Orbic Fun User Manual (Assurance Wireless)

Have you ever tried to read the document that will make your experience with the device go beyond what before? If not, then try reading this Orbic Fun user manual.

Orbic Fun User Manual

Getting a new smartphone is the best feeling ever. Excitement and curiosity are all over the place. But sometimes, people forget about the most important thing to do. Read the manual instructions and have a proper setup. Where to start with this?

Suppose you look closely at every box of electronic devices. There is a manual document in that case, but some of you throw away the paper and enjoy the device carelessly. I’m afraid that’s not right because this tiny document means a lot if you follow the instructions step-by-step.

The Orbic Fun smartphone has this kind of document. We know it is hard to keep up with all the technical terms. But we make it simple! We shorten the information inside and pour it into the summary to make you understand everything.

Download User Manual

Before we begin the summary, how about taking a short time to get the actual Orbic Fun user manual? You can download it with this link. After it is finished, you can read the PDF file and re-read it again if you are still confused with your new device.

➡️ Download Orbic Fun User Manual (PDF)


How can you start with your new Orbic Fun smartphone if you don’t know the layout of the phone? That is the goal of this first chapter. Look thoroughly, and you will discover the device’s hardware.

This chapter illustrates the device very clearly, and not only that, but it also has descriptions of which keys with the functions.

Assemble Your Device

Some stuff is necessary to get your Orbic Fun smartphone done. It includes the SIM card, the SD card, and the battery. It is a common step you might be familiar with before (if you’ve ever used a smartphone). However, it never hurts you to learn about it again.

In this chapter, you will discover clear instructions on how to install the SIM and SD card. Also, the battery. Even better, you will get nice information about how to treat your battery better.

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Set Up Your Device

After you’ve assembled the Orbic Fun correctly. Then, you can start to set up your device. This chapter will teach you how to turn on and off the smartphone and how to do the initial setup. You can also get information on how to secure your device as well.

Move into the next section, and you will be filled with knowledge about touchscreen gestures. With this, you can learn how to tap, how to tap and hold, how to swipe or slide, drag, flick, and rotate.

Know Your Device

Earlier, you were informed about the Orbic Fun hardware layouts. Now, this chapter will teach you about the software or the initial operations on your new device. First, you will be exposed to the home screen’s information, layouts, and how to preview or customize it.

The next section shows you how to use the widgets and app shortcuts. After that, there is information about the status bar icons and the notifications panels. You will also get some learning on how to use the keyboard and how to connect your phone to a computer.

Getting Connected

Do you want to connect your device to the internet or other devices? You are on the right page! The last chapter we’re going to discuss specifically talks about this. The instructions begin with how to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

To connect with other devices, you will be informed of the instructions on connecting with Bluetooth for wireless connections and how to connect with USB Type-C for wired connections.

That’s the final summary of the Orbic Fun Assurance Wireless user manual. As you can see, we’re not fully covering the chapters in the manual. So, it is your turn to look at the manual and learn about it yourself. You will be amazed by the outcomes.