AT&T Cingular Flip IV Review: The Minimalist Phone

Use AT&T Cingular Flip IV review as your consideration for a better decision when buying a flip phone. Understand what you can get with this little device.

ATT Cingular Flip IV Review

The AT&T Cingular Flip IV was released in September 2019. It is a simple phone that covers only basic needs. The phone mainly supports texting, call, listening to music, and light web browsing. As a phone with a minimalist concept, you need to decide whether this phone is the right one.

It’s a flip phone with charming features. Running with KaiOS, it feels like a smartphone, although not quite. A peek into the Home screen and you can see a YouTube app. It’s something you won’t find on feature phones of old times.

Although from the price point the phone is considered affordable, this doesn’t justify impulsive buying. It is better to do some research rather than buying and ending up not using the phone.

Nowadays, you can find a variety of smartphones with different price points. Are you sure to buy this phone? Why is that? By the end of this AT&T Cingular Flip IV review, hopefully, you can get the decision.

Key Specs

AT&T Cingular Flip IV specifications:

  • Weight: 130g 
  • Dimensions: 104.9 x 54.4 x 18.8mm 
  • OS: KaiOS 2.5
  • Screen size: 2.8-inch
  • Resolution: 320 x 240
  • CPU: 1.1GHz Quad-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 210
  • Storage: 4GB
  • Battery: 1,450mAh, Removable
  • Camera: 2MP


ATT Cingular Flip IV

AT&T Cingular Flip IV has an old flip-model phone design. The design is very humble and suitable for the flip-phone fan. It doesn’t take too much space, compact, and small enough to be put in the pocket. The compact design makes the phone easy to use even with one hand. You can also use one hand to open the phone, it is that easy.

This phone will be suitable for those who love simplicity. On the other hand, since the phone is very compact, there is nothing extraordinary about its design. As a flip-phone that comes with a keypad, the screen is small because the bezel is thin.

The phone’s screen doesn’t support a touchscreen and the phone navigation is using the navigation keys on the keypad. It is also claimed that the keypad is comfortable when used for typing.

A smaller screen requires less energy that can last the battery phone longer. It may be a preferable point as users don’t need to charge their phone several times a day.

As a budget phone, there are no variety of colors as it comes only in black. The selection of black as the only color accentuates the simplicity the phone brings.

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ATT Cingular Flip IV Display

Moving on to the display aspect of the AT&T Cingular Flip IV, the phone has a 2.8-inch internal display screen. Compared to other smartphones, this display size is considered very small. Considering the size, the screen doesn’t come up with a touchscreen, but navigator keys on the keypad. In addition to that, the thin bezel might give the sense that the screen is even smaller.

Human eyes can recognize the difference in similar colors. For a better experience, phone brands keep upgrading the display. AT&T Cingular Flip IV has 320 x 240 resolution supported with 16.7 million colors wide. It is not the best phone with a wider range of colors in the market. But, those who decide to buy this phone won’t need it either.

The phone isn’t made for image editing and having 16.7 million colors wide is enough. The photo and videos that were taken will still have good quality. But the color result is not as rich as other phones with a wider color range.


ATT Cingular Flip IV Display Camera

The AT&T Cingular Flip IV has one camera, the rear-facing 2MP standard angle lens camera with f/2.8 aperture. Surely this is not the best camera-phone out there to take quality pictures as the phone has a very simple concept. However, you still can take pictures and videos.

The phone supports video capture up to 480p at 30 frames per second. Meanwhile, for the video playback, it supports up to 1080p at 30 frames per second.

Furthermore, it supports the camera shooting digital zoom up to 10x with the maximum aperture f/2.8 up to 30 frames per second. The aperture helps to give more light into the object you are trying to take. Usually, the smaller the aperture number the better the result. Put aside the phone concept, the camera feature is very adequate for a good quality picture.

