ZTE Blade A3 Plus User Manual

We love how the ZTE Blade A3 Plus user manual can provide important information about the device from A to Z. The manual is also good for you.

ZTE Blade A3 Plus User Manual

What would you do if you had a new device like the ZTE Blade A3 Plus smartphone? That would be exciting. But calm down a little bit. After you get the device in your hand, it’s better to open the tiny document inside the box to learn about the device; yes, it’s the user manual.

The user manual becomes a useful guide to assist you in learning everything about the ZTE Blade A3 Plus device. It’s like a holy bible for your device; to find hidden useful features and prevent any problems that might happen in the future.

This document can be informative yet intimidating at the same time. Because of its technical contents, some people are too lazy to read the whole document. That’s why we make this summary a sneak peek at the user manual in more eye-catching and understandable tones.

Download User Manual

The digital ZTE Blade A3 Plus user manual can be downloaded here. This version is more convenient and perfect for bringing it on the go. You can save the manual to your device; whenever you need a problem-solver, you can glance through it.

➡️ Download ZTE Blade A3 Plus User Manual (PDF)


Your smartphone is your playground. So, make your device as comfortable as you want. All smartphones can be adjusted, modified, and changed as your preferences. Either you want to make the language on the phone as you want or change the notifications as you prefer.

Doesn’t stop here. This chapter also contains information about how to apply a new wallpaper for your ZTE Blade A3 Plus smartphone, how to use the dark theme, how to use the night light, and how to protect your device.

Phone Calls

The basic use of smartphones is to get connected with other people. One of the ways, the old way, is by using a phone call. Even though it looks basic and you might already know the functions, it’s better to learn about this topic.

You’re learning not only how to place or end the calls but also about the call history, the voicemails, multi-party calls, some options during calls, and the call settings.

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Still related to the last topic, this chapter will give you information about Contacts. There is a lot to learn here. Start with how to check the contact details, add, import, and export the contacts, and share contacts.

In advance, you can also learn about working with favorite contacts, managing the contacts with labels, and how to search and edit the contacts.


The ZTE Blade A3 Plus smartphone is equipped with a camera. This feature is the most important thing in a smartphone. You must’ve tried this, but you may only know a little about this tool.

This chapter about cameras gives you information about how to capture a photo or record a video, how to use portrait mode, and how to translate text with the camera.


We’ve come to the last section of the user manual. The troubleshooting chapter is placed on the last pages because it contains full lists of common problems you may encounter while using the device.

This chapter comes in a very understandable layout with a table containing information about the problem, the possible causes, and the possible solutions. You can go here if you need this kind of problem-solving information in the future.

We’ve reached the end line of the ZTE Blade A3 Plus user manual summary. All the information above is important to know, but there is still a lot to discuss. The remaining topics are available in the user manual, so getting the document into your device would be better.