Cricket Icon 2 User Guide / User Manual

The Cricket Icon 2 user manual is ready to help you customize this entry-level device. Turn your simple smartphone into a capable piece of equipment.

Cricket Icon 2 User Manual

The Cricket Icon 2 is the second iteration of the original smartphone with the same name. Just like its predecessor, this device is an affordable phone that will give you the basic functionality.

The Cricket Icon 2 is suitable for people who are on a limited budget. It is also perfect for your kid’s first smartphone or other non-tech-savvy people. It’s a suitable choice for seniors too.

Most people who own this device may not know much about technology. You may not be familiar with this device’s features. Therefore, it will be crucial to read the Cricket Icon 2 user manual.

You will also be able to consult the user manual whenever you encounter trouble with Cricket Icon 2’s settings. Before you go in too deep, read this short and insightful overview of the guidebook.

Set Up Your Phone

For an entry-level smartphone, the Cricket Icon 2 will not be hard to set up. Nevertheless, it will help you greatly to know the placement of the components.

It can be a little bit tricky to insert your SIM or memory card if you do not know where the slots are. The user manual contains information about this smartphone’s every part.

It will also teach you how to use the touch screen to complete the setup. The user manual will explain every step and provide you with some helpful illustrations.

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Basic Operation

Once you have managed to turn your Cricket Icon 2 on, your device is ready for some simple actions. This device may not be the most advanced equipment, but it can do all the essentials functions just as well.

The information about the home screen, app lists, screen orientation, status bar, and notification are all available in the manual. It will be urgent to know all these features as soon as possible. After that, you will be able to utilize this phone more smoothly.

Making Connection

The Cricket Icon 2 is a decent communication device. It can do what any other phone can do without all the needless distractions.

If you do not know how to make a phone call, manage contact, or send SMS, the Cricket Icon 2 user manual is ready to help you. You can also learn how to connect to the internet and use social media on this phone.


The manufacturer does not equip Cricket Icon 2 with a higher-level sensor. It has two 5MP cameras on the front and back. You certainly will not be able to capture the sharpest picture in the world.

However, the smaller resolution is still good enough if you ever need to post some pictures on social media. It is also a decent camera to practice.

Moreover, you can learn how to adjust the camera settings from the user manual. You may be able to improve the image quality with different shooting modes and built-in filters.

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Network and Internet

The user manual will delve deeper into teaching you how to use the internet. The Cricket Icon 2 is an agile smartphone that is good enough to navigate around the web.

Find out from the user manual how to manage your data. Also, find out all about WiFi connection and your phone’s network.


The Cricket Icon 2 has a decent 3,400 mAh battery capacity. It will keep you on for the whole day without charging when you are using it lightly.

You can optimize your phone’s battery life by learning how to manage power consumption. Find out how to use the battery saver, manager, and consumption notification. You will be able to know which apps are draining your battery immediately.


The Cricket Icon 2 may be simple. However, it certainly is not the most boring smartphone ever. You can still personalize this device’s looks by adjusting the display.

The user manual will guide you to change the wallpaper, theme, enable dark mode, and adjust brightness. It will also teach you to tweak the lock screen display, font size, and more.

Download User Manual

The Cricket Icon 2 user manual is available to download at the following link. You can acquire the pdf file for yourself and open it on your phone or desktop. There will be no need to carry around the physical book. The digital version is more handy and portable that it will be useful in a time of need.

Download: Cricket Icon 2 Manual (PDF)