Alcatel TCL 10L User Manual

TCL 10L user manual will provide you with a tutorial on the customization process of this smartphone. Find out how to enhance the device in style!

TCL 10L User Manual

The TCL 10L is a mid-range phone to offer high-class features that will satisfy your daily needs. The manufacturer equips this phone with the latest technology, and yet it’s still highly affordable.

For people who want to move on from an entry-level smartphone, this device is an excellent alternative. It offers customizable options that will improve your enjoyment.

To adjust the phone accurately, you will need the guidance of the TCL 10L user manual. People often look past the phone’s guidebook. It is a mistake to underestimate the usefulness of the information contained in the guide.

The importance of the user manual will be apparent to you after you have read the article. We provide you with a brief outline of the guidebook, as well as a downloadable link.

Getting to Know Your Mobile

Before you get to enjoy your new phone to the fullest, you need to understand the fundamentals first. This way, you know how to operate the device without too much fumbling around.

The user manual will provide you explanations about the phone’s components placements and their functions. You can learn about the keys, connector, SIM slot, memory, battery charging, and how to power it on or off.


The next part of the user manual will explain the phone home screen and its navigation system. It will also explain how to personalize your new smartphone home screen appearance.

Find out how to adjust the home screen, edit apps shortcuts, widgets, and manage app folders. You can also learn about the touch gestures, notification panel, and other relevant elements.

Text Input

If you are new to a touch screen smartphone, the text input mechanism may confuse some of you. The on-screen keyboard will be your primary method to write on your device.

The user manual is the best resource if you are looking to adjust the on-screen keyboard settings. You may customize the size and input language to match your preference.  You can also learn how to switch between ABC and symbols, insert GIF, cut, copy, paste, adjust keyboard orientation, and so on.

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Calls, Contact, and Message

Managing contacts is perhaps one of the most tedious tasks for new smartphone owners. Lucky for you, the TCL 10L user manual is ready to provide a comprehensive tutorial on contacts list management.

You may also learn how to manage phone calls, use on-hold, mute, adjust caller volume, and activate the loudspeaker. You can also learn how to use multi-calls, review call logs, and more. Furthermore, the guidebook will teach you all about the short messaging features.

Getting Connected

Having a steady internet and mobile network connectivity is essential to sustain your productivity. To ensure that your new smartphone receives a strong signal, you may need to make some adjustments.

The user manual will provide you with a guide on managing the mobile data, configure 2G/3G/4G, and enable roaming. You can also learn how to turn the WiFi on, connect to a WiFi, or delete a saved connection.


The TCL 10L comes with Quad cameras that line up on the backside of the phone very elegantly. The primary 48MP sensor will ensure that you get the best image.

The user manual will help you to configure the camera settings. This way, you can enhance the quality of the captured pictures and videos. Learn how to enable filters, adjust camera modes, HDR, panorama, flash, and other enhancement features.


You can not overstate the importance of your private data stored in your smartphones. To prevent unauthorized phone usage, you may need to activate various security options.

The TCL10L provides you with multiple safety features that will help you protect personal data. The user manual will also guide you to activate the Screen Lock, Fingerprint management, Face Key, Apps Lock, and other protective settings.

Download User Manual

You may download the TCL 10L user manual at the following link that we have provided for free! Save the digital guidebook on your other phone or computer. It comes in pdf format that you can open on most devices. The file will surely help you resolve unexpected problematic situations.

Download: TCL 10L User Manual (PDF)