Samsung Galaxy A10e: Understanding the Layout

Understand the layout of Samsung Galaxy A10e using this straightforward article. Know where the important parts are and the function of each item.

Samsung Galaxy A10e Understanding Layout

For those who just bought a new Samsung Galaxy A10e, the first thing you can do is understanding its layout.

For some of you, the new Galaxy A10e layout might looks unfamiliar, because it introduces the concept of infinity display that’s probably wasn’t there in your old devices.

That’s why this article focuses on the layout of Samsung Galaxy A10e. Explained below details on the phone’s back and front side. Keys, connectors, and their functions are also included.

Why do you need to know about Samsung Galaxy A10e layout?

There are some reasons why you need to understand Galaxy A10e’s layout. The first is to know the details and general specifications of A10e. This aims to gain knowledge about where the buttons are, as well as what is the usage of each of them.

Understanding layout also means you can get familiar with the phone in no time. It helps minimize mistakes because you press the wrong button.

The ultimate reason is to avoid fatal mistakes such as damaging the SIM card slot because you force to detach it. This type of mistake can cost you a lot in the future.

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The layout of Samsung Galaxy A10e in details

samsung galaxy a10e layout
Galaxy A10e Layout

The front side

Galaxy A10e’s display is not fully infinite, but it is as close as its get as a budget phone. As you may have noticed, the top edge is completely gone, leaving a small notch for the camera.

Here’s the complete breakdown for the front part of Samsung Galaxy A10e:

Front camera

This camera comes with a 5 MP lens. It’s located at the top-middle of the screen. The front-facing camera doesn’t have an aiding flash.

The display

The display of Galaxy 10e is a 5.83-inch PLS screen with a 720 x 1560 resolution. It spans from the top edge of the phone to the bottom, leaving a small “chin” along the bottom of the front side.

The back side

Samsung Galaxy A10e has a very simple back view. If you’re wondering, there isn’t a fingerprint reader. A10e simply doesn’t have that feature. Anyway, here’s what you will see on A10e’s back.

The rear camera and the LED flash

This phone has a single 8 MP rear camera. It’s located at the top left of the back cover, alongside an LED flash below the camera.

Samsung logo

Samsung logo occupies the center space of the back cover. There’s nothing special about it other than it lets people know which brand your phone belongs to.

Keys and connectors

Perhaps the most important thing you need to know about a phone’s layout. Because sometimes phone users mistake one key/port with another. Here’s the complete explanation about Samsung Galaxy A10’s keys and connectors:

SIM / microSD card tray

The purpose of this tray is to host the SIM card and the SD Card. It is located on the top left side of the phone. To access it, you need to push the little hole with the ejection pin, which is included in the box upon purchase.

Once the tray pops out, pull it gently and install the SIM card. Then push it back again with the gold part of the SIM card facing down. The same instruction applies when you want to install an SD card.

USB charger / Accessory port

The USB port lets the phone make a connection either to a charger or to a computer for data transfer. This port is located at the bottom edge of the phone.

Headphone jack

The headphone jack lies alongside the USB port at the bottom of the phone. Here you can attach a headset for calling or listening to music. The type of headphone jack used is a 3.5 mm one.

Microphone and speaker

The speaker is also located on the bottom. To be specific, it lies on the right side of the USB port. The microphone for calling is also situated here. An additional microphone is present on the top edge of the phone.

Volume keys

Located on the right side of the phone, these keys do as the name suggests. It helps to turn the volume up and down as you please.

In the phone’s Recovery mode, the Volume keys serve as navigation keys to select a recovery option. They also serve as zoom in/out keys for the camera app.

The Power key

The Power key lies below the Volume key. Users can press and hold this button to turn on/off the phone. If pressed once, the Power key will wake the screen. You can also press it to lock the phone.

To conclude, Galaxy A10e’s layout is quite straightforward. Samsung manages to keep things minimal and as a result, we get a clean looking phone here. Hopefully, this layout explanation helps you understand Samsung Galaxy A10e better.