Vortex MUV Review: A Budget Smartphones For Beginners

Looking for a budget smartphone? Try to read this Vortex MUV review before you’ve decided, and let’s see what kind of information you will get from this article.

Vortex MUV Review

The Vortex MUV was released many years ago. Despite this old-time release, the Vortex MUV still has more interesting aspects. Especially if you’re looking for a smartphone for beginners and quite affordable, too.

Nowadays, some people prefer to seek a smartphone with more advanced features. But, some of you choose simplicity and usability. The Vortex MUV is an Android smartphone and comes with cameras. With this, you can do your daily activity with ease.

Are you starting to be curious to know the in-depth information about this phone? Don’t worry. This Vortex MUV review comes to help you know the worth of the phone, and then you can note some positive considerations into your lists.

Key Specs

Vortex MUV specifications:

OSAndroid 8.1 Go Edition
Screen size5-inch
Resolution854 x 480
CPU1.3GHz Quad-core, MediaTek MTK6739
Rear camera2MP
Front camera0.3MP


Vortex MUV
Vortex MUV

As we talked about before, the Vortex MUV is an old smartphone. Even from its look, you can tell the phone doesn’t follow the current trend. To be honest, it looks dull. It comes in a black matte color, boosting the phone’s appearance to become more minimalist.

The front phone’s design comes with thick bezels around the screen. The main button is still placed on the phone’s body which is not aesthetically pleasing. And there is a front camera at the top bezels. Meanwhile, there is nothing much to see at the back than a single rear camera and LED flash beside it.


Vortex MUV Display

The Vortex MUV has a 5-inch display screen that accommodates the 854 x 540 resolutions. If you compare it with today’s smartphones, it’s far below the minimum. Despite the full HD+ display, this phone still uses an FWVGA (Full Wide VGA) screen quality. Basically, it’s a wide-screen version of the VGA screen standard.

This feature makes the color display less rich and sharp than the other qualities. The content won’t look crisp and precise. By looking at it, you will know that this phone came from a few years ago.

The display screen size is also smaller than the standards. Somehow, it makes the phone’s content pixelated and blurred at some points. However, the texts and icons are still readable.


Vortex MUV Camera

A camera is a basic requirement of a smartphone, right? Seeing this feature in smartphones doesn’t surprise me, even if it comes from some moments back. Moreover, the Vortex MUV’s camera is also not one of the best you can find right now.

There are two cameras available on this phone. The first is the 2MP rear camera placed at the back of the phone. This is also a downer to see these megapixels since you can get the 8MP camera at a minimum today. This rear camera comes with an LED flash to enhance the camera’s output when users take a picture at night or in dim light.

The other camera is a 0.3MP front camera. Again, we are not really pleased to see these specifications. It won’t give you the best selfie nor the best video-call quality. After all, this camera can still be useful for practical use.


Not 16, 32, or 64GB of internal storage. The Vortex MUV has only 8GB of internal storage capacity available. Disappointed? Yes. But, we try to understand as this phone is an old phone that doesn’t give any improvements.

To make it worse, with the 8GB capacity, only 6 to 4GB is available for users to save their files and data. We don’t think the capacity is enough for you with some apps and camera features.

Nonetheless, the Vortex MUV allows users to add more space to the device by installing the MicroSD card as external storage into the slot. You can add up to 32GB of MicroSD, and Voila! The rest capacity can be used for more saves and apps.


The Vortex MUV uses 1.3GHz Quad-core MediaTek MTK6739 as the phone’s processor. As expected, this phone relies on the cheapest CPU as its brain. Actually, it’s understandable to see this spec in a budget smartphone.

This CPU is coupled with 1GB of RAM. By these combinations, we advise you to not expect a high-performance delivery process. This phone focuses on being an efficient energy smartphone. 

To our liking, a 1GB RAM doesn’t fill the needs. Using this phone for intense activities will worsen the phone’s performance. Multitasking is not a good idea because it will make your phone slower than before. Users will also find a delay after opening some apps, which is very annoying.

If you’d like to play some games with intense graphics, you better say goodbye when you have this phone. Because the phone’s RAM and CPU don’t support it at all. However, you can still have 2D games in your Vortex MUV.

Moving forward to the software aspects, the Vortex MUV still uses the old Android 8.1 (Oreo) Go Edition as its operating system. Indeed, this operating system is perfect for an entry-level smartphone. But, for today? It’s definitely outdated. The OS is older a way back since right now, the latest version is Android 12.

The Go Edition also makes it worse. This OS edition comes lighter than the basic version. Because of this, you will find some different features and limitations here and there. The Go Edition supposedly ensures users have an efficient app performance. As a result, the memory will be optimized and not customizable.


The Vortex MUV stays connected with the help of 4G connectivity as its main network. Of course, you can still use the older bands, such as the 3G and 2G. But, for the latest bands like 5G? Don’t expect it much. If you do not feel like using the data connections. This phone also has Wi-Fi connectivity and can save your phone’s data and battery well.

The other connectivity that Vortex MUV has in its phone are Bluetooth, GPS and USB cable. Bluetooth is useful for transferring files and connecting with other devices. USB cable is perfect for connecting with a computer, and the GPS feature provides users with navigation.


The Vortex MUV is powered by a 1,950mAh of battery capacity. A low capacity in a smartphone? Definitely not a good move. We are disappointed to see these battery specs today – especially in smartphones where battery size does not fit customers’ needs.

The phone’s battery uses a Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) which is widely known to be a durable kind of battery. This phone doesn’t support fast charging and wireless charging features. The battery side is also not showing any good.

Is the Vortex MUV a good phone?

From the moment we have a Vortex MUV in our hand, we instantly know that this phone was made away years ago. So, we don’t have high expectations about this phone, especially for today’s trends and needs.

In this Vortex MUV review, we conclude that the phone is enough for you who want a low-specs with affordable prices and network services. For $44, we think there are many good options out there.

Vortex MUV Pros:

  • Affordable price
  • Snapfon services

Vortex MUV Cons:

  • Low specs 
  • Out-dated