Boost Celero 5G+ User Manual

Configuring or troubleshooting the new smartphone would be much easier than ever if you read the ultimate smartphone’s guidebook. This time, we will talk about the Boost Celero 5G+ user manual for those of you who happen to have this gadget.

Boost Celero 5G Plus User Manual

Folks, having a new smartphone is always super exciting! We also feel that way, but eventually, we can’t let our feelings consume the brain to do something recklessly. Because it not only makes you miss some other important things to be looked at but also makes it possible to make your device get errors or break at some point.

Another question to ask: do you have the Boost Celero 5G+ smartphone? If yes, then we have great news! Today, in this article, we will discuss their user manual. As you know, the manual will be very helpful to learn about the device.

Here, we will summarize the contents of the user manual for those of you who can’t stand a technical document. We will give you an insight into each chapter of the manual document. After that, hopefully, you can gain something from this.

Download User Manual

Before we begin the journey of this user manual’s summary, it would be best to get a digital copy of the Boost Celero 5G+ user manual to be downloaded into your new smartphone. This is to help you re-check every feature inside the device you’re unfamiliar with.

➡️ Download Boost Celero 5G+ User Manual (PDF)

Getting Started

First thing first. The Boost Celero 5G+ smartphone must learn to configure all the initial setups. Before you start, the chapter will show you the locations of each button and parts of the phone.

Then, it will move into the other sections, where you will discover how to set up the device for the first time. The next part is about the home screen’s layout and status bar information.

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Personalize Your Phone

As the name indicates, this chapter will give detailed information about personalizing your new Boost Celero 5G+ smartphone. Here, you can learn how to change the language, set up the date and time, adjust the display, apply the wallpaper & style, and use digital well-being & parental controls.


Please get to know all the phone’s applications on the Boost Celero 5G+ briefly with this chapter that we’ll dive into. What are those apps that we’ll talk about here? It includes the Call, Contacts, Messages, Chrome, Calendar, Camera, Photos, and Clock.

Google Applications

The Boost Celero 5G+ is an Android-based smartphone. That’s why you will find the Google applications here. It includes Google, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Drive, Google TV, Photos, Duo, Google Play Store, and many more. You will find the descriptions of each application here.


Security is important for a modern device like the Boost Celero 5G+ smartphone. Why? Because of this feature, it can ensure you will have better security for your own privacy.

The Boost Celero 5G+ is equipped with these security features. In this specific chapter, you will learn about those all in a brief explanation. The security features included here are the Screen Lock, the SIM Card Lock, the Fingerprint Sensor, etc.


The troubleshooting chapter is a go-to chapter where you will get a lot of insight into fixing the common problem of the Boost Celero 5G+ smartphone. For example, if you can’t make phone calls, can’t connect to a network, or can’t charge properly, then this chapter would be a better resource for you.

A smartphone is a simple device, yet still has much to learn here. Because who knows, if you are looking closer to the device, you can find some hidden features or configurations that you might not be familiar with. The Boost Celero 5G+ user manual will help you catch all this information easily.