Samsung Galaxy Z Flip User Manual

When a new phone is in hand, fully understand it by reading the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip user manual. Don’t forget to click the link to download it.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip User Manual

Doesn’t stop innovating, Samsung has released a brand new phone called Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. This fancy phone will take you to another level of a smartphone.

Even though Samsung Galaxy Z Flip seems so complex, actually it is easy to use especially if it is accompanied by the manual. You will master this flip phone in no time.

The manual will guide you step by step on how to use the phone properly. You will get every single piece of information you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

What’s so special about this phone? Find the answers on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip user manual. Here are the things you will learn.

Getting Started

Just like its name, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip can be folded and unfolded. Some might be not familiar with how to treat a flip phone. This chapter tells you how to take care of your phone when it is folded and unfolded. Therefore, you won’t make any scratches or damage to it.

Furthermore, this chapter gives you information on how to turn on the device, transfer data from an old device, lock and unlock the device, use the multi-window, activate emergency mode, and customize your home screen.

This phone has such a classy design. Make sure to check its layout, so there is no information you miss about the layout, the parts, and the keys.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Layout
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Layout

Link Your Device

Sometimes you have too much to handle on a phone. Whereas, you still want to answer a call or manage your data. Do not worry. You are still able to do those activities from your Galaxy devices and Windows-based PCs. You just have to link Samsung Galaxy Z Flip to another compatible device.

The functions that you can access and integrate from those devices are phone calls, messages, photos, videos, notifications on compatible devices, and computers. Go to the Mobile Continuity subchapter to learn how to do it.

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Camera and Gallery

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is equipped with a sophisticated camera. It has a full kit of pro lenses and pro-grade video modes. You can capture stunning pictures with the device’s front and rear camera. This chapter explains the functions of the icons of the camera, how to take the best picture out of the camera, record high-quality video, access AR features, and other useful camera features.

Moreover, this chapter of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip user manual also teaches you about what you can do with the Gallery feature. You can edit existing pictures such as add filters, add stickers, add text, etc. Besides photos, you can edit videos, enhance the video quality, adjust the speed of the video, and add background music to the video. Such a great phone!


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip already comes with a lot of apps. Those apps start from Samsung apps, Google apps, Carrier apps to Microsoft apps. You can do more with this phone. For example, you can connect your device to Samsung Watch using Galaxy Wearable, explore the internet with Chrome, take control over nuisance calls, create documents with Office Mobile, and many more.

There are also additional apps included in this phone such as Facebook and Spotify. If you need more apps, feel free to download them from Galaxy Store or Google Play Store. Not to mention, you can uninstall or disable apps that you do not use.


You’ve got various and great apps. Now it is time to run them. Some of the apps need an internet connection. There are some ways to get internet access such as through Wi-Fi and mobile data. Go to this chapter to find out how to activate them.

Besides how to connect to the internet, the Settings chapter informs you how to customize the phone display, sounds, vibration; keep your phone secure; sign up for a Samsung account; and tips on how to maintain your device so it lasts longer. Surely it is the one chapter you do not want to miss reading.

Download User Manual

Always read a manual for a better experience using a new device. We suggest keeping the manual beside you. Therefore, you can reach out to it every time you need it.  Now it is one step closer to explore your new phone. All you need to do is click this link to download Samsung Galaxy Z Flip user manual and you are ready to go deep into your new phone.

Download: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip User Manual (PDF)