Coolpad Tracker User Manual

Know how to set up your tracker with this trusted Coolpad Tracker user manual. There are so many things to do and the manual will guide you.

Coolpad Tracker User Manual

Getting a tracking device is not something people often do. If you just got a Coolpad Tracker, finding a guide might prove to be challenging. Especially if you are very unfamiliar with it.

Instead of digging through the internet to find clues, why not read its user manual? Every electronic device usually comes with an official guide. Coolpad Tracker is not an exception.

Inside, find out how to set up the device. Get to know the function of every key and indicator. Also, know how to charge and do other additional tasks.

With this Coolpad Tracker user manual, you won’t have to be confused anymore. Here’s a short overview of what’s inside the document. The download link is available below.

Getting to Know Your Tracker

Coolpad Tracker is a small device, but it has quite a number of indicators. These are important indicators you need to understand. The LED itself can produce a wide range of colors. Learn to interpret its output so you know what the device is trying to tell you.

Charging and Powering

As a tracker, Coolpad Tracker needs to be on at all times. The manual tells you the correct way to charge this device. Since it uses a magnetic charger, it’s another thing to get familiar with.

After charging, your next task would be turning the tracker on. This Coolpad Tracker user manual includes this very basic procedure. Get to know which button to push or which indicator to pay attention to. All are explained clearly in this document. If you want to turn the tracker off, this section also has the information you need.

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Installing the Safe & Found app

Coolpad Tracker needs an app to operate it. In this case, your phone is the one responsible. You must install an app on it beforehand called Safe & Found. The instruction for this process is well-explained inside this particular section.

Your job is not done yet after installation. This time, you have to create a tracker account. Consult the manual on how you can do it properly.

Activation and Connecting Your Tracker

Next, you have to activate Coolpad Tracker through the Boost Mobile website. Activation is necessary to register your tracker to the provider’s database. There’s a step-by-step instruction you can find in the manual. All you need to do is just follow it.

Lastly, you can finally connect the tracker to your account. This is the last part of the seemingly long process of installation. Additionally, with one account, a user can have multiple trackers. Interesting, right? Find more about it in the last section of the user manual.

Download User Manual

That’s just a bit of Coolpad Tracker user manual sneak peek. For more, there’s nothing else to do than reading the actual document. Don’t worry, it’s easy to read and comes with illustrations to make information easier to absorb. We’ve attached the download link below. Click to download the PDF file.

Download: Coolpad Tracker User Manual (PDF)