Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro Review: Dust, Sand, Dirt Resistant

Is it possible for a phone to balance style and functionality? Tune in to our Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro review to find out more information.

Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro Review

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro smartphone was released in January 2020. Everyone uses smartphones for several important reasons. In most cases, we use them to stay connected with our loved ones living far away.

Meanwhile, some people rely on smartphones to get their jobs done on-the-go. People can do their work from their smartphone no matter the circumstances.

One such phone that boasts both aesthetics and practicality is the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro. Renowned for its flexibility, the device allows us to tend to our errands under tough conditions.

But does the phone deliver what it’s supposed to promise? No worries, we got your back. Be sure to read our Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro review for all the latest inside scoop.

Key Specs

Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro specifications:

  • Weight: 220g
  • Dimensions: 159.9 x 76.7 x 9.9mm
  • OS: Android 10
  • Screen size: 6.3-inch
  • Resolution: 2340 x 1080
  • CPU: 2.3GHz Octa-core, Samsung Exynos 9611
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 64GB
  • Battery: 4,050mAh, Removable
  • Rear camera: 25MP + 8MP
  • Front camera: 13MP


Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro leaves a huge impression with its macho-like appearance. It’s a big phone that wouldn’t instantly fit into pockets. However, its rugged exterior reassures us that this phone is well-protected. It wouldn’t hurt to have a large phone in this generation. It gives us more room to catch up on all our errands.

The phone’s front side features the display screen. The bezels are kept extra thin so that the screen has more room to occupy. Interestingly enough, the front-facing camera is tucked on the top left of the screen. Additionally, there are no separate navigation keys as well. All of the available space is smartly utilized by the screen.

The back cover has an equally minimalistic design. There’s nothing much going on except the dual camera setup located on the top left. The rest of the sides feature several keys with different functions. These keys include volume buttons, a fingerprint sensor, and a Programmable XCover Key.

The Samsung Galaxy XCover’s remarkable feature is its level of resistance. With an accredited IP68 rating, the phone can resist almost everything. From dry particles such as dust to water from the rain, the phone is sturdy and durable. It can also withstand accidental drops from 1.5M above ground. We’ll never have to cry over a broken phone again.


Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro Display

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro has a massive 6.3-inch display screen. It’s a favorable size that leaves much room for a pleasurable viewing experience. The display stretches from one edge of the phone to another. It creates the illusion of a wide screen that looks straight out of a cinema. There’s ample space for us to browse the Internet or watch our favorite videos.

The screen’s size is not the only commendable trait the display possesses. The phone’s screen supports a 2340 x 1080 resolution. It accommodates 409 pixels per inch, giving the phone compressed graphics with intact colors. Topped off with FHD+ quality, users are guaranteed richer visuals that leave an impression on us.

A unique feature that has been installed into the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is Enhanced Touch. With other smartphones, their screens typically respond to the touch of our fingertips. This particular device has an entirely different story. Thanks to Enhanced Touch, the phone’s display responds to glove touches and wet conditions.

This smartphone pays close attention to its smallest details, including the display screen’s cover. The screen is given a scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protective layer. Users don’t have to fret about easily damaging the display screen.

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Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro Camera

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro has a dual rear camera setup with one front-facing camera. The phone’s main rear camera has a stunning 25 megapixels. A 25MP camera is a great choice if we want to take crystal clear photos. It’s the ideal amount of megapixels to have at this price point.

We also have the UltraWide rear camera that goes up to 8MP. The megapixels are not as high as the main rear camera. But we appreciate the developers for adding some variety to the phone’s camera options. Take beautiful shots of spanning landscapes with the help of the phone’s UltraWide camera.

Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy’s XCover Pro front-facing camera boasts a 13MP lens. It’s exceptionally high for a front-facing cam, but we’re not complaining. Selfie enthusiasts will enjoy using this camera to take quality portraits. Our photos turned out sharp, vivid, and most importantly, not blurry.

Gone are the days of bringing heavy handy cams. With this phone, we can record videos with a simple touch of a button. The camera can take HD videos that go up to 1080p quality. There’s also Dual LED Flash available to take videos under low-light conditions. Our videos will turn out fluid with every movement and posture.


