TCL Stylus 5G User Manual

Is this your new smartphone? Need some advice and guidance on how to use it? Make sure to read this TCL Stylus 5G user manual.

TCL Stylus 5G User Manual

There are not many choices for a smartphone with a stylus. It’s understandable if you don’t get the whole idea about this device and get confused whenever you want to handle it. Especially if it’s your first time having a stylus smartphone.

For example, the TCL Stylus 5G smartphone. If it is your first stylus smartphone, it would be nice if you have a deep knowledge about it. The best help goes to the user manual. The document comes with many insights and instructions, a must-read to prevent misuse and damage.

Let’s take a look at the summary of the TCL Stylus 5G user manual. A glimpse of what’s inside the document. Just in case you can’t read the whole document at the moment, it’s better to learn a little about each chapter, right?

Download User Manual

Stop here! You can’t just go to read the summary below. Not before you get the PDF version of the TCL Stylus 5G user manual. Even if you understand the purpose of each chapter, it would be better to have this file saved into your phone. Where to download, you say? Here is the link.

➡️ Download TCL Stylus 5G User Manual (PDF)

Getting Started

All the setup and configurations would be easier to follow if you have a fundamental learning about the TCL Stylus 5G at first. That’s why the very first chapter brings you the essential information.

The topics you will learn in this first chapter are about the phone’s overview, layouts and descriptions. Other topics are the phone’s basic setup, the home screen’s information, the status and notifications bar, and the text inputs.

Multimedia Applications

As the name indicated, the second chapter discusses the TCL Stylus 5G multimedia applications and features. First, it gives you information about the most highlighted features of the TCL Stylus 5G smartphone; the Stylus!

The next part talks about the Camera feature, complete with instructions and introductions about the camera’s modes and settings. Then, the Gallery features will be informed as the last subchapter.

Apps and Features

The TCL Stylus 5G has many apps and features that are too bad to be wasted. This chapter is worth-to-go. It delivers information about some default apps such as Phones, Contacts, Messaging, Calendars, clocks, and Calculators.

This chapter also has brief information about the Google Applications that are already pre-installed on the device. Who knows, you may find a hidden feature after reading the chapter.

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The next chapter is about the Settings. Yes, it is where you will find unsatisfied default configurations to be changed and adjusted. What do you want to change exactly? The Display, Sound, or the Buttons and Gestures? It is all included.

This chapter is not limited to only those; you can activate some features, including Wi-Fi and other networks, Security and Biometrics, Smart Manager, and Accessibility features. The TCL signature feature, like NXTVISION, can also be learned here.


What is the first action you usually take every time your TCL Stylus 5G smartphone shows strange behavior? Do you rush into a service center to get help as soon as possible? What if your device problems only need two or three simple steps to make it right?

This is why the Troubleshooting chapter would be useful for users. It tells you any answers to your questions and becomes the first helper for every problem. It is very recommended to read this chapter.

That’s a wrap. The summary of the TCL Stylus 5G user manual is finished here. However, the actual contents do not stop here. There is much to talk about. There is much to learn. Again, the best way to fully understand this device is by downloading the full user manual and reading it comprehensively.