TCL 303 User Manual

The TCL 303 user manual is more than a basic document you may forget. It’s guidance and assistance to help you understand your new smartphone deeply.

TCL 303 User Manual

We all are the same. Often excited over such a new thing, especially smartphones. Having a new phone is like having a new game; we always want to try all the features inside without thinking. But did you know straight to do this without learning about it is not recommended?

First, the smartphone is not as simple as it seems. You may only notice the visuals, the cameras, the sound quality, the brightness of the display, and the basic features. Below the screen, there is a lot to catch up on; the hidden features and unknown specifications should be learned about.

Fortunately, a new smartphone like your new TCL 303 always has guidance. It’s called a user manual. And, today we will run through all the manual details for each chapter and explain them in the summary below. Let yourself be full of knowledge before doing the wrong things.

Download User Manual

Be prepared. Reading the summary of each chapter below still needs to be ensured. Don’t ever start to learn about the TCL 303 user manual without the document in your hand. This section specifically served for you to download the manual with this provided link.

➡️ Download TCL 303 User Manual (PDF)


We will open the summary with such basic things in this Basics chapter. This chapter accommodates you with introductory information regarding the TCL 303 smartphone. First of all, it lays out the whole smartphone’s locations externally. Then, you will be informed of how to get started with the device.

After you’ve learned about it, the next section will explain the phone’s home screen, including the status and notifications bar. Last, it shows you information about the text input, like how to use the keyboard.

Multimedia Applications

Inside the TCL 303 smartphone, there are multimedia applications. Includes the Camera, Gallery, and Music. These can be used for multimedia purposes like taking pictures, recording videos, editing all the pictures and videos, and playing music.

You may already be familiar with that kind of feature. But learning about these in different smartphones is never wrong. Let’s catch up with all the related information in this specific chapter.

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Apps and Features

Aside from the multimedia applications we’ve mentioned above, many apps and features are still available on the TCL 303 smartphone. What are these? It is Phone, Contact, Messages, Calendar, Clock, Calculator, and other applications.

The other applications include the TCL Apps and Google Apps such as Chrome, Gmail, Maps, Youtube, Play Store, Duo, Google Assistant, and File.


This is where you will find the complete information regarding setting adjustments to meet your preferences. The Settings chapter is delivered completely to help you find out what and where to go when you need some features to be usable by you.

This chapter teaches you how to use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile networks. You will also learn how to connect with other devices, set the home screen and lock screen, and adjust the display screen. Moreover, you’ll see how to use the sound and vibrations, the smart manager, and the privacy and security settings.


Let’s say your TCL 303 smartphone encounters these problems. What did you do? Do you go directly into the service center or fix it recklessly without knowing a thing about it? These two are inconvenient and not safe. Thankfully, in the user manual, one dedicated chapter will help you troubleshoot the device when it’s in problem.

That’s all the summary of the TCL 303 user manual. All the chapters are already given to you in the easiest way we can, and hopefully, you’ll get the whole idea about it. If you want to know more about it, you can download the manual.