LG Stylo 6 User Manual

The LG Stylo 6 user manual is ready to help you to personalize this stylish smartphone. Find out how to get the optimum performance from this device!

LG Stylo 6 User Manuals

The LG Stylo 6 is an attractive smartphone with modern features. It is also compatible with various accessories that will help to make your life easier.

For a mid-range phone, LG Stylo 6 is quite competitive. For those of you who own this phone, you may want to learn how to optimize it. To do that, you can read the user guide book or manual.

The LG Stylo 6 user manual will teach you about this device’s inner and outer features in detail. Whenever you encounter a questionable situation with your phone, the manual will provide you with helpful info.

The importance of the user manual will become more apparent to you after you have read the summary.  Read on! we will provide you with the user manual file too.

Using the Stylus Pen

A stylus pen is an accessory that usually comes in higher range phones. The LG Stylo 6 surprisingly comes with this equipment despite the affordable price. LG is known for their stylus phones in the budget range, however, you might not familiar with it yet.

The stylus pen will turn your Stylo 6 into an electronic drawing board for people who love drawing. It is also a great alternative to touch gestures when your fingers are dirty. The pen will give you more precise control.

The manual will provide you with clear guidance so that you can use this accessory properly. You can learn all the pen’s functions and how to use it effectively.


When it comes to the camera, LG equips the Stylo 6 with decent sensors. It is up to the user how to use the hardware optimally.

The user manual will teach you how to capture special moments in the Stylo 6. Learn all about the filters and shooting modes inside the insightful guidebook!

Multitasking Feature

The LG Stylo 6’s processing ability is quite powerful. The chipset, the brain of this phone, will allow you to do multiple tasks in one go. It is a suitable smartphone for productive people. You can do more in a shorter period of time.

If you do not know how to use this feature, the information to enable it is available in the user manual. You can learn about the pop-up window, pin app, or multi-window modes for your multitasking activities.

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Basic Features

You can solve a lot of problems just by going back to the fundamentals. Whenever you encounter difficulties, you can open the LG Stylo 6 user manual and find a solution.

The information about the basics feature will also help you to personalize this device. Learn how to identify your SIM and memory card slot. Learn also how to change your phone appearance by customizing the theme and screen lock. The manual will also teach you all about this device’s smooth touch screen.

Useful Apps

There are various useful apps inside the LG Stylo 6. If you are not familiar with them, the user manual will provide you with crystal clear guidance.

Find out how to install or uninstall an app if you are not satisfied with it. The manual will also tell you how to use Phone, Messaging, Contacts management. Other apps covered in this chapter include Google apps, Alarm Settings, Music, Game, Radio, and many more!

LG Apps

The manufacturer adds several unique LG apps inside the Stylo 6. These apps are not available on other smartphones. If you are not familiar with LG’s products, you may not know how to use them.

The user manual will teach you how to utilize the LG Stylo 6 custom apps. You can learn how to control compatible home appliances, such as washing machines, using your phone. You can also read about the LG Mobile Switch and SmartWorld in the manual. Find out their functions and settings!


To personalize your LG Stylo 6, you will need to tweak this device’s default settings. That way, your smartphone will function effectively, just like how you want it to behave.

The user manual will guide your to customize the network, sound, notification, display, and accounts management. There are multiple other settings that you can adjust freely. 

Download User Manual

Not all people understand how their smartphone functionalities work. To learn what you can do on your device, you can download the LG Stylo 6 user manual. The pdf file is available for free at the following link that we have provided. Save it on your phone just in case you need it.

Download: LG Stylo 6 User Manual (PDF)