Samsung Galaxy A10e: Initial Setup

This article walks you through the first time setups on Samsung Galaxy A10e, including the wizard setup procedure, setting the date, and more.

Samsung Galaxy A10e Initial Setup

The first thing users do with their new Samsung Galaxy A10e is setting it up. The activities include turning the device on, do the initial configuration, such as creating a Google account and setting the date. It should be a simple task, but many new users are overwhelmed.

The purpose of this article is to walk users through these first-time setups. There is also some miscellaneous configuration included, such as taking a screenshot and adjust the display settings. Basically, the things required to learn as a new owner of Galaxy A10e.

How to turn On / Off the Samsung Galaxy A10e

As the first step, here’s how to turn On / Off the Samsung Galaxy A10e:

  1. Press and hold the Power key. Located on the right side of the phone, press the key and wait until the screen lights up.
  2. Tap the confirmation icon. To turn it off, press the Power button until two buttons appear. Tap the red one to power off and wait until the screen is blank. Meanwhile, the green button is for restarting.

Turning on/off Samsung Galaxy A10e is a straightforward task. Remember to press and hold the button, instead of just pressing. Pressing the Power button without holding it is how you lock/wake the phone screen.

How to set up the Samsung Galaxy A10e

Follow the setup below explaining how to set up the Samsung Galaxy A10e:

  1. Enter the setup wizard. When the first-time users turn on the phone, they will be welcomed with a setup wizard screen.
  2. Choose the default language. The first step is choosing the language of the phone. Pick one depending on what’s your preferred language is.
  3. Read the information. The second screen provides option to read terms such as Privacy Policy. Check “I have read and agree…” then tap next.
  4. Pick a connection. Then you will have the option to turn on the Wi-Fi, use a USB cable for data transfer, or simply skip this process.
  5. Connect to a Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is required if you want to set a Google account in the next step, which requires a connection to the internet.
  6. Set up an account. This is the step where you can add a Google account. You can skip if you like and set up later. Otherwise, follow the instruction provided by the wizard.
  7. Choosing a screen lock. The option is a PIN, pattern, Face recognition and password. You also have an option to just skip this step.

Afterward, there’s an option to choose a backup method and create a Samsung account.

There are also some introductions about Samsung’s features and apps. Since all these are non-essentials, you can continue to press “Skip” and close the setup wizard for good.

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How to display Tracfone balance on Samsung Galaxy A10e

Use the following methods describing how to display balance on Samsung Galaxy A10e:

  1. Tap My Account Downloader. Located on the home screen, this icon will help users download and install the Tracfone My Account App.
  2. Install the app. Tap the Install button to start the download process.
  3. Open the Tracfone My Account app. Tap the Open button to launch this app. Afterward, you can see your balance information displayed on the screen.
  4. Install the widget. Further, you can add Tracfone My Account widget to the main screen. Tap and hold an empty area on the home screen, pick “Widget”, then select “My Account” from the widget list. Place the widget to the desired location.

Using the app is a quick method to check your balance. But when you decided to install the widget, you don’t even have to do any checking anymore. Because the widget will present the balance information constantly on the home screen.

How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A10e

The following procedure describes how to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy A10e:

  1. Press and hold two buttons together. These two buttons are the Power and Volume down keys. You can begin taking a screenshot from any screen.
  2. Wait for a shutter sound. A clicking shutter sound is an indication that you have successfully taken a screenshot. There’s also a notification that appears on the status bar.
  3. Check the result. You can find the result on the Screenshots album in the Gallery app. You can also open the image through the notification.

Taking a screenshot may be an easy task, but it sometimes proves be tricky. Somehow people need to be skillful to press those two buttons at an exact moment. The key is following the guide above and keep practicing.

