Boost Celero 5G+ Review

A smartphone under $200 that gives you convenience yet modernity simultaneously? You will be amazed by their features in this Boost Celero 5G+ review.

Boost Celero 5G Plus Review

The Boost Celero 5G+ was launched in January 2023. Just released recently, the device can’t lose its chance to keep up with the current trends. And, of course, as a gadget enthusiast, we’re very happy to see this.

We don’t want to keep it to ourselves. You may also need a new smartphone that can boost all you need for your next purchase. In this review, you will find out what this phone can do and what it offers besides the affordable price.

For instance, the wireless charging feature on this Boost Celero 5G+ (Plus) is a very interesting selling point, and there is more than that. Let’s dig into this phone’s other features and specifications by reading entirely here.


Boost Celero 5G+ specifications:

Release DateJanuari 2023
Dimensions175.7 x 78.7 x 8.8mm
OSAndroid 12
Screen size7.0-inch
Resolution1080 x 2460
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G
CPUOcta-core (2×2.2 GHz Kryo 660 Gold & 4×1.8 GHz Kryo 660 Silver)
Battery5,000mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera50MP + 5MP + 2MP
Front camera16MP
FeaturesSide Fingerprint Scanner, Wireless Charging, NFC Secured Payments


Boost Celero 5G+ Plus
Boost Celero 5G+

The Boost Celero introduces us to a new eye-catching smartphone that follows the trends. When we look at the Boost Celero 5G+, we’re surprised by how giant this smartphone is.

The measurement is 175.7 x 78.7 x 8.8mm, and has a weight of 225g. Definitely bigger and heavier than the average smartphone. It is all thanks to the massive display that we will discuss later.

The display area is the main part that we’ve noticed. The Boost Celero 5G+ smartphone applies a classic look to this main area with a large display and small bezel gaps. They use a pinhole camera to make it more minimalist and cleaner.

The back area is also quite minimalist and modern when flipping the phone. It comes in a Phantom Gray color with an exquisite glossy finish. The triple camera is shown at the top left, but its layout reminds us of famous smartphone brands.

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Boost Celero 5G Plus Display

The selling point of the Boost Celero 5G+ smartphone comes in its big display screen. It has a 7-inch screen close to the standard tablet’s size. Thanks to this huge size, you will experience an immersive journey with the device. Your fingers can freely explore the phone’s menu.

This huge screen has a 1080 x 2460-pixel resolution; it’s a nice quality. You will feel satisfied accessing some apps, especially videos and games. The Boost Celero 5G+ smartphone can display well-detailed and high-contrast contents.

Even better, especially for gamers, this phone has a 120MHz refresh rate, which can deliver a better, smooth-looking screen that won’t hurt your eyes. Besides that, the Boost Celero 5G+ smartphone’s screen is also covered with a Gorilla Glass 3 to be more durable and less prone to scratches.


Boost Celero 5G Plus Camera

As you may have noticed by the look, the Boost Celero 5G+ comes with a triple rear camera at the back. These cameras are impressive since they have 50MP as their main camera, 5MP for the width, and 2MP for the depth camera.

Their main camera is dependable for capturing a crystal-clear output’s precision in photos or video formats. Meanwhile, the other two are perfect for a beautiful landscape picture and a zoom-in with a blurred background picture. The rear camera is accompanied by an LED flash to capture an object in the dark.

The selfie camera for this Boost Celero 5G+ smartphone is also remarkable. A 16MP front camera quality is more than enough for a budget smartphone. At least you can confidently share a sharp and on-point selfie on your social media.


Having an incredible camera setup means the Boost Celero 5G+ smartphone needs to be generous in its storage capacity. And then, actually, they fulfilled our expectations at best. This phone has 128GB of internal storage for storing the phone’s files and installing apps.

Although the capacity will decrease when you set up the device for the first time, you can still overcome the circumstances. What do you need to do? Buy a MicroSD card.

This phone allows you to expand the storage by installing a MicroSD card into your external phone’s slot. The most surprising part is this phone’s storage can be boosted up to 2TB capacity. Amazing, right? With this, you can enjoy a full experience with your new device.


Boost Celero 5G Plus Side View

The Boost Celero 5G+ smartphone relies on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 as its processor to ensure every phone’s operations are delivered in smooth and seamless traffic. Thankfully, this processor indeed can provide smooth performance. At the same time, it can make the battery’s power more efficient.

Once we tried the device, we noticed that this phone is dependable for doing some heavy activities. Launching apps is as smooth as slicing a cake; watching videos and playing games is easy. It does not take much effort to do this.

RAM is the most vital part of the phone. If the phone has advanced features like the Boost Celero 5G+, it’s very important to have a huge RAM to boost its performance. Fortunately, this device comes with 6GB RAM, which is above the average for a budget smartphone.

Let’s try to open some apps back and forth, and you will be amazed by how the Boost Celero 5G+ smartphone gives you a smooth and seamless performance. Delays and glitches are nowhere to be found in this smartphone.

Next, the operating system. The Boost Celero 5G+ uses Android 12 to become their ‘smart brain,’ which is true because this operating system has several advanced user updates. The most unbeatable feature of this version is the dynamic color capabilities. This feature can transform the whole user experience based on the chosen wallpapers.

More importantly, Android 12 understands users’ security and privacy by giving us more powerful and in-control privacy features. It is also easy-to-use, and manageable. So, you can manage who can access your data and when.

The Boost Celero 5G+ ensures its users are safe and sound while using their devices daily. That’s why this device has a fingerprint reader that applies to the side of the phone. In our opinion, this placement is convenient enough for people who are always in a rush because you don’t need to stumble around the device to unlock your device.


As the name indicated, the Boost Celero 5G+ network’s default is 5G. But it isn’t the only one available on the phone; you can only use 4G LTE if you want. However, with a 5G network, you will have faster and more stable connections.

Suppose you are in a location with no signal, or you just want to save your mobile data, then Wi-Fi connectivity comes to the rescue.


The Boost Celero 5G+ smartphone is supported with a 5,000mAh of battery capacity. As a budget phone, this is such a generous battery size, and you will be thankful because this phone can last until the end of the day. Even when you use the device during your busiest time of the day, the battery can last up to 17 hours.

Now, we will discuss the most interesting feature of the Boost Celero 5G+ smartphone. It’s their wireless-charging feature. Not so many budget smartphones have this kind of feature on their phones; this makes the device look appealing.

Is the Boost Celero 5G+ a Good Phone?

We already give you the full Boost Celero 5G+ review from inside to outside. In conclusion, we are very impressed by this phone’s overall features and specifications. Foremost, the big screen and their wireless-charging feature.

Above all, for all the advanced features, you only need to pay $150 to get this phone. This is very affordable. If you’re looking for a smartphone but with a tight budget, this phone is definitely best for you.

Pros: big screen, affordable price, wireless-charging

Cons: bulky design, not pouch or pocket-friendly