Snapfon ez4G User Manual

The Snapfon ez4G user manual is a document that answers all you need to know about the device. It has important information within, complete with the phone’s features.

Snapfon ez4G User Manual

The moment you open the Snapfon ez4G box, you will find a document inside – a manual. The user manual is a guidebook that has valuable information about the device. It tells the physical function and the features inside the phone.

Snapfon ez4G has a rare appearance, moreover, if you’re compared with today’s most phones. The presence of a guide will give much help to new users to discover the phone.

With this Snapfon ez4G user manual, you can find the phone’s capabilities and layout. After you’re familiar with this, you will get an instant understanding. We summarize it all in one article, but you can download the full document later.

Getting Started

Are you ready to start your new phone? Did you know there are several starters you need to do before using the Snapfon ez4G? In the first chapter, you will find the phone’s features and what you should do with them.

There is a full mapping of the phone’s layout, complete with descriptions and explanations about the external functions. After that, you will see some battery and SIM card installation tutorials.

Basic Operations

Some basic operations might seem easy for anyone. But, every phone may have a different setup. That’s why this chapter will have you gain much knowledge about the Snapfon ez4 G’s operations. 

You will learn how to power on and off, set up voicemails, and use quick keys and keyboards. Moreover, you will also learn about how to manage calling, contacts, and messaging.

In this chapter, you will also learn how to control your phone’s volume and style the main menu.

Applications and Features

This next chapter will show you the applications and features of the Snapfon ez4G phone. Even though the look of it is so simple, this phone does contain many useful features.

You can walk through the device and learn about the menu icons, call history, and messaging. This phone has a camera, and because of that, you will get information about the camera and the multimedia.

Other than that, there is also some explanation about the tools applications such as calculator, alarm, calendar, etc. And also other apps such as email, Facebook, etc.

In this chapter, you can configure some settings, too. Includes the sound and display, the network and internet, the connected devices, and activating security settings.

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SOS Features

The Snapfon ez4G has an SOS button on the back of the phone. This feature can be used for emitting a loud siren and sending text messages to five preselected contacts. Your phone will also turn into speakerphone mode.

This chapter will discuss in-depth explanations of these useful features. It breaks down into some parts, including the SOS emergency button, SOS Siren, SOS applications, SOS settings, SOS contacts and SOS messages.

There is also the SOS help, SOS enabled or SOS disabled, Fall detection, sosPlus Mobile Monitoring Service, and sosPlus Account Information. It’s complicated. So make sure to read this chapter carefully.

Download User Manual

This summary of the manual is just the tip of the iceberg. Dive a little bit deeper, and you will reveal the full information waiting to be discovered. Because of that, we advise you to have this Snapfon ez4G user manual to give you the knowledge. To help you, here we provide you the download link for the PDF version. Click and get yourself the information.

Download: Snapfon ez4G User Manual (PDF)