Orbic Q10 4G Review: Reliable Yet Affordable Smartphone

Do you have any thoughts about buying a new smartphone this year? How about learning the potential phone for you through this Orbic Q10 4G review.

Orbic Q10 4G Review

New years, new smartphones. Who else has this new year’s resolution to change their old smartphone? If you have, then we advise you to take it carefully and don’t make it rush. There are a lot of smartphone choices out there. You may find an interesting one.

It’s an Orbic Q10 4G smartphone with fine technology and reliable features for users’ daily use. Even better – don’t be surprised by this – it comes free. Yes, it would help if you had no cash to get this smartphone.

Let’s figure out the device thoroughly with this Orbic Q10 4G review. We need to know what this phone offers, even for a free smartphone. It includes all information you have to know from its design, camera, performance, and connectivity.


Orbic Q10 4G key specifications:

Dimensions161.8 x 73.6 x 9.2mm
OSAndroid 12
Screen size6.88-inch
Resolution720 x 1560
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 622
CPU2.4GHz Octa-core
Battery3,400mAh, Non-Removable
Rear camera8MP + 2MP
Front camera5MP
FeaturesFingerprint Reader


Orbic Q10 4G Design
Orbic Q10 4G

The Orbic Q10 4G looks very ordinary. There is nothing special about its appearance. It has 161.8mm for its width and 9.2mm for its length. It makes an obvious reason why this device has a tall yet slim design. The 182g of weight brings comfort to holding and gripping the phone. It doesn’t feel bulky or heavy at all.

At the display area, it applies a classic look from most smartphones. It’s surrounded by thin bezels but comes thicker at the bottom part, which is unnecessary. Since the main buttons are already on display, it would be more spacious if the bottom part stretched off and left just a little space. A water-drop camera design comes at the top center.

The back area is also the same; standard, and nothing visually pleasing here. It just has two cameras in a vertical design, and the LED flash comes separately at the side. There is also a fingerprint scanner at the center of the phone.

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Orbic Q10 4G Display

Surprisingly, the Orbic Q10 4G comes very generously with a large display size. It’s a 6.8-inch display screen with 720 x 1560 pixel resolutions. We rarely see a budget smartphone with this much screen space. If you’re a big display enjoyer, it is definitely for you. Watching videos or playing your favorite games will never be this satisfyingly impressive.

Despite the big screen size, the resolution itself can’t help to provide a mesmerizing quality. With 720 x 1560 pixels, the quality will only be limited to an HD+. As a big phone, we definitely expect better resolutions.

The bright and clear screen quality, but the sharpness isn’t too detailed. We will find some pixelated icons and images here and there, especially if you’re zooming in on the contents. For the protector, the Orbic Q10 4G is only guided by a Scratch Protecting Glass. It only protects you from a small scratch. That’s why you need better-tempered glass.


Orbic Q10 4G Camera

The Orbic Q10 4G has a dual camera at the back. The most standard camera setup in every entry-level smartphone. It includes an 8MP as the main camera and 2MP as a macro camera. Even though it doesn’t have a high megapixel, the camera can still capture beautiful social media-worthy pictures and record some videos.

At the front, it is equipped with a 5MP camera. It’s also a decent quality for a selfie camera. Even better, not only does the back camera comes with an LED flash, but the front also applies the same. It’s perfect for capturing in low-light locations, such as selfies at night or while adventuring through the woods.


After discussing the camera, we should discuss the phone’s storage. As you know, every phone comes with internal storage to store users’ personal files. The Orbic Q10 4G comes with 32GB of internal storage. Again, it’s the least capacity usually reserved for an entry-level smartphone.

Unfortunately, the storage can decrease to a few levels. Your smartphone has already come up with system junk and pre-installed apps. To maintain the storage, users can always clear the cache. Or the other alternative is to install a MicroSD card into the phone to expand the storage.


Orbic Q10 4G Side View

The Orbic Q10 4G smartphone operates on a very rare chipset for an entry-level smartphone; an Octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 622. This chipset really boosts the phone’s performance to the whole next level. Not only does it have smooth operations, but it also makes the battery more efficient.

Besides, the 2.4GHz clock rate gives a better speed for this phone. It plays a beneficial role in making users’ experience with the phone’s operations faster and more stable. It supports heavy activities really well.

RAM (Random Access Memory) of an Orbic Q10 4G smartphone is also moderately enough. It has 3GB to store any temporary data from the phone. It’s typical of an entry-level smartphone, but we don’t find any trouble at this size as long as you don’t overuse it.

The 3GB RAM capacity is dependable enough for us to multitask. Launching or opening some apps simultaneously won’t cause serious lags or delays. Access to some daily tasks, such as chatting or browsing the web and social media, is possible with this RAM size.

The Orbic Q10 4G is supported by Android 12 as its OS (Operating System) for the system. There is a recent version of this OS. Still, Android 12 is enough for experiencing a more sophisticated journey.

Android 12 has improvements in many aspects. It has a smoother and more dynamic fluidity in its user interface. It makes sure users can have a more personal experience. The privacy features give users a complete control system over who can see their data and when.

Some default sensors are available on the Orbic Q10 4G smartphone, like the accelerometer and proximity. But for security, it only comes with one sensor; a fingerprint reader. Although it doesn’t come with face recognition, it’s enough to put more security into the device and make it easy to unlock your phone.


The 4G connectivity is still the main network for the Orbic Q10 4G. Even if it does not follow the 5G hype, this network connectivity is still reliable yet dependable to stay connected with the internet and other communications tools.

Wi-Fi connectivity is also available for those who don’t always have mobile data. Users can still enjoy a very impressive fast internet without sacrificing battery capacity. 

For other connectivity, the Orbic Q10 4G has Bluetooth. Bluetooth works perfectly for users who want to share their files or connect with other devices, such as earphones, speakers, or other home appliances.


The Orbic Q10 4G battery is decent, especially at an entry-level. It has a 3,400mAh battery capacity to power up the phone’s overall operations. It’s unclear how long the battery will last for each talk and standby time. But with this, we can expect the battery to last until the end of the day.

The battery is a non-removable, more durable type than the other one. This type has a minimum chance of getting risks or damages. Worth of all, it comes with a 10W USB Type-C with a quick charging feature.


The Orbic Q10 4G review verdict is this phone definitely has some features worth for today’s digital needs. Those mesmerizing features are the large display, advanced processor setup, and the price; it’s free!

Yes, you can get this phone for free via a subsidized program by the FCC called Lifeline Assistance. This phone provides quite decent features and enough for daily use. However, you must be qualified to get this as a free smartphone.

Orbic Q10 4G Pros:

  • Large display
  • Reliable processor

Orbic Q10 4G Cons:

  • Low camera quality
  • Low storage capacity