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Aside from the 4GB internal memory storage, AT&T Cingular Flip IV supports expandable microSD memory storage up to 32 GB. With the storage capacity, you can store a lot of contact information on the phone and some more. You can do light browsing and download a picture for phone wallpaper too.

However, you can’t just see that the phone has approximately 36 GB capacity. The internal memory storage is usually reduced due to the installed app. Sadly, some of these apps are a phone default which you can’t uninstall. Furthermore, the apps will need an update which will take more storage space.

If you need bigger storage and more apps this phone is not for you.


ATT Cingular Flip IV Open

The AT&T Cingular Flip IV uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 chipset. The chipset is used to support real-time phone activities such as browsing. There can be multiple chipsets too within the phone for higher performance. The better the chipset, the phone will flow effortlessly while we are using it. On the other hand, a bad chipset may cause frequent phone lag.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 chipset is commonly used in low-range phones to support the LTE network. As an upgraded version over the previous chipset, it promises better video capture and playback support. The fast charging capabilities are also claimed as the result of using the chipset.

Moving on to the processor completing the AT&T Cingular Flip IV review phone performance. The processor is the one element that keeps the phone running or relied on. This phone runs on a Quad-core 1.1GHz processor. Generally, the higher the Gigahertz (GHz) the better the processor performance.

With this processor capacity, the phone can’t perform a high-performance activity. The processor only supports basic use such as texting, making calls, and light browsing. Light video games are also possible if the game was a phone default app. More than that gaming capacity, the phone won’t be able to handle.

AT&T Cingular Flip IV runs by KaiOS 2.5 R3, it is an android operating system based.  KaiOS 2.5 R3 claims to support a better 4G network and fast charging.

In one way, it works by minimizing storage and energy consumption. Yet, like any other operating system, it needs an update which in some way will take the memory storage.

Many argue that phones with this operating system cannot be classified as smartphones. Nonetheless, every operating system surely has its strengths and weaknesses. We need to pick a suitable one for our needs by considering both sides. Along with the simple concept, the phone is completed with Google Assistant for voice command. It is for better navigation when on the go.


The phone accommodates a complete range of network connectivity. The mobile network by using the nano-SIM supports up to 4G LTE networks. The 4G network is limited to certain areas with bands of 2, 4, 5, 12, 14.

Use the personal mobile hotspot for an internet connection to your other device when there is no Wi-Fi around. This phone mobile hotspot supports up to 10 devices at the same time. Considering the 4G network connectivity, you can browse things quite effortlessly on the internet.

It has Bluetooth connectivity and Wi-Fi connectivity of 802.11b/g/n with the capability of 2.4 GHz. The network connectivity that AT&T Cingular Flip IV has is also completed with HD Voice capable to support a better sound experience.


AT&T Cingular Flip IV battery capacity is 1,450mAh. The phone claimed that it supports fast charging. It needs 90 minutes to 50% and up to 186 minutes to 100% battery level. Although this fast charging support is doubtful as other phones need 90 minutes for almost 100% battery. Yet, it is up to your consideration if it is normal to take some time to charge the phone.

Measuring the phone’s battery capacity, it’s also mentioned that the phone talk time can last up to 5.5 hours. When left to stand by, the phone can last up to 18.8 days. The audio playback time in speakers is up to 29 hours. Meanwhile, in the headset, it’s up to 53.7 hours.

Is the AT&T Cingular Flip IV a Good Phone?

After going through the information about AT&T Cingular Flip IV review above, now it’s time to take consideration. As a budget phone priced at $63, this phone is suitable for those who need the basic function of a smartphone.

The phone can’t store many photos and videos, but it can store data or small documents. The small phone screen might hurt the vision if the phone is used for too long as the font size is adjusted. If you only need basic communication, simple internet browsing, or email, this can be a good phone for you.

AT&T Cingular Flip IV Pros

  • Compact phone
  • Complete network connectivity
  • Proper processor

AT&T Cingular Flip IV Cons

  • Low storage space
  • Small screen
  • Slow charging time