Samsung Galaxy A10e Problems: Keyboard, Speaker, Auto Rotate Not Working

How to deal with a keyboard and a speaker that won’t work on Samsung Galaxy A10e. Additionally, learn how to fix the auto-rotate issue on this phone.

Samsung Galaxy A10e Keyboard Problem

Problems with Samsung Galaxy A10e’s keyboard and speaker can occasionally happen. But don’t worry, they are rarely a big concern. It’s something you can fix by yourself. No need to run to the nearby repair center.

One of the most commonly reported is the phone’s keyboard. You may experience lag, unresponsiveness, and other errors. There are several things you can do, as we will explain shortly.

The speaker on this phone can also act up. When that happens, it can be frustrating. Especially if you can’t wait to listen to music.

Additionally, we also include a tutorial on how to deal with auto-rotate not working properly. Follow the instructions below so your phone can be free from all these minor but annoying issues.

How to fix keyboard not working on Samsung Galaxy A10e

Frustrated because the keyboard has been unaccommodating lately? Here’s how to fix keyboard issues on Samsung Galaxy A10e that you can try:

1. Restarting the phone

A small keyboard problem can easily go away by a restart. It erases any bug and freshens up your phone. Anyway, if the keyboard problem causes the phone to freeze, do the force restart.

2. Clear app cache

Your phone’s keyboard is actually software. Like every other Android app, it comes with an option to clear the cache.

A cache stores temporary data for the keyboard app to function. But when it’s piling up, it becomes a problem rather than a good thing. Use the “clear cache” option to empty the cache storage.

3. Updating the keyboard app

Google regularly rolls out updates for Android keyboard apps, the one Samsung Galaxy A10e is using.

Updates usually come with fixes for any bugs from the previous version. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to update when you encounter an issue with the keyboard.

4. Boot through the Safe Mode

The Safe Mode is useful to check whether the keyboard problem is caused by a buggy app. Sometimes, it can happen. The app wreaks havoc and affects the keyboard too.

If the keyboard works normally under the Safe Mode, your suspicion is right. Uninstall the suspicious app, usually the most recently installed ones.

5. Factory reset

If the keyboard problem is a stubborn one, you can consider doing a factory reset. It’s a rather extreme solution since you will lose all your data. You will also need to reinstall apps. However, if you don’t have any other option, it could be the last resort you need.

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How to fix speaker not working on Samsung Galaxy A10e

Here are some recommendations on what to do, when the speaker won’t work normally on Samsung Galaxy A10e:

1. Disconnect any external device

If your phone is previously connected to a Bluetooth device, unpair them first. It could be a Bluetooth speaker or wireless earbud. After unpairing, test the speaker if it’s working.

2. Restart the phone

Perform a reboot to your device. It helps erase minor glitches that prevent the speaker to produce any sound.

3. Dry your phone

Use this step only when you somehow exposed the phone to liquids. If the phone’s wet, its hardware can work weirdly. To dry a phone, putting it in a bag of rice is a good idea.

4. Test the speaker

This is to check whether you have accidentally muted the phone. Toggle the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons. See if the speaker responds to any change of volume.

5. Update your phone’s software

If the speaker problem is faulty with the firmware, a software update would fix it. In Samsung Galaxy A10e, you can try updating through Settings > Software Updates > Check for updates. Then tap OK.

6. Safe Mode

Reboot your device into the Safe Mode, then test the speaker. If it’s working, you can safely assume an app is behind this issue. Try to find the culprit and uninstall it. You can start from the recently installed one.

7. Do factory reset

If you try everything but failed, a factory reset could be your last chance before bringing the phone to a repair place. A factory reset wipes out the phone and returns it to its clean slate. It can get rid of any stubborn issue, but also your data.

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How to fix auto rotate not working on Samsung Galaxy A10e

Auto-rotate sometimes can be a tricky feature. But don’t worry. Apply these troubleshoots to solve any auto-rotate problem on Samsung Galaxy A10e:

1. Activate auto-rotate

You need to enable auto-rotate before being able to enjoy it. Swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the Quick settings menu. Then tap the auto-rotate icon until it changes color from gray. That’s how you know it’s activated.

2. Don’t touch the screen

When rotating the phone, make sure you don’t touch the screen. Because it will prevent the display from rotating.

3. Update to the latest phone’s software version

Keeping the phone’s software updated prevents the phone from having issues because old software is not supported. Update the software through the Settings app > Software Updates > Check for updates. 

4. Restart the phone

Auto-rotate that’s not working usually is because of a small glitch. You can erase it by restarting the phone. A simple soft reset will do, especially since auto-rotate rarely makes the phone freeze.

That’s all the possible solutions for a problematic auto-rotate. As an additional note, not every app supports auto-rotate. So you need to know this because in that case, no matter what you do, auto-rotate won’t work in unsupported apps.

All these guides hopefully help you fix the keyboard, the speaker, and auto-rotate problems on Samsung Galaxy A10e. If we can summarize, they are quite easy to fix, as long as it’s not a hardware fault.