Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro User Manual

A user manual is important. It guides you to use a brand new phone. So, do not miss checking out the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro user manual.

Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro User Manual

How do you feel when you just got a new phone? You must be very excited, right?  Especially if the new phone is Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro. It is a very modern yet user-friendly phone. Congrats on your new phone!

Hey, but wait. Do not use the phone straightforwardly. We know you cannot wait to explore it. However, it is better to read the user manual first.

Reading the manual prevents you from misuse of the phone that can lead to some issues. You do not want that to happen, do you? It is a new phone! You have to take good care of it.

Here is the summary of the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro user manual. Therefore, you know what to do before exploring your new phone.

Get Started

You got a new phone, but you do not even know how to unlock it? That is why you must be familiar with your new phone layout. Nowadays, phone layouts are similar. But if you look closely, they are different. 

Basics chapter informs you about the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro layout, hard keys (XCover Key, volume key, side key, top key), and soft buttons (Recent button, Back button, and Home button).

Get to Know the Basics

Before exploring your new phone, you have to do some basic steps. The purpose is to indicate that this phone really belongs to you. Basics chapter includes primary instructions such as how to create a Samsung account; install and remove the battery, SIM card, and memory card.

It also gives you tips on reducing battery consumption and increasing charging speed. Once you know the basic things to do on Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro, it is time to explore more!

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Transfer Data Quickly

Transferring data from your previous device can be worrying. Some of your data could be missing or still left behind on your previous device. With Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro you do not have to worry about it even if you have so much data.

You can make use of a Samsung special app called Smart Switch. Learn how to use it in the Basics chapter. Your data will be transferred in no time.

Apps and Features

Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro already comes with such useful apps and features. They are Bixby, Bixby Vision, Bixby Home, Bixby Routine, and SmartThings. We are sure these features will help you a lot!

Learn how to use them in this Apps and Features chapter. It might seem a little complicated. But if you read the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro user manual carefully, you will get the hang of it.

The built-in apps are not enough for you? You want apps to edit pictures for your Instagram, edit videos, make a sketch, or download the latest social media? Feel free to choose and download any additional apps you need for this smartphone. To find out how to download them, just go to this chapter.

Customize Device Settings

In this chapter, we give you a complete explanation of how to customize your phone settings. Such as connecting your phone to WiFi, activating Bluetooth, and activating mobile networks.

If you have your own preference phone display and want to make it more beautiful, flip to the Settings chapter. You can do so by changing the wallpaper, lock screen, theme, screen saver, font size, or even the brightness.

Add Extra Privacy

Do you want extra privacy for your phone? Settings chapter got your back. Other than a lock screen password, you can add extra privacy by setting the face recognition, fingerprint recognition, and Samsung Pass. There will be no others able to access your phone.

Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro also has a feature called Secure Folder. It secures your private content and apps such as photos and contacts. Privacy guaranteed! Just open the Settings chapter to learn how to use Secure Folder.

Download User Manual

That is all the summary of the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro user manual. We are sure you will find the user manual helpful. If you find difficulties while using this phone, the user manual will simply guide you. Just check the link we provide to download the full document. Happy exploring Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro!

Download: Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro User Manual (PDF)