Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot User Manual

Make sure that your mobile hotspot functions smoothly. Achieve a strong Internet connection by reading the Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot user manual.

Coolpad Surf User Manual

Browsing the internet is easy, but getting a supportive connection is a different story. With the Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot, you can obtain a reliable connection no matter where you are.

However, this also depends on how well you know about the device. If you have no prior experience with a gadget like this, you can read the user manual.

The Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot user manual serves as a resourceful document that educates you on your device. Once you’ve mastered the user manual, you’re guaranteed to get a powerful connection.

Take some time off from your day and check out this summary of the user manual. Once you’re confident with the information, you’re encouraged to download the full document.

Device layout

Before you get started on its specifications, you’ll need to focus on the Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot’s layout first. This section introduces you to the hotspot’s general components. As you can see in this section, each part is given a label so that you can easily identify them.

Below the layout, you’ll find more descriptive information about each component. From the Power key to LED indicators, everything is explained succinctly to help users better understand the device.

On-screen indicators

Ever wonder what’s happening on your Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot? Unlike smartphones, the hotspot doesn’t have a huge display screen that tells you what kind of activities are going on. However, it does have on-screen indicators that let you know about Network, Wi-Fi, SMS, Battery, or Data information.

You can learn how each status is indicated on the mobile hotspot in the user manual. From this information, you can still have visibility over the kinds of activities happening to your hotspot.

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Setting up

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics of the Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot, it’s time to set it up correctly. To do this, you’ll need to learn how to charge your device. Don’t worry about that. The user manual has a three-step guideline that shows you how to properly charge your hotspot.

Once it’s charged, you’ll need to insert your SIM card. Please be kindly informed that the hotspot only accommodates a certain SIM card type. Find out what SIM card you can use and how to manually insert it into the hotspot.

Connecting Wi-Fi device

Time to get connected with the Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot. The hotspot is capable of multiple connection options. One of them is by connecting your Wi-Fi device to your mobile hotspot. It’s a fuss-free method of getting access to the Internet.

In the Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot user manual, you’ll find multiple ways of connecting your Wi-Fi Device to the hotspot. Each device, such as Windows computer, Mac computer, iOS device, and Android device, has its own method of getting connected to the mobile hotspot. Better pay attention to this section.

Managing hotspot

Users will need to manage their Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot from time to time. The user manual can teach you how to access your mobile hotspot device information using an Internet browser. Alternatively, you can also learn how to access this information through a computer via a USB cable. Each method has its own specific guideline, which you can refer to in this section.

Device settings

The Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot is filled with many different activities to ensure that the device works perfectly. But if there are one or two things that you’d like to change, you can do so by accessing the device settings.

The user manual shows you a list of device settings that you can configure to your heart’s content. From Account Management to Wi-Fi Sleep Settings, all of these options are available at your fingertips – provided that you read through the user manual.

Software updates

Like all modern devices, you’ll have to update your Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot. The purpose of software updates is to ensure that its performance stays in tip-top shape, and you’ll get a stronger connection. Find out how to check for software updates and learn how to update your device properly in the user manual.

Download user manual

That’s all we can provide in summary for now. If you’re keen on learning more about this fantastic mobile hotspot, we have good news. You can retrieve the full version of the Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot user manual. Just click on the available download link to get the user manual.

Download: Coolpad Surf Mobile Hotspot Manual (PDF)