Samsung Galaxy A10e: Battery Guide

A comprehensive guide about the battery of Samsung Galaxy A10e, including how to properly charge your device and tips on extending the battery life.

Samsung Galaxy A10e Battery Guide

The battery of a phone carries a big role on your device. That’s why, as a Samsung Galaxy A10e owner, you should pay attention to this specific peripheral.

Without a battery, a device won’t get the power required to runs its functions. A battery problem can render your phone unusable.

Keeping problems away from the battery means knowing how to take care of it. Samsung Galaxy A10e comes with a non-removable battery. It means should the battery breaks, you will need help to replace it.

Knowing what’s the right way to charge can extend the battery’s durability, therefore saving you trips to the service center in the future.

How to properly charge your Samsung Galaxy A10e

These are the tips on how to properly charge Samsung Galaxy A10e:

1. Use the original accessories

The first thing you need to make sure is using the charger that came in the box when you bought the phone. If you need to replace the charger, make sure to buy only the official charger from Samsung.

2. Plug the phone and insert the head to the electrical outlet

Insert the charging cable to the right port. The port for charging is located at the bottom edge of the phone. Afterward, connect it to an electric source. You can also do it the other way (electric outlet first, then the charger).

3. Do not use the phone while it’s charging

These days, it’s hard not to live without our phone even for a second. You will find yourself wanting to use the phone while it’s plugged in.

Doing so will disrupt the battery’s charging cycle which can affect your battery’s health in the long term. It’s okay to check a message or two, but don’t use the phone for heavy tasks (e.g. gaming, streaming videos).

4. Don’t wait until 0 %

Letting the phone’s battery fully drained before charging is also not a healthy habit. For today’s batteries, experts recommend charging it before zero (10% -20% is the perfect choice). It is to avoid stressing the battery which can shorten its lifespan.

5. Don’t overcharge

Apart from not letting the phone drops at 0%, it’s also not advisable to let it keep charging past 100%. Overcharging also stresses the battery. It disrupt the battery cycle and reduce the battery’s capacity.

Those are the proper way to charge Samsung Galaxy A10e’s battery. The battery is the quickest part on a phone to degrade. That’s why extra attention is necessary to care for it, so you don’t have to replace it too soon.

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How to make your phone battery last longer

After knowing how to charge properly, the tips below shows how to make your phone battery last longer:

1. Dim the brightness

Display is number one consumer of your phone’s battery energy. A workaround to minimize display’s energy consumption is by keeping the brightness low.

To dim the display, the quickest way to do it is by pulling down the Quick Settings menu and use the Brightness slider.

2. Review apps usage

Check the battery usage statistics to know which apps are using the most power. To do this on Samsung Galaxy A10e, go to Settings > Device care > Battery. You’ll see the list of apps, services, and functions, along with how much battery percentage each consumes.

Review the usage statistics. Using the information provided, determine which app you need to uninstall and which to keep. Uninstalling apps, especially the battery-draining ones, can make a huge difference to your phone’s battery life.

3. Disable unused services

Services such as mobile data, Bluetooth and GPS are useful, but it’s recommended to disable when you don’t use them.

These services use a lot of power despite not being actively in use. You can use the toggle icons on the Quick Settings to turn off mobile data, Bluetooth and GPS.

4. Turn on Battery Saving

Samsung Galaxy A10e comes with battery saving modes which users can find in Settings > Device care > Battery. Here, tap “Power mode” and pick the power saving mode you prefer. There are three options, Optimized, Medium power saving, and Maximum power saving.

These power saving modes help users who don’t want to review individual apps’ battery usage. The software will automatically do it for you.

5. Activate Airplane mode

For short term solution, you can turn on Airplane mode to preserve battery life. Airplane mode disables network connections on your phone. On the downside, you won’t be able to receive incoming calls and notifications.

6. Use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data

Mobile data considerably uses more battery than the Wi-Fi network. Therefore, try to switch to Wi-Fi whenever you can. Not only it saves battery, but it also saves your data balance.

A phone’s battery does need extra care compared to other parts of the phone. But if you get used to it, managing your battery is actually easy. Take note of the tips above, give it a try, and enjoy a long-lasting battery on your device.