ZTE Blade A7P User Manual

Are you new to using this device? As a first-timer, you must know how to start the device. The ZTE Blade A7P user manual comes to the rescue to help you achieve this.

ZTE Blade A7P User Manual

A great thing about having a new device for the first time is the puzzling time to discover all its features. Try out its camera, try the smartphone for scrolling your timeline, or rush into the streaming app to watch your favorite movie.

However, finding out all the phone’s capabilities is not as easy as it seems. There is more than the camera features or other entertainment apps. To be frank, discovering all the potential features by yourself will take some time. Fortunately, there’s a way to shorten the discovery time; by reading the user manual document.

Suppose you have a new ZTE Blade A7P; this device also comes with a manual. Nevertheless, some people don’t like reading this kind of document. That’s the time you need help from us. We summarize the user manual and explain every chapter in the 600 words of the article.

Download User Manual

Before we begin with the summary, we advise you to get the ZTE Blade A7P user manual in a PDF file in your hand. It’s downloadable on every device; smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC—wherever you want it to be saved. You can read the document whenever you find something difficult with your device.

➡️ Download ZTE Blade A7P User Manual (PDF)

Getting Started

The user manual starts with the Getting Started chapter. As the name indicated, this is a crucial part of the manual that you must pay attention to. This chapter shows the first initial configuration you need to do.

But before you’ve configured all the settings. This chapter will bring you into the layout of the ZTE Blade A7P smartphone physically. It shows you what and where the keys and buttons are.

Then after it is finished, you’ll begin the setup and learn about the default information like charging the battery, powering on/off, and locking/unlocking the device.


Some features on the ZTE Blade A7P smartphone can be personalized. It’s your phone; of course, you need it to be as comfortable as you feel. Don’t be afraid to be more explorative with your phone because this chapter will tell you how.

In this chapter, you will learn about setting the navigation style, changing the system language and notification sounds. Moreover, there is also information about how to use the dark theme, how to use fingerprints, and how to use the face recognition features.

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Knowing the Basics

All the basic information about your new ZTE Blade A7P device is important. WThe basic information that you need to know including the phone status, notifications managers, quick settings, app shortcuts, etc. This chapter is the answer to all of these.

Connecting to Network and Devices

Trying to connect with the internet network or other devices? It’s easy to do with your ZTE Blade A7P smartphone, but it must be learned first to prevent any misuse or confusion.

The next chapter is specifically about network and device connectivity. First, it shows you how to connect to mobile networks and Wi-Fi. Then, it’s all about connecting to Bluetooth devices and a computer via USB. Lastly, it gives you information on using the MicroSDXC card, tethering, and sharing files with nearby devices.

More Apps

The ZTE Blade A7P smartphone packs up some productivity apps. It includes the Calculator, Clock, and File Manager. Thankfully, the following chapter will show you complete information about these apps.

Not only that, in this chapter, you’ll also learn about some useful Google Apps such as Chrome, Drive, Duo, Find Device, Gmail, Maps, Google Play Store, Youtube, and many more.

As you may have noticed, we’re not giving you the full summary of all the chapters on this ZTE Blade A7P user manual. We can only provide you with what we think is important information. If you’re curious about the full document, you can download the manual with the link we’ve already given you.