LG Velvet 5G User Manual

Reading a manual is always a clever thing to do when getting a new device. LG Velvet 5G user manual will make sure of the proper use of the device.

LG Velvet 5G User Manual

Nothing is more thrilling than the feeling you get when unboxing your new phone. More so, if your new phone is something as sophisticated as LG Velvet 5G. 

It, however, can be an overwhelming experience for less tech savvy users. This is where the LG Velvet 5G user manual comes in handy.

The manual will give you the walkthrough that you need. It ensures you have the best experience while using the device. In addition, it prevents you from accidentally messing up your device. It’s recommended to not skip reading it. You won’t waste your time.

We are here to give you a sneak peek of the user manual. Read this through and you’ll know what to expect from the full version of the manual!

Custom Designed Features

This is the first chapter of the user manual. This chapter tells you about the main features from LG Velvet 5G, such as camera and audio features, Google Assistant, and fingerprint recognition.

You will learn about the features, how to enable them, and how to make custom settings. Camera features include: time lapse, 3D AR sticker, 3D photo effect, and night view.

They are followed by the audio features. Audio features include: video recording with specialized audio, recording ASMR sounds, and LG 3D sound engine. The LG Velvet 5G user manual provides detailed instruction to make use of these features.

Some features, like LG Pay and LG Dual Screen, are unique for LG devices only. You will learn how to customize these features to fit your personal needs.

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Basic Functions

This chapter starts with a list of accessories that come with the device. This part will help you make sure you get a full complete set when you buy an LG Velvet 5G. A complete LG Velvet 5G set should consist of the device itself, a USB cable, a charger, a quick start guide, and an ejection pin.

This chapter then walks you through the settings of the basic functions, which are very important to know when you buy a new phone. This includes the power button, SIM card, memory card, battery, screen lock, and the multitasking feature among others.

You will learn how to turn your device on and off, and how to insert a SIM card and a memory card. This chapter will also teach you how to customize your home screen, and how to use the multi window function.

Useful Apps

If you want a new application, this chapter will tell you how to install one. It will also tell you how to uninstall the applications you don’t need. It will then show you the way to make app shortcuts for easier use.

You will get an explanation about the built-in apps that come with LG Velvet 5G and how to make the most of them. Some apps like Chrome, Gallery, and Calculator, you’re most likely already familiar with. Some others like LG Health, LG Pay, LG Mobile, are probably new to you, especially if this is your first time using LG.

Some built-in apps come with unique features that set LG Velvet 5G apart from other devices. Phone, allows you to make a three-way call. Gallery, allows you to create GIFs and movies. SmartWorld, allows you to download apps provided by LG Electronics. You can learn more details about other unique features by reading the full guide.

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You’ll learn how to customize the device settings in accordance with your preferences. You want to save battery power? You’ll find out how to enable airplane mode. You want to browse the internet? You’ll learn how to connect to a WiFi network. You can also manage connected devices and file sharing.

This chapter also teaches you how to customize sound and display settings. You’ll learn how to enable the do not disturb mode, and how to customize your home screen to your liking.

Even more important, this chapter shows you the privacy and location settings. User privacy is very important. Your phone usually contains sensitive information and it’s vital to keep them secure.

Download User Manual

Well, that was as brief as we can be about the user manual. We highly encourage you to read the full guide first before making any changes to your device. For more detailed information and further instructions, download the full LG Velvet 5G user manual on the link below. Read the instructions through and enjoy your brand new LG Velvet 5G!

Download: LG Velvet 5G User Manual (PDF)