LG Harmony 4 User Manual

The LG Harmony 4 user manual will guide you through any difficulties when customizing this smartphone. Get the best of your phone using the manual.

LG Harmony 4 User Manual

LG is among the most enduring smartphone designers that always deliver quality devices. The LG Harmony 4 is also not an exception. It is one of the most reliable and affordable phones that you can get in the current market.

To ensure that your new smartphone performs well, you can try tweaking the settings. To do that, you should consult the LG Harmony 4 user manual first. This way, your customization process will be smoother.

For new smartphone owners, a user manual is an essential item. Whenever you are unsure about specific features, the manual will provide you with a clear explanation.

Before you delve deeper into the guidebook, we will provide you with a preliminary sneak peek. You will know what to expect inside your user manual!

Multi-tasking Feature

The manual begins with an explanation about the multitasking feature. The LG Harmony may be a mid-range phone, but it is powerful enough to do multiple things simultaneously.

For those looking to improve their productivity, learning how to turn this feature on will be crucial. The user manual will provide you with thorough insights on Multi Window and Pop-up Window.

Google Assistant

One of the most convenient built-in features in the LG Harmony 4 is the Google Assistant. When your hands are busy with something, you can command your phone to do other tasks for you through your voice.

If you do not know how to utilize this feature, this phone’s user manual has a tutorial. It is easy to understand. It also gives you examples that make the explanation clearer.

Fingerprint Recognition

One of the first things to do when you turn your LG Harmony 4 on is to do fingerprint recognition. This feature will help you to secure your phone from unwanted access.

This function can be confusing for new users to set up. Lucky for you, the LG Harmony 4 user manual contains the information that will help you to protect your phone.

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Basic Functions

The LG Harmony 4 comes with comprehensive built-in essential features that will help your daily usage. Learning the basics sounds simple. However, many people often skip it.

It is always prudent to get a good grasp on your phone’s default settings. Thus, the manual will teach you all about the fundamental functions.

For example, the user manual contains an explanation about the phone’s components. If you are confused with your SIM or memory cards, this part will help you a lot.

The manual will also assist you to personalize your LG Harmony 4 home screen, battery management, and more.

Useful Apps

There are numerous useful apps that are available in handy LG Harmony 4. Right out of the box, your phone will be ready to function thanks to the built-in apps.

Some apps may be unfamiliar to you. For example, the QuickMemo+, LG Mobile Switch, and the SmartWorld are three native applications that may not be common in other smartphones. Find out how to use these ingenious apps from the phone’s user manual!


It is not difficult to tweak the LG Harmony 4 settings. The information that can help you to personalize your phone is available in the user manual.

You can learn how to set up your phone’s network and internet. The manual will also teach you how to make your phone become unique.

You may discover a way to change the display and the theme inside the user manual. There are various other settings that you can adjust to make your phone run better. Find out all about it in the LG Harmony 4 guidebook!


Sometimes a phone may not be suitable for people who have special needs or care. If you do have a disability, the LG Harmony 4’s accessibility system is ready to get your back.

To turn this valuable feature on, you can check the user manual. There are Vision adjustment, Hearing assistance, and also Motor & Cognition assistance. You can learn how to adjust all of these three settings if you need it.

Download User Manual

The LG Harmony 4 user manual is available at the following link! You can download this useful item and save it inside your device’s memory or share it with your friends. You will be able to read the digital PDF file anytime you encounter difficulties with your reliable new device.

Download: LG Harmony 4 User Manual (PDF)