LG G8X ThinQ (LM-G850UM) User Manual

Dual screens smartphones come with greater responsibility. Read the LG G8X ThinQ user manual to understand more about this unique device’s ability.

LG G8X ThinQ User Manual

Smartphones with dual screens are getting more common. However, the LG G8X ThinQ may require specific care. That’s why reading its user manual is considered to be quite essential.

Do not look down on the LG G8X ThinQ user manual because it contains all the information you need to know. The dual screens may behave differently compared to smartphones with a regular screen.

You will need to understand how the customization process works on this phone. The G8X ThinQ manual has its own way to personalize this device. Set the device to match it with your daily needs.

We provide you with a brief overview of the G8X ThinQ manuals. Read on so that you can get the big picture before you operate this quirky device!

Camera Feature

LG understands its customers that most people who buy the G8X ThinQ will already know the basics. The first part of the manual will tell you about the camera customization.

Instead of fiddling with things that you may already know, the manual will guide you on how to operate this device’s camera.  You can find out about Night View, Effects, Wide Angle, and many more.

This phone’s ability to record a video is not terrible. Nevertheless, you should read the manual first. Then,  you will be able to activate Slow-Mo, Dual Camera mode, and Steady Recording.

The following diagram will help you to understand the LG G8X ThinQ components:

LG G8X ThinQ Layout
LG G8X ThinQ Layout

Gallery Feature

The G8X ThinQ has excellent picture and video management. The gallery can do various tasks, not the rudimentary function. To utilize the features, you should learn about them first in the user manual.

For example, the gallery has a function called Related content. Learn how to customize this ability in the G8X ThinQ guide book. You can also learn about making a GIF, video editing, movie making, picture collaging, and many more.

Multi-Tasking Feature

Since the LG G8X ThinQ has a dual-screen, its ability to multitask is unquestionable. You will be able to do multiple tasks at the same time after you understand the user manual.

The LG G8X ThinQ user manual provides you with a deep understanding of multi-window and recent screens.  Your productivity will increase two folds.

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Basic Function

If the G8x ThinQ is your first dual-screen smartphone, understanding the essential functions will be urgent. You will not want to fumble around with this phone.

The user manual will show you short but clear information about the G8X ThinQ basic functionalities. For instance, you can see this phone’s components overview. You will understand the hardware better and know the placement.

Knowing about SIM and memory cards will save you a lot of trouble with dual-screen phones. The user manual will also help you to familiarize yourself with the screen lock and the home screen.

Useful Apps

LG loads the G8X ThinQ with various built-in apps that will make your life easier. The user manual will help you to use these apps correctly.

The phone, messaging, contacts, clock, and music are all quite simple. In case you have a problem operating these apps, you can always consult the user manual.

If you want to transfer your data, there is the LG Mobile Switch app.  Then there is also LG Health that can help you to stay healthy. Find out about all of these apps in the G8X ThinQ user guide.


Personalizing the LG G8X ThinQ is not complicated if you had read the manual. It explains all of this device’s settings and how to change them.

The user manual provides you with the ability to understand battery management. Learn about the adaptive battery and optimized charging setting so that your G8X ThinQ stays on longer.

LG Dual Screen

The main selling point of G8X ThinQ is the dual-screen feature. You should consult the user manual so that you can enjoy this feature maximally.

You can attach and detach the G8X ThinQ from the dual-screen. To do this safely without breaking your phone, learn how to do it from the user guide book. It provides you with a visual diagram and step by step instruction.

Download User Manual

The LG G8X ThinQ user manual is now available for download at the following link. You can save the pdf file and learn all about the dual-screen function and other features. The digital guide book will be portable. So, you will be able to read it anytime you encounter problems.

Download: LG G8X ThinQ User Manual (PDF)