Moxee m2160 Review (Assurance Wireless)

A free smartphone? It actually exists. If you’re in a position looking for a smartphone, this we’re going to review might be a good choice for you. Dig it in on the Moxee m2160 review.

Moxee m2160 Review

The Moxee m2160 smartphone was launched in March 2022. It’s a smartphone you can get for free from Assurance Wireless. This device has some standard features to become a daily communication gadget. But is this phone worth mentioning?

A big 6.0-inch screen becomes one of its interesting points. Moreover, the Moxee m2160 smartphone also comes with a decent battery size, quite a great processor performance, and a dependable camera setup.

If right now you are looking for a nice smartphone for you to get around. It would be great if you have a moment to read our point of view about the device. You may love this phone from the very first review.

Key Specs

The Moxee m2160 key specifications:

OSAndroid 11 Go Edition
Screen size6.0-inch
Resolution720 x 1440
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon QM215
CPUQuad-core (4×1.3 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery3,000mAh, Removable
Rear camera13MP
Front camera5MP
FeaturesHearing Aid Compatibility M3/T3


Moxee m2160
Moxee m2160

The Moxee m2160 comes with a great sleek design. Look how clean its appearance is. Even though it looks all the same as any other today’s smartphone, we never mind about this. It is dark blue with a ‘vignette ‘effect around it.

A big screen is featured in the front area. It is surrounded by thin bezels, except for the bottom part–which is unnecessary, in our opinion. That much space can actually be used to stretch the screen larger since the home buttons are placed on the screens. A tear-drop front camera is also available in this area.

In the back, you can see the phone’s colors. It also doesn’t have many accents here. Just a single rear camera with LED flash comes vertically at the top, the Moxee logo, and a speaker at the bottom.

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Are you a fan of a big-screen smartphone? The Moxee m2160 would become a perfect choice for you because of its 6.0-inch display screen. It is sized right for most people’s eyes and adults’ fingers. You can access everything on the screen without getting annoyed with the compact’s contents.

The huge screen ensures you enjoy a full cinematic experience while watching your favorite movie. Typing or reading a long paragraph of emails will also be satisfying. It won’t make your eyes squint whenever you’ve received messages from colleagues.

The resolutions are 720 x 1440 pixels. It’s HD+ screen quality with a vibrance and color-wise icons and images. We also noticed a few bits and blurred contents. The brightness is great, especially outdoors.


As a free phone, the Moxee m2160’s camera is the one you might need to compromise. It isn’t as spectacular as most entry-level smartphones. The rear camera setup still uses the single one; the others may already use a dual, triple, or even a quad camera on their back.

The quality is also ‘so-so.’ It is equipped with a 13MP camera resolution, a decent amount of current standards. There are no additional features for the camera. It is just a very basic camera for practical purposes.

The front camera has a 5MP resolution. Again, it’s no better than the other typical entry-level smartphone. You can still take selfies, but don’t expect social-media-worthy pictures with this. However, both of the cameras work well enough to record videos.

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Internal storage is necessary for a smartphone. It’s a great feature to store your personal data like pictures, videos, music, contacts, and messages and also install your favorite apps into the device. The larger, the better, and the Moxee m2160 smartphone has an average space for its internal capacity.

A 32GB of the Moxee m2160’s internal storage can accommodate users’ activities. Actually, it’s enough space. But sometimes, people can’t get enough of this. Fortunately, you can add more capacity by installing a MicroSD card. Still, you must cash out some money yourself to get this.


The Moxee m2160 smartphone’s performance uses a typical light processor under the hood. It’s a Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon QM215. Even though it is famously known for an entry-level smartphone, we’ve had a decent experience with these processors. Even better, it takes the battery to be more efficient.

Those all run at a 1.3GHz speed rate. It brings the phone’s operations into smooth movement. It also makes the device run faster but at a stable pace. This means no lags, and no glitches in a non-heavy operation.

It is combined with 2GB RAM (Random Access Memory), which is in our opinion – a low RAM capacity. With this capacity, users are limited to access to some heavy apps. For example, it isn’t strong enough to play intense games and stroll around e-commerce for a long time. The device will be exhausted and starts showing significant drained energy.

Moreover, with a low RAM capacity, the Moxee m2160 smartphone can’t multitask in stable conditions. Going back and forth through some apps would be very difficult to handle. Even worse, this smartphone will force the apps to close.

The operating system on the Moxee m2160 smartphone is Android 11 Go Edition. It’s a light version of Android 11. This means there are some features on the original version that you can’t apply to this phone.

This Go Edition also has a different user interface than the OG ones. The interface is different from a typical Android, at all. It comes simpler with no advanced features available. It might be a drawback, but actually, it is an adjustment for a light smartphone to be more accessible.


The Moxee m2160 is a 4G LTE smartphone. This network connectivity is still good to this day. Most smartphones still apply this network for their default connections. That’s why you can still access fast internet and clear voice calling with this network worldwide.

Wi-Fi is another option for you who want to save your battery and personal data. Besides, sharing the internet is possible since the Moxee m2160 has a mobile hotspot feature inside.

Meanwhile, for sharing your files, there are two options you can try. First, with Bluetooth. Bluetooth is mainly used to transfer files from your device to other Bluetooth devices. Second, the USB Type-C. It suits well for sending any files from your device to a computer.


A 3,000mAh battery capacity is used to horse up the Moxee m2160 smartphone’s operations. It’s a decent capacity for an entry-level smartphone. If you’re not forcing the device to do some heavy tasks, this phone’s battery can last all day long. But in the end, the battery’s performance will depend on every user’s habits.

Another drawback of the Moxee m2160 is they still use a removable battery type instead of the non-removable one. Honestly, we rarely find any modern smartphone with a removable battery. It may be hard to find a replacement every time the battery is unfunctional or broken.


As mentioned previously, the Moxee m2160 is a free Android smartphone from Assurance Wireless. So, we understand if the device’s quality is not the same as the other smartphones. It has some drawbacks, but it’s still acceptable in some cases.

Nevertheless, in this Moxee m2160 review, we also would like to highlight some interesting points of the device. For example, their sleek design and the big screen. Their processors are also quite dependable.

Moxee m2160 Pros:

  • Sleek design
  • Big screen
  • Dependable processors

Moxee m2160 Cons:

  • Low camera quality
  • Low RAM space