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How to make icons and font bigger in Samsung Galaxy A10e

galaxy a10e make icon bigger

To easily read content on your phone, here’s how to make icons font bigger in Samsung Galaxy A10e:

  1. Open the Settings app. This app is where the font configuration is located.
  2. Select Font. Among the option available, pick Font and tap to open.
  3. Adjust the screen zoom. Find the Screen zoom slider. Slide to the right to make the content on the screen bigger.
  4. Adjust the font size. This slider is located below the Screen zoom slider. The concept is also similar. Slide to the right to enlarge your phone’s font.
  5. Adjusting icon sizes. Go back to the Apps screen, then tap the “More” icon, located at the top right corner of the screen. Tap home screen Settings > Apps screen grid, then pick 4×4 option for larger icons.

Congratulations, that’s how you make texts and icons bigger in Galaxy A10e. Now you can read and see everything better. However, keep in mind that certain apps may not support large font.

How to add and remove a Google Account on Samsung Galaxy A10e

Follow the steps below on how to add a Google Account on Samsung Galaxy A10e:

  1. Open the Settings app. From the Home screen, swipe up to launch the app list.
  2. Go to Accounts and backup. Then tap “Accounts” to continue.
  3. Tap “Add account.” Then pick Google as the type of the account.
  4. Enter your information. Type your Gmail address and its password. If you don’t have a Gmail address, tap “Create account” and go through the account setup. You just need to follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Tap “I agree.” The next screen displays the Term of Service and Privacy Policy. You’ll also see Google services term, in which you need to tap “Accept.”
  6. Go back to the Home screen. Congratulation, you’ve finished adding an account. Tap the Home key to close Settings.

Otherwise, here’s how to remove a Google Account on Samsung Galaxy A10e:

  1. Go to the Settings app. Swipe up from the Home screen to reveal the app screen. Find the “Settings” icon and tap to open.
  2. Tap Accounts and backup. Then select Accounts.
  3. Select the desired account. Among the list of accounts available, pick the one you want to delete.
  4. Tap “Remove account.” Afterward, a confirmation window will pop up, tap “Remove account” to confirm.

A Google account is like an identity for Android users. This account lets you sign in to Google services, such as Gmail and Google Play Store. But a Google account is flexible, meaning you can add and remove from a device as you want. You can also add more than one account on one device.

How to adjust display settings on Samsung Galaxy A10e

The steps below explain how to adjust display settings on Samsung Galaxy A10e:

  1. Go to the Settings app. From the Home screen, swipe up to reveal the app drawer. Find Settings and tap to open.
  2. Tap “Display.” Once inside Settings, find this menu and select it.
  3. Adjust the brightness. You’ll see a slider for the brightness. Slide left to dim the screen, or slide right to increase its brightness.
  4. Tap “Screen Timeout”. Below the slider, you’ll see the Screen timeout menu. Tap to open this menu.
  5. Change the timeout duration. You can pick from 15 seconds to 30 minutes. When finished, tap the Home key to close Settings.

To enhance your comfort when using the phone, sometimes you need to change the display settings. Either you want to dim the screen or instead make it brighter. All these you can change via Display on the Settings app.

How to set the time and date on my Samsung Galaxy A10e

Follow the instructions below on how to set the time and date on Samsung Galaxy A10e:

  1. Open the Settings app. Swipe up from the Home screen to reveal Settings. Then tap to open.
  2. Select “General Management.” Tap this menu and then tap “Date and time”.
  3. Enable Automatic date and time. Tap the toggle button if you want the phone to automatically detect your timezone. Otherwise, go to the next step.
  4. Set manually. Here, you can select the time zone manually, then enter the current date and time by yourself.
  5. Close Settings. Once finished, tap the Home key to go back to the Home screen.

The last basic configuration we covered in this article is the clock setting. Time is essential, therefore, the steps above show how to manage it on your phone. Either set it automatically, or you can set everything by yourself.

At this point, you are good to go. The first few configurations are complete. Your phone is now fully running, and you can use your phone for calling, texting, or other activities. Enjoy your new device.