Snapfon ez4G Review: Affordable and Tactile Phone For Seniors

Need a phone for your kids or elderly without interesting twists on it? This Snapfon ez4G review will give you an overview of what this kind of phone can offer.

Snapfon ez4G Review

Smartphone markets are growing bigger and bigger every year. In a world full of smartphones, there is still a basic phone available in the market. Even though they have lost their charm, the basic phones still have a special heart in their target customers.

The Snapfon ez4G is an old-looking phone still fighting on a communication device’s battlefield. Unlike smartphones that offer advanced features and top-notch specifications, this phone comes simpler. It stays focused as a communication gadget – no more than that.

For those of you who have thought of having a simple gadget for communication only, you may want to read this Snapfon ez4G review. After that, maybe you will get attracted and consider buying this phone. Who knows?

Key Specs

Snapfon ez4G specifications:

Dimensions141.3 x 65.5 x 15mm
OSProprietary based on AOSP
Screen size2.3-inch
Battery1,500mAh, Removable
Rear camera5MP
Front camera2MP
FeaturesSOS Button, Hearing Aid Compatible


Snapfon ez4G
Snapfon ez4G

The appearance says it all. At a very first glance, you will immediately notice that this phone has a boring and out-dated looking design. In a touch screen era, the Snapfon ez4G still has a 1-9 keypad.

Aims for senior users, the Snapfon ez4G offers easy and tactile features. At the front, you can see the big button keypad, which makes it comfortable for the elderly with three shortcut buttons. There is also a 2.3-inch display screen; above that, there is a little hole for a 2MP front-facing camera.

On the back of the phone, three components are placed vertically in the center of the phone; the rear camera, LED flash, and the SOS button.

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Snapfon ez4G Display

The Snapfon ez4G uses a 2.3-inch display screen for its users. This screen size doesn’t have enough space for users to navigate the phone’s menu. To be honest, even if you’re compared with a flip phone, this screen size comes smaller.

We don’t get enough information about the phone’s screen resolutions. But with the small screen size, we noticed the quality is not impressive. The brightness might be a bit, but the color contrast accuracy is not quite pleasing. The display appearance reminds us of the old phones from eight or ten years back.

The fonts and icons look big, and somehow, it almost fits the entire screen. But we understand these circumstances since the Snapfon ez4G is made for seniors.


Snapfon ez4G Camera

As basic phones, the camera feature of the Snapfon ez4G is not their main concern. But we were kinda surprised to see they gave us two cameras on their phones. The first camera is the 5MP main camera which is located at the back of the phone.

This main camera resolution deserves applause since it’s above the bare minimum in basic phone classes. Even though the camera is not as extravagant as smartphones, the camera is enough for practical needs. It also comes with an LED flash to enhance the picture quality when you are taking it in low light.

The secondary camera is right above the display screen in front. It has a 2MP resolution, which is quite good for a basic phone. Indeed, you can’t take a beautiful selfie with it. But it’s a refreshing feature, though.

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Generously, the Snapfon ez4G lets users save their files and data with a 4G of internal storage. From the total amount of space, users can use half of them. After all of the remaining space, it seems small, but honestly, it’s enough for a basic phone that doesn’t need much space.

To enjoy more space, you can do these two options. First of all, you can clean the cache regularly which is inconvenient for users. For the second two, you can choose to add an external MicroSDXC card into the phone’s slot to expand the storage. It doesn’t come for free in the box. You need to buy it on the market by yourself.


As we expected from a basic phone, the phone’s performance does not leave us any impressed. Again, we don’t have enough resources to put what processor they use and how much RAM capacity they have. However, we can tell from the phone’s navigation that it’s not a top-notch CPU.

Speed is not their top priority. The Snapfon ez4G is more concerned about practical and easy-to-use performance. Since it’s a basic cheap phone, we’re not expecting anything fancy from here. At least they can do simple things such as texting and calling.

As we mentioned before, we don’t get the information about how much RAM capacity this phone has. But, we noticed it’s not as much as the bare minimum since we find some limitations. For example, we can’t open two or more apps simultaneously because this phone doesn’t support them. Instead, it’ll show some lags. With this, we can’t multitask, either.

The Snapfon ez4G uses a proprietary OS based on AOSP to run its system. The AOSP is maintained by Google. It stands for Android Source Operating Project, which means it’s open source, and manufacturers can use it and develop it by themselves.

This OS is very much different from other Android versions. The user interface is pretty dull. The app’s icons are old, and the fluidity is not smooth, either. With this OS, users are also very limited in doing everything because the Apps’ availability is not as much as the usual Android.

The Snapfon ez4G doesn’t have any sensors on its phone – even the standard one. But, this phone has an SOS red button at the back of the phone. This feature can alert the pre-selected contacts while you’re in an emergency situation – just with one push. If you do not feel like using it, you can always turn off the feature.


Even though the phone’s appearance looks old and dull. This phone uses 4G technology as its main network. It may not be the latest 5G. However, actually, this connection is still pretty good and usable in worldwide coverage.

With the presence of 4G connectivity, users of the Snapfon ez4G can experience VoLTE, which gives us crystal clear calling technology. Moreover, Bluetooth technology is available purposely for transferring files and connecting with other devices. Besides the main network, you can use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.


The Snapfon ez4G phone has a 1,500mAh removable battery capacity to run the phone. Indeed, a basic phone doesn’t need much energy. But to be honest, this capacity is not enough for us. It’s even below the standards because durability is the main concern.

This phone promises to last up to 5 hours in talk-time mode and approximately 4.5 days of standby time for an estimated battery life cycle. The actual cycle depends on users’ behaviors and activity despite these calculations.

A removable battery type is another thing to discuss. We still have mixed feelings about this. Just because, on one side, this battery could be easily pulled out if it gets drained or errors. But at the same time, it would be inconvenient since it is hardly found anywhere.

Is the Snapfon ez4G a good phone?

Nowadays, a basic phone may not be well-known. But, it’s still available around the corner, and the Snapfon ez4G is one of them. If you ask, ‘is it worth every consideration?’ it would be a yes and no.

With a price of $80 for the locked to Snapfon network version and $125 for an unlocked version, you will get a phone which is usable for seniors. In this Snapfon ez4G review, we won’t force you to buy or not buy the product. Because after all, it’s for you to decide.

Snapfon ez4G Pros:

  • Tactile keypad
  • SOS button
  • Usable for seniors

Snapfon ez4G Cons:

  • Quite pricey
  • Standard phones