Motorola Moto G6 User Manual

Motorola Moto G6 user manual is here. Scroll down and you’ll find a link to download it. Reading the manual is necessary to get the best of your phone.

Motorola Moto G6 User Manual

Welcome back! This time we give you a sneak peek of the Motorola Moto G6 user manual. We’ll tell you the reasons why you should read the manual and also learn the phone layout.

Why should you read the manual? Every phone is different. Even though you think Moto G6 and Moto G6 Plus are the same, there’s still a distinction.

Moreover, by reading the manual you’ll figure out how to take care of your phone. Therefore, it’ll last longer and minimize issues.

You don’t have to read the manual from start to finish. You can jump on the topic that you wish to learn. Here’s the summary of the manual based on its topic.

Get Started

This chapter tells everything you should do before you are able to use Moto G6. Such as insert the SIM and microSD cards; charge up and turn the power on; sign in to a Google account. These are the very primary steps. Do the instructions correctly to avoid problems.

Since this is a smartphone, it uses a touchscreen feature. You will get the information about using touch to explore the phone. Moreover, you can find tips to improve battery life in this chapter. Just follow the instructions, your battery life will last longer.

Learn the Basics

Maybe you are not very good with technology?  Don’t be ashamed. Your choice to buy Motorola Moto G6 is right then. This phone is very easy to use. However, we suggest you check this chapter. It will make you get used to using the phone because it teaches basic things about this phone.

You’ll learn about your home screen, Google search, notifications, status icons, volume, lock screen, quick settings, direct share, and picture-in-picture. This chapter also includes tutorials on how to operate Motorola Moto G6 with your voice. You can use Google Assistant, Google Voice, and Moto Voice.


Just like any other budget phone, Motorola Moto G6 offers the essential features you can’t live without. Plus, you can do some actions with simple gestures. The gestures feature is called Moto Action. Find out the tutorials on how to run the essential features and Moto Action so in the Apps chapter.

Are you not satisfied with the apps and the features this phone has? You can easily download more apps on Google Play. Follow the instructions in the More Apps chapter to do so. In this section of the Moto G6 user manual, you’ll also find out how to make use of other apps such as Maps, Drive, FM Radio, YouTube, and Clock.

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Connect, Share & Sync

Nowadays, Wi-Fi is everywhere. You can find Wi-Fi easily in a restaurant, café, or at your own home. It can save your expenses from using mobile data. Learn how to connect Motorola Moto G6 to a Wi-Fi network in this chapter. You can activate mobile data as well if needed.

Do you have loads of pictures, songs, or files on your phone? Transfer them to your computer with your Moto G6. You can transfer the files both in internal storage and memory card. Go to this chapter and there will be some steps to guide you.

Protect Your Phone

We believe there are many things on your phone that you want to keep private. The manual states some ways to keep your privacy with Motorola Moto G6 features. The features are screen lock, fingerprint, and face ID to unlock the screen. No others are able to access your phone.

Furthermore, you’ll get tips about downloading apps from the internet safely. You should select the apps carefully, as a few may affect your phone’s performance. In addition, this chapter informs you how to take care of your apps. 

Download User Manual

See how the manual can be very helpful for you? Moto G6 is an easy-to-use phone and it’ll get easier once you know the steps. Don’t hesitate to read the user manual any more. Click the link to download the Motorola Moto G6 user manual.

Download: Moto G6 User Manual (PDF)