BLU Studio Mini 2023 User Manual (Assurance Wireless)

A great experience comes with a great understanding about the object that you want to use. This also applies in terms of using a smartphone, and the BLU Studio Mini 2023 user manual supports your needs.

BLU Studio Mini 2023 User Manual

The BLU Studio Mini 2023 is the latest smartphone nowadays. Because of this, this smartphone packs every single feature that can be a help for users’ needs. If you’re a new user of this phone, it would be better if you learn about the device first before even starting it.

Learning about the device not only helps you to learn about the phone’s features and specifications. More than that, you can figure out the phone’s configurations easily without struggles and burdens.

If you have a blind-eye towards how to learn about the BLU Studio Mini 2023. You can go with its user manual document. And, in this article, you can take a sneak peek of what is inside the documents, and where to find the information you need to know.

Download User Manual

The BLU Studio Mini 2023 user manual is available in a PDF format. This format is saveable into your own device for your needs in the future. If you think you need to have this manual, you can click the download link here.

➡️ Download BLU Studio Mini 2023 User Manual (PDF)


As an introductory part, the first chapter of the manual will show basic information to get ready with your new BLU Studio Mini 2023 smartphone. Here lies a complete and descriptive tutorial on how to use the device for the first time. Including, power on and off the device, and install the SIM card.

Call Functions

The BLU Studio Mini 2023 smartphone has a basic function to have a call with your family and friends. Even though all phones around the market are having this feature, it’s still recommended to read about the call functions of this phone in this chapter. It covers all important features including how to place a call, the call options, and call logs.

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Bluetooth & Wi-Fi

Bluetooth & Wi-Fi are available on the BLU Studio Mini 2023 smartphone to let you connect with the other devices and internet wireless network. Thankfully, this chapter specifically discusses these both features in the easiest sentences.

Very first thing you’ll see in this chapter is how to power on the bluetooth. Next part, there is a tutorial on how to power on the Wi-Fi network. It comes with a picture to make you understand better.


The BLU Studio Mini 2023 has two cameras available on its phone; at the front and back. Both of these are useful to take some practical pictures and videos. Even though the quality isn’t as good as you may expect. It won’t hurt anyone to learn about this feature.

In this chapter, you will find out some instructions to operate the camera. First of all, how to open the camera, how to take a picture, and how to record a video.


Gallery is where you will store and organize all your photos and videos into one file. This is an important feature for those of you who are photography-goers, who love to take a shot of everything you love.

This next chapter will show you the tutorial on how to open the gallery, how to view the pictures and videos, how to share pictures, how to adjust the images, and how to crop the pictures.


The Settings chapter is the last part of the manual that we’re going to talk about. As you may know, Setting is the place to find out what features you can adjust and modify to be more suitable for your needs. 

Here goes this chapter that contains a full list of all features that is adjustable on the Settings menu. Check it out to learn what you’ll get on this chapter.

The BLU Studio Mini 2023 user manual is the first place you can go when you’re having uncertainty and struggles when it comes to utilizing your device. This document answers all your inquiries and curiosity.