of the free smartphones. This is becoming the major strength of the phone. To get this phone, you need to apply for the ACP (Affordable Connectivity Program) Enrollment via TruConnect Wireless, or if you insist on buying, this phone is sold for $80. Still, quite affordable for today’s smartphone.

That’s the strength. But, in this Cloud Mobile Stratus C7 review, we will also cover this phone’s weaknesses. Overall, the features and specifications of the device are outdated. Whether their design choice, the camera quality, or the overall performance is not followed today’s standards. However, if this phone suits you, you can get the device in the ways that we’ve already told you about before.

Pros: free with ACP Enrollment via TruConnect Wireless

Cons: outdated design, low performance