TCL TAB Lite Review: One For All Tablet With Modest Specifications

Is a tablet really a suitable device for everyone in your home? Before we delve into the TCL TAB Lite review, it’s worth questioning whether this device truly lives up to its claims. Let’s take a critical look at what it offers.

TCL TAB Lite Review

In this digital era, everyone needs to use the internet; for working, studying, or just a little bit out of the real world and get some refreshments through digital entertainment. Accommodating a digital device can be a real struggle, and not everyone can afford this for all family members.

However, with all the devices in the world, you have another option to provide your loved ones with a one-for-all device. It’s a tablet. As you may know, many tablet devices range from the cheapest to the most expensive, from the simplest to the most advanced features. And here, the TCL TAB Lite is the most affordable tablet with many interesting features.

Suppose you’re already caught by the TCL TAB Lite visually. But what’s more about it? What’s the selling point of the gadget? What’s the reason for choosing this device? To answer all the inquiries, we give you this article that reviews all the device’s components from A to Z.


TCL TAB Lite specifications:

Dimensions209.2 x 125.2 x 8.6mm
OSAndroid 12
Screen size8-inch
Resolution800 x 1280
ProcessorMediaTek 8766B
CPUQuad-core (4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery4,080mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera5MP
Front camera5MP



In appearance, the TCL TAB Lite looks average. But the overall design is outdated, even for a tablet. The dimension size is bigger than the rest since it comes in at 209.2 x 125.2 x 8.6mm. And for its weight, this device is heavy at 309 grams. For kids, holding onto their little hands may be bulky.

This device is quite outdated for a reason, though. As you can see in the front area, this tablet has large bezels around the screen, especially at the top and bottom. At least in our experience, this kind of tablet is so last year since most tablets are also already rid of a massive bezel. The front camera still applies to the bezel, which makes it even worse.

Meanwhile, the TCL TAB Lite’s back area is pretty simple, with a black design and diagonal patterns. A long, black matte rectangle comes horizontally to be the home of the rear camera and TCL logo. This design adds great detail to make it more masculine and modern at the same time.


TCL TAB Lite Display

An 8-inch display screen comes to showcase all the features on the TCL TAB Lite. This screen size is like a benchmark for all tablets. However, still, it’s enough for all daily activities, including working, studying, or watching movies.

The minus of this screen may be its huge bezels that we’ve mentioned before. Because of this, we can’t use the device screen satisfyingly. It’s kinda awkward to see, especially if you’re a movie-goer that often spends your leisure time watching movies or dramas.

Fortunately, the TCL TAB Lite’s screen is comfortable to look at. It is all thanks to the 720 x 1800-pixel resolutions. We can experience HD screen quality with this tablet. It’s bright enough, the color is accurate, and the details are on point. This device also added Adaptive Eye Care modes to ensure the most comfortable viewing experience.


TCL TAB Lite Camera

The TCL TAB Lite is equipped with a front and rear camera. Both of these cameras come in 5MP resolutions. Not that big, but not surprising to see this kind of quality in tablets. As we always refer to in other reviews, the camera on a tablet is not the selling point. That’s why you won’t get high megapixels on a tablet.

The rear camera can capture pictures or videos, but that’s it—no standout features at this point. Thankfully, you can still try on some filters to enhance the pictures’ outputs, yet no LED flash is available to help you capture bright pictures and videos with the TCL TAB Lite.

The front camera is frankly good. A 5MP resolution is enough for a front camera. You might not get the best selfie, but it’s suitable for video meetings with your family, friends, or colleagues.

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Surprisingly, the TCL TAB Lite’s storage is greater than what we expected to see on a tablet. It offers us 32GB of internal storage capacity, which is larger than the other tablets we have reviewed before. Others typically only have around 16GB of storage.

Even though it’s sufficient for daily use, for those of you who feel that this capacity is not enough, the TCL TAB Lite also offers a backup solution. Users can enjoy the entire experience to their satisfaction by adding a MicroSD card of up to 256GB into the slot to expand the storage capacity.


The TCL TAB Lite device depends on the 2.0GHz Quad-core MediaTek MT8766B as the processor. This is one of the entry-level processors commonly found in most tablets.

This chipset runs at a 2.0 GHz clock rate, which gives the device a higher speed performance than its predecessors. However, it doesn’t provide blazingly fast performance. Instead, it delivers a balanced performance by maintaining efficiency between the device’s performance and battery usage.

What makes it better, the TCL TAB Lite is coupled with 3GB RAM (Random Access Memory) on it. This RAM size is bigger than the other tablet’s competitors, a major green flag for this device.

With 3GB RAM, you can enjoy the tablet better than ever. Multitasking is very possible to do with this device. Launching the apps feels smooth and no struggle at all. Operating the intense apps isn’t as fast as we imagine, but at least it’s still dependable.

The operating system on the TCL TAB Lite device uses Android 12. Again, this is a plus point from this device since most of its competitors are using below that—even some of them are using the Go Edition version!

Android 12 is known for its advanced privacy and personal experience features, which is amazingly great. For privacy, the TCL TAB Lite focuses on a safe and powerful feature to let you have peace when controlling your data.

Meanwhile, for personal experience, Android 12 offers you an effortless and unique UI experience based on your taste or preferences.


The TCL TAB Lite relies on 4G LTE for its network connectivity. This is the most reliable connectivity, both for internet and calling. For the internet, the TCL TAB Lite can give you a fully powered internet network worldwide. Meanwhile, this device can provide you with clear call quality for calling.

Other connectivity available on the TCL TAB Lite includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Wi-Fi is dependable when it comes to internet connections without using your mobile data. Bluetooth, on the other hand, is a useful feature that allows you to connect with other Bluetooth devices.


Powered-wise, the TCL TAB Lite device has a 4,080mAh battery capacity to keep turns on all day. This capacity is also bigger than the average, which is good for a one-for-all device that needs to be on 24/7.

On the specifications page, the TCL TAB Lite can last approximately 7.2 hours in LTE usage time and up to 9 hours in Wi-Fi usage time. Meanwhile, this device can last up to 20 days in standby time.

The TCL TAB Lite comes with a non-removable battery. This battery does not have a wireless or fast charging feature, yet, we’re still okay with that.

Is the TCL TAB Lite a good device?

From this TCL TAB Lite review, it is evident that this tablet is serious about becoming a one-for-all device. All the modest specifications and features make it great for helping you with your family’s daily activities.

As for its price, the TCL TAB Lite is still affordable at only $160. However, if you find these prices too high, you can get this device for free by subscribing to US Cellular for 36 months. What a great deal!

Pros: large RAM capacity, large internal storage capacity, large battery

Cons: average design, low camera quality