The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro includes a 64GB internal storage space to keep memories securely. However, smartphones usually contain bloatware provided by the phone’s developers. A huge portion of the internal storage will be used for these pre-installed apps. As a result, only 49GB of internal storage is accessible to us.

While there’s still much space available, it’s still a drastic change. But there is an alternative solution to fix this. We can expand the memory by adding in a microSD card. We can increase the phone’s memory up to 512GB. It should be more than enough to contain all of our files, videos, photos, audio, and more.

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Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro Perfomance

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro uses its very own Samsung Exynos 9611. The brand’s trademark processor guarantees remarkable features that enhance the smartphone’s overall performance. It’s an integral component that promises to deliver a robust engine thanks to its intelligent technology.

The octa-core chipset breathes in fresh new air into the phone’s capabilities. It currently runs on a CPU clock speed of up to 2.3Ghz. With this speed, the processor manages to achieve a powerful chipset that provides room for heavy-duty apps. All in all, we can see how it contributes to the device’s camera, graphics, and gaming experience.

It’s not a complete Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro review without a discussion about its 4G RAM. For those who might not be familiar, RAM simply means Random Access Memory. It’s the part of a phone that keeps our phone’s temporary data. This data usually originates from apps running in our phone’s background.

We believe it’s safe to say that the phone’s 4G RAM does justice to the device. Ideally, a phone should require at least 2.5GB of RAM at the bare minimum. With 4G RAM, the smartphone is capable of continuous multitasking with whatever apps we’re using. It’s perfect for users who need to do business outside of the office.

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro uses the proclaimed Android 10 for its operating system (OS). The OS is known to put much emphasis on its accessibility tools, such as Gestures. Another reason why this OS is popular is because of its Focus Mode. We can manage any kinds of distractions coming from our phones when we’re working.

Like all operating systems, there will always be room for improvement. Android 10 still has some features that require a bit more tweaking. The phone’s Gesture’s feature does not seem to be integrated fully into the device. Some things cannot be accessed by using Gestures.

The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is nothing without its variety of sensors. The accelerometer and gyroscope work in synergy to detect the phone’s orientation. They’re both also responsible for detecting our movements, number of steps, and walking speed. Fitness or running apps wouldn’t be able to function properly without the help of these two sensors.

Meanwhile, the phone is equipped with a proximity sensor to prevent accidental phone touches. It’s ideal to have this sensor, especially since we’re putting the phone near our ears when calling. We notice that the side of the phone has a fingerprint scanner. We can use this to gain instant access to the phone without setting up screen locks.


The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro uses 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE technologies for their networks. To receive coverage, we will need to insert a Nano-SIM card into the slot tray. One thing the phone takes pride in is its Push-to-Talk feature. Push-to-Talk will instantly transform the phone into a walkie talkie-like device, providing uninterrupted communication.

To transfer our files from our phone to other devices, we can turn on its Bluetooth version 5.0. Using Bluetooth is a much faster way since it’s wireless. Also, it lets us connect with other devices such as wireless headphones and speakers. If we need to resort to wires to transfer our data, we’ll need to use the USB Type-C 2.0 cable.


The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro is powered by a 4,050mAh removable battery. The battery’s capacity is enough to last the phone for an entire day. Once it’s out of juice, we can use its fast charging mode for a quick battery refill. But if we can’t wait long, we can replace the battery instantly.

Our main concern is that the battery is removable. The back cover doesn’t come with a tight screw to lock the battery in. The phone does withstand drops from 1.5m above ground. However, a removable battery could be exposed to damages if not handled properly. Therefore, some extra care is required to keep the battery intact.

Is the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro a Good Phone?

To end our Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro review, it’s safe to assume that the phone works accordingly. One thing that we found impressive is how the phone is an ideal combination of style and functionality.  It has the qualities that make it a rugged device, but it doesn’t appear so heavy-duty. It’s still a fashionable device that can be mistaken for premium-looking smartphones.

Selling at a retail price of $500, the Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro makes a great purchase. If you’re looking for something casual but with added protection, this phone is the choice. It’s solid, sturdy, and worth the money.

Samsung Galaxy XCover Pros

  • Resists harsh conditions
  • High camera megapixels
  • Huge storage space
  • Fast charging

Samsung Galaxy XCover Cons

  • Bloatware takes up storage
  • Gestures not fully integrated
  • Removable battery may not be as secure