Moxee m2160 User Manual

Let’s greet your new smartphone with helpful instructions and proper configurations. The best place to learn everything is with the Moxee m2160 user manual.

Moxee m2160 User Manual

The user manual is often forgotten by new users. In fact, this document has all the important needed to start with your new smartphone. It guides you with clear and coherent instructions, especially if you’re a newcomer.

The Moxee M2160 is a smartphone, like any other else, with appearances, features, and specifications. However, ensuring you are familiar with this device takes a little time. It’s all thanks to the user manual.

Reading a complex document isn’t everyone’s favorite activity. That’s why we already make a simple user manual version in this article. You can catch the whole idea of why it is important to have the manual.

Download User Manual

Downloading the Moxee m2160 user manual is the first you can do before you’ve got deeper and deeper into this summary. It can be downloaded with this link. Afterward, you can read the user manual back and forth to fully understand what we described below.

➡️ Download Moxee m2160 User Manual (PDF)


It all started with the basics. This is where you begin your phone’s activity journey. First, you will be informed of the phone’s external component that comes in understandable layouts. Then, a quick tip about the battery will be delivered to help you maintain long-lasting battery use.

This chapter covers touchscreen gestures such as tap, tap and hold, swipe, drag, and many more. The following instructions will be connected–it discusses how to use the onscreen keyboard and how to edit the text.

Getting Started

You are one step ahead and ready to use your new Moxee m2160 smartphone. But first, let us take you to some basic configurations beforehand. In the very first topic of this chapter, you will learn how to make a Google account.

Soon after, there were brief instructions about the home screen, from familiarizing myself with the home screen, customizing the home screen, and learning some essential display icons. With this chapter, you will also get information about how to search your phone and the web and connect your phone to a computer.


Some Google apps are already pre-loaded into your new Moxee m2160 smartphone. Including Gmail, Maps, Calendar, and Google Play Store. If you’re new to Google apps, don’t be nervous. Because this chapter packs every tutorial to use the feature correctly.


Once you have a mobile data connection, you can access the internet. This chapter informs you of recommended websites such as Chrome and Youtube. Not only that, if you don’t have a data network, you can try Wi-Fi instead and here is where you’ll get the information on how to activate it.

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Bluetooth is another default connectivity that usually comes in most smartphones. You can connect with Bluetooth devices such as speakers and headsets. Moreover, you can also share files with this. How to optimize this feature? This chapter backs you up.


There are two basic entertainment apps on the Moxee m2160 smartphone; camera and sound recorder. These two have become the most important features. The camera will become the first topic in this chapter.

It contains detailed information about it, from how to take pictures and videos to the introductions of the camera’s settings and features. Meanwhile, the sound recorder’s topic has simpler information about it.


The Tools chapter is divided into two topics, including Clock and Calculator. Even though these are like basic apps on every smartphone, they’re very useful for users’ productivity. For example, in the Clock topics, you will learn how to make an alarm with many customizable settings.

As we’ve said in the beginning, the Moxee m2160 user manual is where you can start using the device correctly. By reading this summary, we hope you will be moved to start reading the actual document.