Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone Review

Take some consideration before deciding to buy a new flip phone with this useful Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone review. After reading, you can see whether it’s worth it or not.

Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone Review

In a full smartphone-filled market, the Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone becomes one of the alternatives of the feature phones. This phone caters to its user’s needs by providing a simple yet modern communication device.

As a classic phone, the Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone focuses on providing comfort and usability more than anything else. That’s why it is aimed specifically at people who need peace and to eliminate the complexity of modern smartphones. 

If you are one of those who also think the same, you can use the Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone. However, it’s better to have some thoughts before buying the device. With this review, we will clarify and give you some information that may be useful for your judging time.


Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone specifications:

Dimensions107 x 53 x 19.8mm
OSAndroid Oreo 8.1 (Go Edition)
Screen size2.4-inch
Resolution240 x 320
ProcessorMediaTek MT6731
CPUQuad-core (4×1.1 GHz Cortex-A53)
FeaturesSOS Button


Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone
Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone

Like any other flip phone, the appearance of the Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone is humble, compact, and very average. Nothing that really catches our attention. The dimension is also quite common for a flip phone with 107 x 53 x 19.8mm. It fits perfectly in the pockets, but if it’s your first time, you may feel it is small while holding it.

The most noticeable difference between the Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone with any other flip phone is, on the outside, this device has two caller buttons; green for accepting the call and red for ending it. So, it’s quite convenient—no need to flip the phone to do those operations.

In this part of the phone, you’ll also see the external display that usually shows the incoming notifications, battery life, and signal conditions. Above it, there’s the one and only camera that is available on this device. Meanwhile, if you’re switching back, you’ll see the speaker and an obvious red SOS button.

Inside the Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone is where you will find the main screen along with T9 tactile keypads. The keypads are quite soft and touchy; it doesn’t need to burst out with power while typing. Moreover, there are also three shortcut keypads; camera, message, and music buttons to allow you to access the features easily.


Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone Display

It’s very common for a flip phone to have two display screens; that’s also applied to the Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone. This device has a dual screen which is placed internal and external. Let’s talk about the external screen first.

The external one comes with a 1.77-inch display screen. It’s small because you are not expected to do some stuff here. This screen mainly shows you the phone’s notifications and basic information regarding the battery, network signals, and the date and time.

Meanwhile, the internal screen plays an important role. It comes with a 2.4-inch screen with 240 x 320-pixel resolutions. This screen doesn’t offer such an extravagant quality because, as we’ve mentioned before, the Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone is a simple communication device.


Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone Camera

The camera on the Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone is not the main focus. It’s built for practical reasons that can help you take important notes daily. This can be seen in its quality which only equips a 0.3MP resolution.

Even though we’re not expecting a high-resolution camera, the 0.3MP camera is far below the standard. As far as we’ve reviewed the other flip phones, the camera specs of the Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone are the worst—at least, most competitors have 2MP.

With this VGA camera quality, you can’t expect the camera to take any good pictures. The outputs will be pixelated or even blurred. The brightness is also not good. To make it worse, this camera doesn’t come with an LED flash. So, goodbye to such bright pictures.

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Even though the camera has a big gap from the other flip phones, the Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone storage capacity is the same as the others. It’s 4GB of internal storage which is a common standard.

The 4GB isn’t the whole capacity you can get. Yet still, since the camera’s quality is low, you can have more spacious storage than the competitors. You can save many personal files on the device, including photos, texts, contacts, or some apps.

Nevertheless, if the storage is running out, you can still try another option: expanding the storage. It can be done just by adding the MicroSD card up to 32GB. But this card comes separately, and you must buy it yourself.


The Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone performance is so-so. It is equipped with a MediaTek MT6731 as its processor, which makes it clear that the device is not concerned about its performance. This processor is only supposed to bring up practical use.

RAM (Random Access Memory) of the Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone is also not a good spec. This phone only has 512MB, which is far from our expectations. As you know, the bigger RAM, the better. This phone truly does not meet up with the formula.

The RAM size makes us very limited to do some intense jobs. Forget about multitasking; even scrolling all over the internet will drain the phone’s performance, and it worsens when you use the device constantly. Lags and hiccups are found everywhere.

The Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone doesn’t come with such an advanced security sensor. However, to make users of this device feel safe enough. This phone comes with a built-in SOS button at the back. This button can be used to call your emergency contacts whenever you face unwanted problems.


Even though the overall features and specs of the Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone are quite outdated. This phone is still considerate enough to let users enjoy a 4G LTE as their main network. The 4G LTE is known for its wide access network while maintaining the internet to become fairly fast and stable.

The Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone is also supported with a Wi-Fi network for those needing internet without data connections. This device also lets you connect with other devices by using Bluetooth.

Is the Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone a good phone?

After examining all of the phone’s features in this Cloud Mobile Mist Flip Phone review, we want to inform you that this phone costs $50. Is this affordable? The honest answer from us is no. With that much money, you can have a better flip phone with better features and specifications.

Pros: compact, generous internal storage, shortcut key, SOS key

Cons: low camera quality, low performance