Alcatel TCL 10 Pro User Manual

If you want to discover the correct way to customize your new phone, read TCL 10 Pro user manual! Let’s find out all about the device’s features.

TCL 10 Pro User Manual

If you are looking for an affordable smartphone with a high-end screen, the TCL 10 Pro is an excellent option. This device has a design and components that look like a premium flagship phone, yet it won’t drain your pocket.

By default, this smartphone will provide you with high performance, thanks to its advanced latest hardware. If you want more, the phone offers you a flexible personalization option.

With the help of the TCL 10 Pro user manual, you will be able to configure this phone in your preferred way. The guidebook contains a detailed tutorial about this stylish device’s features.

Find out how important a user manual is through this brief but insightful article. We will provide you with an accurate overview of the guidebook.


The starting point of your new smartphone is the home screen. You will need to get familiar with this element before you operate and enjoy the device efficiently. You need to ensure the home screen is tidy, accessible, and pretty.

The user manual will help you to personalize the TCL 10 Pro’s home screen easily. Learn how to identify the status bar, search bar, and adjust the favorite apps tray. Learn also how to edit shortcuts, widgets, folders, use touch gestures and notification panels.

Calendar, Clock, and Calculator

Built-in apps are often the most used and reliable way to help you in your daily activity. You do not need to download additional apps to do the essential tasks, like making a memo, schedule, alarm, or counting.

The user manual will teach you how to use the calendar feature efficiently. Learn how to manage events and set event reminders from the guidebook. You can also discover how to adjust the clock, alarm and use the phone’s calculator.

Bluetooth Connection

Wireless connection via Bluetooth is very convenient for day-to-day necessities. A lot of hardware accessories that are compatible with your phone can connect via this method. Cables can be messy, but how do you use this wireless option?

The TCL 10 Pro user manual has all the answers regarding your Bluetooth needs. Learn how to enable Bluetooth, name your device, create a pairing or connection with other Bluetooth devices, activate Super Bluetooth, and so on.

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Sharing Your Phone Data Connection

Have you ever been in a situation where your friends or family ran out of internet data? Perhaps you will be generous enough to share your connection with them.

Instead of letting them borrow your phone, you can turn your smartphone into a mobile hotspot. Other people will be able to connect to the internet through your device. Find out how to enable this Tethering option in the user manual!


One of the features that set this phone apart from other TCL 10 series is its massive primary camera. It features 64MP sensors that will capture any moments in sharp HD photos and 4K videos. This component is a mark of a flagship phone, yet you can acquire it at lower costs.

To take the best image quality, you need to get a good grasp of the camera settings. The user manual will teach you how to enable the HDR mode, adjust flash, filters, different photo sizes, stop motion, macro mode, grid, stabilization, and way a lot more!

WiFi Connection

The most reliable way to get an internet connection is through WiFi.  Most public places nowadays offer free WiFi that you can connect with ease. Instead of using data, you can reduce your expense by utilizing the service.

If you are unsure how to use the WiFi on your new smartphone, the user manual has your back. Learn how to activate your WiFi, choose a connection, and even save the WiFi credential for later usage.


Your advanced smartphone may get targeted by irresponsible people or thieves. Fortunately, the phone comes with a set of security options to prevent such dangerous possibilities.

The user manual contains a detailed guide on how to prevent unauthorized usage. Learn how to enable fingerprint sensors, manage face keys, use the smart lock, and set up the screen lock. There are other security features that you can also activate anytime.

Download User Manual

The TCL 10 Pro user manual is available for download to the general public. You may save the digital version of the guidebook for free at the following link that we have provided. The file comes in a PDF file that you can open easily from any device, such as a laptop, computer, or other smartphones.

Download: TCL 10 Pro User Manual (PDF)