Snapfon ezFlip 4G Review: Perfect Phones For Elderly

Get a total understanding of the flip phones with this Snapfon ezFlip 4G review. This article would be helpful for you to discover the phone’s ins and outs.

Snapfon ezFlip 4G Review

If you think flip phones were so last year, you might need to think twice. Nowadays, flip phones are making their debut (again) on the market. Phone manufacturers started considering putting this old phone on their lists.

A flip phone is specifically aimed at people who need a simple device for daily life – no hustles and bustles. If you’re new to this and considering buying a flip phone, you may want to look at the Snapson ezFlip 4G.

We know that getting familiar with a device is never easy. There is much information that you may not have known before. Thankfully, the Snapfon ezFlip 4G review comes to the rescue. It works as your personal assistance to know the device’s worth before having it in your hand.

Key Specs

Snapfon ezFlip 4G specifications:

Dimensions110 x 56.8 x 21mm
OSProprietary Based on AOSP
Screen size2.8-inch
Battery1,500mAh, Removable
Rear camera5MP
Front camera2MP
FeaturesSOS Buttons


Snapfon ezFlip 4G
Snapfon ezFlip 4G

The look of the Snapfon ezFlip 4G doesn’t feature special treats or uniqueness; it basically looks the same as the entry-level smartphones around the market. The phone’s dimensions are 110 x 56.8 x 21mm. It’s pretty standard for a flip phone. The appearance features 135g of weight and clam-shell style, which makes the phone quite comfortable to hold.

On the front side is a sub-1.77-inch screen showing the phone’s notifications. You can see the network strength status, battery status, and date and time on this screen. Looking at the top of the screen, you’ll notice the main camera and its LED flash.

Meanwhile, the back area comes very clear. Despite this, you’ll notice a red SOS button for users to immediately call and text the emergency contacts. Your phone will turn into speakerphone mode. This SOS button might be useful, but we often accidentally touch the buttons. Be careful when using the phone when this feature is activated.

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Snapfon ezFlip 4G Display

The Snapfon ezFlip 4G display is like any other today’s flip phone. It consists of two display screens; the main screen inside and the sub-screen outside. The main screen is a 2.8-inch display screen. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough information about their display screen quality.

However, the Snapfon ezFlip 4G is purposely made for seniors or the elderly. That’s why we notice the phone’s contents come in a large format. Texts and icons are quite readable. Besides, this phone features its users’ visual impairments, such as Macular Degeneration. This phone also has a touch-screen interface.

The sub-screen display is in the front area. There is nothing special with this screen. As usual, you can see incoming notifications and the battery and network status here.


Snapfon ezFlip 4G Camera

Unexpectedly, the Snapfon ezFlip 4G comes with two cameras; the front and the selfie. Even though the quality doesn’t fit the current standards. We see this feature as a refreshment in flip phones.

The 5MP main camera is placed in the front area above the sub-screen we discussed. The megapixels may be a little disappointing, but remember that this phone is not for fancy use. So, the quality is acceptable for more practical use.

The secondary camera is a 2MP and is placed inside the phone at the top left. This camera can be used for taking a selfie or video-calling. But, once again, it’s not social media worthy.

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When you buy the Snapfon ezFlip 4G, you will get a built-in 4GB of internal storage. In fact, the actual capacity can be lower than 2GB. It would be a downer for this phone. Even though the storage capacity seems small, for a flip phone, it’s enough for storing your personal data. However, if you like to take pictures with your phone, you need to expand the storage.

Fortunately, this phone provides an expandable slot to let you put in external storage. You can install up to 32GB of MicroSDXC card into the phone to add more space. The external storage isn’t included in your box. So, you need to buy it separately.


Snapfon ezFlip 4G Flip Open

Performance-wise, the Snapfon ezFlip 4G indicates a so-so output. Unfortunately, we also don’t get information about what processors they use on their phones. However, as we used the phone, we did not find blazingly fast performance, but it’s actually quite fine for a flip phone.

The phone doesn’t have remarkable apps and features, so we’re not very struggling to operate the phone. But, just forget about multitasking or opening the apps simultaneously – it won’t work.

Another info we don’t get a chance to know is the RAM amount they used. After all, we’ve noticed very few lags and glitches whenever we launch an app or start operating some functions.

The Snapfon ezFlip 4G operating system seems different from other phones. We notice they use their own proprietary OS based on AOSP. There is nothing special with this OS, though. We see the user interface is outdated.

Nonetheless, they stick to the plan, targeting elderly customers for its phone. So, the phone’s user interface keeps simple. The menu comes simple, the colors are high contrast, and the font comes larger. The phone’s screen is also brighter than other flip phones. It makes an easy navigation process and users will easily see the menu.

The Snapfon ezFlip 4G doesn’t have advanced sensors like smartphones or else. However, this phone comes with an SOS button on the back. This button works for emergencies; you can press it directly to alert 5 pre-selected contacts through a call or text.

It’s very useful for an emergency, but if you’re in a hurry, you might accidentally press the button and mess up your colleagues and another family. That’s why you need to use the phone carefully or deactivate the features if you think you don’t need them. This phone also lacks security sensors such as face recognition and a fingerprint reader.


Snapfon ezFlip 4G SOS Button
Snapfon ezFlip 4G SOS Button

The Snapfon ezFlip 4G utilizes a 4G connectivity for communicating or browsing the internet. Actually, it’s a standard technology either in smartphones or feature phones. However, 4G connectivity can still be usable and dependable worldwide. Users can still enjoy fast connectivity with this.

With this connection, you can also enjoy VoLTE technology, which lets you get crystal-clear voice outputs. You will also get other connectivity, such as Wi-Fi to connect with wireless networks and Bluetooth to connect with external devices. There’s also a GPS, but you won’t find the NFC features in this phone.


In the power aspect, the Snapfon ezFlip 4G phone uses a 1,500mAh removable battery. You may be surprised with the battery capacity because it’s below the bare minimum. However, as a featured flip phone, this phone is only used for simple tasks. You won’t need much battery energy with this phone. 

For the battery life, the Snapfon ezFlip 4G promises the battery can last up to 4.5 days in standby time and 5.5 hours in talk-time. But, the phone’s battery health and the cycle will depend greatly on users’ performance. So, it’s better to use the phone wisely and start charging it properly to avoid damage.

Is the Snapfon ezFlip 4G a good phone?

You won’t find other advanced features like smartphones in a flip phone. Everything will be very limited. Especially in the Snapfon ezFlip 4G, there are some weaknesses that we found. First, the average-looking design – it just looks the same as an old flip phone. The phone’s battery and performance are also unsatisfying.

This phone cost around $80 for the locked to Snapfon network version and $125 for the unlocked version. The price is a bit expensive, especially for a flip phone which couldn’t do much. Is it worth it? Maybe it would be okay for you who want to buy one for your grandma or dad.

Snapfon ezFlip 4G Pros:

  • SOS buttons
  • Perfect for elderly
  • Two cameras

Snapfon ezFlip 4G Cons:

  • A bit expensive
  • Ordinary design