LG K31 Rebel (L355DL) User Manual

Stop causing unwanted issues with your smartphone. Learn how to make the wrong things right by reading the all-inclusive LG K31 Rebel user manual.

LG K31 Rebel User Manual

When we have a smartphone like the LG K31 Rebel, we should also be as smart as the device. The sturdy yet stylish gadget boasts several specifications that are bound to keep us glued to the screen.

But if we don’t know how to navigate our device, then we’re going to have some problems. It will be a shame, especially since this smartphone possesses sophisticated features.

Fortunately, the LG K31 Rebel user manual is available for your reference. Some of the most insightful information about our device is already written in the manual.

Read through this user manual summary before moving onto the full document. This will let you know what to anticipate when you have the entire user manual.

Product components

In this section, you will find an explanation about your LG K31 Rebel’s main components. You should refer to the user manual to check if your device already has the listed items. If any one of the components or accessories is missing, the manual lets you know what further actions to take.

Users can take a look at the phone’s full diagram in this same section. There are pictures of the phone’s front side and back cover. All of the parts are given specific labels so that you can easily identify each button, tray, or component. 

Battery information

The LG K31 Rebel’s battery is a sensitive component of the smartphone. With the user manual, you can maintain it properly. Learn how to minimize the risks of a faulty phone charge in this chapter. The information is crucial for a healthy battery capacity.

If you’re wondering why your battery life depletes so quickly, the user manual contains all the answers. Sometimes, a decreasing battery can be due to several factors or phone activities. For specific details, you can find out in the user manual for a more efficient battery.

Lock screens

There’s nothing wrong with customizing your LG K31 Rebel smartphone’s lock screen. If you’re going to keep your phone secure, the least you could do is make it aesthetically pleasing. This section introduces several functions that you can put on your lock screens, such as wallpapers and clock widgets.

Improve your phone’s privacy by improving its secure lock settings. Different from ordinary lock screens, users can adjust these advanced security options for a more protected device. Better to be safe than sorry!

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Configuring notifications

LG K31 Rebel users might love their phones, but not the notifications popping all day. Notifications are helpful, but the sound of them can get overwhelming for some. Certain people still want to stay alert without the noises coming in every minute.

Fortunately, the LG K31 Rebel user manual teaches you how to alleviate this issue. This section lets you know how to customize your sound, vibration, and notification settings. All you need is five minutes to read this section, and you’ll end up with a peaceful device.

Customizing display

Time to customize your LG K31 Rebel’s display screen! There are a lot of apps, widgets, and screen settings that you can configure to match your preferences. But if you don’t know where to start, then the user manual is your go-to reference.

The user manual features a brief list of all the items that you can adjust on your display screen. From the navigation bar, screen timeout, to the smallest details 

like fonts, you’ve got all this information readily available at your fingertips.

Privacy settings

Privacy matters in this tech-driven era, and of course, to LG K31 Rebel users. Don’t just stop at installing a lock screen. You can take it up a notch by configuring your phone’s privacy settings. Find out how you can manage the privacy of your phone’s activities in this user manual.

This user manual will show you how to keep your privacy in check from certain phone activities. Users can check advertising IDs, Google location history, usage, and other diagnostics to achieve privacy levels that are as tough as nails.

Language and keyboard

The LG K31 Rebel works in different languages. Certain languages required different physical keyboards to operate. Look no further than the user manual to give you advice on this. At the same time, you can readjust your spelling corrections, text-to-speech output, and autofill services.

Download user manual

That’s the scoop in this user manual summary. There’s more information that you can explore from the comfort of your fingertips. Get your full copy of the LG K31 Rebel user manual. Click on the download link to obtain your file and have a great time reading the help document.

Download: LG K31 Rebel User Manual (PDF)