Vortex Z22 Phone Review (StandUp Wireless)

Every single detail of your next smartphone purchase needs to be learned. It’ll be very helpful for you to decide whether it’s yay or nay. Let’s look at this Vortex Z22 review before you get it into your hands.

Vortex Z22 Review

How long does it take for you to decide to buy something like a new smartphone? And what kind of resources do you need to get through before you buy it? Is it from friends’ recommendations, or do you buy it blindly? What if we provide you with a comprehensive smartphone review that might attract you.

The Vortex Z22 is a smartphone that does not have a nice spotlight, just like any other mainstream smartphone brand. In fact, this smartphone has many features and specifications that are worth looking at. For example, its huge display screen and the huge battery capacity.

However, we won’t sugarcoat our review about this Vortex Z22. To make it fair, we will also show you its true colors, the flaws that may not be that bad, but it doesn’t meet your expectations. So, bear with us and let’s learn about the Vortex Z22 thoroughly.


StandUp Wireless Vortex Z22 phone specifications:

OSAndroid 12
Screen size6.5-inch
Resolution720 x 1600
CPUQuad-core (4×1.5 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery5,150mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera13MP + 2MP
Front camera5MP


Vortex Z22
Vortex Z22

Design-wise, the Vortex Z22 smartphone has a nice touch of modernity with its long and slim dimensions. This device is ergonomically fine and grips well in our hands.

The modern side of the Vortex Z22 smartphone is noticeable instantly at first sight. It can be seen at the front of the device with a massive screen surrounded by thin bezels. The main home buttons are already placed on the screen, and the front camera uses a tear-drop style, just like any smartphone nowadays.

At the back, this smartphone also gives the same feeling: modern and minimalist. There is nothing else here than the dual rear camera with an LED flash at the top left and the big Vortex logo at the bottom.


Vortex Z22 Display

Now, we will talk about our favorite aspect of the Vortex Z22 smartphone: the display! What we love about the display screen of this smartphone is that it is embedded with a 6.5-inch screen—which is huge for an entry-level smartphone.

Thanks to the thin bezels, we can enjoy the screen more immersive, either for watching videos, typing long paragraph text, or playing games.

The best part is that the Vortex Z22’s screen has a 720 x 1600-pixel resolution, which is the bare minimum standard yet still delivers great details. There are no pixelated icons or images, dull colors, and a balanced brightness level.


Vortex Z22 Camera

The camera of the Vortex Z22 smartphone is average. Nothing is special here yet, but it is still enough for taking social media pictures. Let’s talk about the rear camera first.

At the back, this smartphone is equipped with a dual rear camera. The standard setup for an entry-level smartphone. It consists of a 13MP as the main camera for taking a high-definition picture or video and a 2MP as the additional camera to give you a detailed output. These come together with an LED flash that can help you while taking in a dark light environment.

Conversely, the Vortex Z22 is equipped with a 5MP front camera. Again, it’s not a high megapixel. Still, it can be a great support for taking your mandatory selfie pictures or having a video call with others.

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A 32GB of internal storage capacity is installed into the Vortex Z22 smartphone to give its users a spacious room to store their personal files. However, it would be best to remember that this capacity isn’t the actual size. After all the junk and pre-loaded apps, you’ll only get around 18GB to be yours.

It’s depressing to see such a low storage size. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to overcome this issue. If you look closely, the Vortex Z22 has an external card port, which can be installed with a MicroSD card. You can add up to 256GB of an SD card to this smartphone.


Unfortunately, we don’t have enough resources to know about the Vortex Z22’s processor type. But, this device has standard CPU specs, the 4×1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 . With it, you can’t expect this device to run fast.

However, we have great news for you. The Vortex Z22 smartphone has 3GB RAM, which is great and dependable to boost the phone’s overall performance. It can give the device more power to run smoothly.

On another point, the 3GB RAM is enough to access huge apps. Watching movies? Playing games? Scrolling social media? All can be done easily. You can also multitask with this smartphone. A little advice for you: don’t make this device do too much work simultaneously because it’ll affect the phone’s performance; the phone will be dropped.

Android 12 is trusted by the Vortex Z22’s smartphone to become its operating system. Android 12 has some stunning updated features that will be useful for you to enhance your whole experience with the Vortex Z22.

The remarkable features of Android 12 are the dynamic color capabilities that allow you to turn the whole user experience based on your chosen wallpapers. Besides, Android 12 also upgraded its security to be safer and more secure for its users.

Some sensors are available on the Vortex Z22 smartphone, like the gyroscope and proximity sensors. These both have their own functions to make your experience with the device better and more impressive.


The Vortex Z22 smartphone is a 4G LTE network-based. This connectivity is still faster and reliable enough to use in most places worldwide. With this, you can also enjoy a VoLTE (Voice LTE) network, which gives you a clear call quality.

Besides the mobile network, the Vortex Z22 smartphone has a Wi-Fi network to be used as an alternative network. There is also a Bluetooth network to be used for sharing any files or connecting to other devices.


The Vortex Z22’s battery gains another point as its strength. As an entry-level smartphone, this device has 5,150mAh of battery capacity, which is big enough, especially compared to other devices in its class. 

With this battery’s size, you will get much time to do digital activities. This device can last until the end of the day. Besides, the Vortex Z22’s battery is equipped with a non-removable type one, the most durable one.

Is the Vortex Z22 a good phone?

After all this Vortex Z22 review, what do you think about this device? For a $70 price point (StandUp Wireless), this device will be a good choice. We love what they bring into the phone, for example, the immersive display screen and the huge battery capacity.

However, we also found some drawbacks to the Vortex Z22 smartphone. Those include the processors’ specifications that are not great enough to run. This smartphone also lacks important security sensors like fingerprint readers or face recognition sensors.

Pros: huge battery capacity, large display screen

Cons: average processor, lack of security sensors