LG Premier Pro Plus User Manual (L455DL)

Make sure your smartphone is always in tip-top shape. Take a look at the LG Premier Pro Plus user manual and don’t forget to click download later on.

LG Premier Pro Plus User Manual

A technical error is the last thing we’d want to happen to our smartphones. Imagine being in the middle of a video call with your friends, then suddenly – the phone died by itself.

While most devices have included advancements, such as the LG Premier Pro Plus, we should anticipate issues like the above. After all, you can never be too safe than sorry.

For smartphone users, maintenance is key to keeping a device for years. What better way to do that than by reading the LG Premier Pro Plus user manual?

But if you don’t have the time to check out the entire thing yet, we got your back. Skim through the user manual summary before you decide for yourself.

Gallery features

Everyone knows what a smartphone gallery is for. Without it, we won’t be able to view our best pictures and videos in the LG Premier Pro Plus. We’re bound to create so many new memories on the device. To prevent your documents from cluttering the phone, users are encouraged to sort their pictures in the gallery.

Organizing your photos and videos sounds simple. But with the user manual, you will find instant hacks that make photo sorting a lot more fuss-free. Spend more time shooting new moments than cleaning up your phone files.

Google Assistant

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just ask your LG Premier Pro Plus to do things with your voice? With Google Assistant, that little dream is possible. This is the go-to feature for users who are too busy to scramble their phones for information or a certain file. All it takes is a simple phrase, and Google Assistant can search for whatever you require.

Turn on Google Assistant with the help of the user manual. You can activate the feature using either your voice or accessing it from the home screen. Whichever method you choose, each comes with its set of guidelines to get you started.

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Touch screen

Touch screen technology has become even more popular with smartphones like the LG Premier Pro Plus. You can unlock different functions on the phone using a variety of touch screen gestures. In the user manual, you will find a list of touch screen gestures you can use to control your device. Each gesture comes with a specific explanation. Better check this section out.

Not everyone is a frequent user of touch screen models, and that’s totally fine. Fortunately, the user manual comes with precautions that you can adhere to when using the screen. This will help to prevent from breaking the phone’s touch screen display.

Screen lock

If you leave your LG Premier Pro Plus ideal for a few seconds or minutes, the phone is going to lock itself. However, we understand that some users prefer to have their phones easily accessible without the lock. Meanwhile, their others who would like some added security so that people don’t randomly come opening their phones.

The LG Premier Pro Plus user manual has solutions for these two kinds of smartphone users. In this chapter, you can learn how to remove screen locks on the device. But if you’re the latter, you choose to activate different kinds of screen locks, such as Pattern, PIN, or Password.

Call functions

Instead of a regular physical keypad, the LG Premier Pro Plus has a more dynamic calling interface. It gives users a more flexible experience, and all it takes is a few presses on several on-screen buttons.

Find out the different kinds of call functions that you can find on your device, such as hold, add call, and even Bluetooth. Don’t forget to learn how to activate three-way calling if you ever need to make another call during a call. It’s the perfect feature for sociable busy bees.

Battery information

Access more information about your LG Premier Pro Plus’ battery. If you’re ever wondering why your phone has a poor battery lifespan, this section contains your answers.

The user manual covers all of the battery information, such as battery usage, adaptive battery, and power-saving exclusions. So the next time you find your battery life depleting rapidly, you know which chapter to read.

Download user manual

That’s the end of our summary, but the information doesn’t stop there. There’s still plenty of guidelines you can refer to in any situation. To get the full version of the LG Premier Pro Plus user manual, click on the download link that has been provided. Enjoy reading the manual!

Download: LG Premier Pro Plus User Manual (PDF)