Bold N2 User Manual

It takes a little time to discover and understand all of the new device’s parts and functions by looking at the Bold N2 user manual. Let’s see the inside of the document.

Bold N2 User Manual

The Bold N2 smartphone has a very stunning design. But not only the appearance, but the features inside also are incredibly modern. They could fulfill the hectic-users needs through all those functional operations. 

Having the Bold N2 smartphone is life-changing, we must say. The capabilities could bring comfort and practicality into users’ everyday activities. To get these advantages, users need to discover, learn, and utilize all of the features inside.

The best way to learn about the new device is with the Bold N2 user manual. This document offers much useful information, both hardware and software components. The user manual summary is already written below to shorten the time and simplify the terms.

Download User Manual

The Bold N2 user manual is free to download on any device, whether with a phone, tablet, or computer. The download link is provided for those who may feel you skipped this summary. However, if you prefer to know the big picture of the contents inside the manual, then let’s continue to read this article.

➡️ Download BOLD N2 User Manual (PDF)

Cautions on Mobile Phone Use

For starters, the user manual will give you brief information about some cautions you need to obey to avoid the Bold N2 from getting damaged and misused. It’s very important to read. Make sure to not skip this chapter.

Keys and Parts

The next chapter is where every component of the Bold N2 smartphone will be illustrated in easy-to-read graphics. You will see each key and part of the phone well informed with numbers. With the help of this chapter, a first-timer user won’t get unfamiliar with the device and will know what to press every time you want to do some operations.

Start to Use

After we’ve familiarize ourselves with the Bold N2 smartphone’s physical components. It’s time to start using the device. But hold on, users must do some configurations before using the device.

This chapter will provide tutorials on inserting the SIM card(s) and correctly charging the battery. The information is delivered with some illustrations to make it easy to understand. More importantly, there are also some cautions about the battery that will help you to extend its life cycle.

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Basic Functions

The basic functions chapter is the last chapter, where every essential operation will be told here. It has long and varied instructions, so we will break down some important subchapters into the other parts of this article.

Make It Yours

This is a subchapter of the Basic Functions chapter, where you will learn about the Bold N2’s home screen information. Here you will find information about how to access the home screen features, change the wallpaper, and manage the apps from the home screen.

More than that, you will also learn about the phone’s notification bars and Android and computer connection.

Browser the Web

As the subchapter indicated, here, you will get familiar with the tutorials on browsing the web. To access the internet, you can use two connections; a data connection and Wi-Fi.


In this next subchapter of the Basic Functions, you will get useful instructions on configuring, adjusting, and modifying some of the Bold N2 phone’s settings. The Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Security included both Fingerprint and Face ID.

The summary of the Bold N2 user manual is near the end. If you still feel there are more missing puzzles with this user manual. Don’t worry. There is still a lot to process on the full document manual. That’s why it’s recommended that you read the original version. Download on the link above.