Cricket Icon Smartphone User Manual

Let’s read the Cricket Icon Smartphone user manual. Take this simple entry-level device to the next level by learning how to tweak the settings.

Cricket Icon User Manual

Cricket Icon is a capable smartphone product sold at an affordable price. It is a brave step by the manufacturer to compete in this super-competitive market for low-cost phones.

The Cricket Icon smartphone may not excite most people. This phone’s specification is considerably low for something that came out in 2019.  However, that is precisely the reason why this phone is suitable for beginners.

For your kid’s first phone or an elderly who wants a simple device, this device is perfect. Therefore, reading the Cricket Icon Smartphone user manual will be beneficial for the non-tech-savvy users.

On this occasion, we will provide you with a summary of the Icon user manual (guidebook). Once you have understood the big picture, you can download the digital file through the link below.

Set up your phone

The Cricket Icon user guidebook is easy to understand. Even if you have not much clue about a smartphone, the user manual will take you one step at a time. Thus, the first part of the manual is about the phone’s components and their functions.

It is a perfect section to learn about which parts go where. You can also find out about how to insert the SIM and memory card into your Icon.

Once you have learned to turn it on, the manual will continue to guide you to complete the setup process and use the touch screen. It is easy to follow!

Basic Operation

The Cricket Icon is presumably a simple device. However, understanding the basics is still necessary. If it is your first time using a smartphone, even the most simplistic setting may confuse you.

Lucky for you the user manual will get your back! The file will contain information about the phone’s home screen. It will also teach you about navigation and menu settings.

The Icon user manual will tell you all about the apps management. You can customize the apps’ placement on your phone’s screen, using the apps folder, and so on.

If you ever want to check your phone number and set up a Google account, there is a setting for that too. Every little detail that you may need is available in the manual.

Your Phone’s Home Screen

After you have mastered the basics, the Cricket Icon Smartphone user manual will teach you all about your home screen in detail. The manual contains picture illustrations so that you will have an easy to digest information.

You can learn about the status icons and notification panel. You will be able to read about customizing your home screen, changing wallpaper, and many more.

Making Connection

The original purpose of a phone is to make a connection with your friends and family. The simple Icon will be able to do that just fine.

Learn how to make a call, receive a call, add contacts, send messages, and connect to wifi on your Cricket Icon smartphone. The user manual will also teach you to set up your Gmail and Social Media.

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Apps and Entertainment

Even though the Cricket Icon is quite simplistic, this device is still compatible with various useful and entertaining apps. You can learn how to use these apps to increase productivity and boost your mood.

Find out how to use navigation, calendar, calculator, and clock apps. You can also learn how to use Google Search on your Cricket Icon to surf the internet.


The Cricket Icon Smartphone comes with a rudimentary camera. They may not be the greatest, but the sensor is good enough to practice.

The user manual will guide you to operate the camera properly. Learn how to take pictures and videos on this Cricket device. You can also learn all about the Icon’s camera settings.


This part of the manual will teach you the heart of this device. By adjusting some settings, you can make your Icon perform in a personalized manner.

Learn how to do network and internet management, display, sounds, storage, and battery settings. You can also learn about the advanced system settings and accessibility options in case you have special needs.

Download User Manual

The digital Cricket Icon Smartphone user manual is available at the following link. Since you have learned the big picture, you are now ready to read the guidebook in detail. You can download the pdf and save it on your phone or computer. Then, you view the file on your device anytime.

Download: Cricket Icon User Manual (PDF)