Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch User Manual

Help your kids understand the coolest smartwatch ever launched in the market. Take a look at the Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch user manual for more info.

Coolpad Dyno User Manual

Using a smartwatch for the first time may be a confusing experience for adults, let alone for children. One device gaining prominent traction in the industry is the Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch.

Smartwatches are a great replacement if you’re bored of analog watches. However, if you don’t know how to use them properly, you can never unlock their true benefits.

But with the Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch user manual, your kids can learn how to utilize this smartwatch easily. It’s got all the essentials that enrich you with the important details.

Reading a user manual may be overwhelming, but don’t worry. We’ve wrapped up the document’s crucial information in this insightful summary. If you’re pleased, you can download the user manual later.

Device layout

This section of the user manual shows you what your Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch should look like. It displays the basic layout of your device. Each component is given a specific label so that the user can easily identify them. If you ever have trouble recognizing where the Power key, Speaker, or SOS key on your watch, look no further and go to this chapter.

Powering the device

Once you have familiarized yourself with the Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch’s layout, it’s time to power it up. First things first, you’ll need to learn how to charge the device. Since this smartwatch is slightly different from most gadgets, users are encouraged to follow the charging guidelines as listed in the user manual.

After you have successfully charged your device, you can power on your smartwatch. Your Power key can perform several different functions depending on how you press them. To find out how to correctly power on your device, look at this section. Additionally, you can learn how to power off your device.

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SOS key

One powerful feature of the Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch is the SOS key. This feature lets your child call the Primary Administrator if there is an emergency. Before your kid can use the SOS key, you’ll need to learn how to operate it. Find out how to use the SOS key in this section.

Additionally, there are several notes that you need to take into account when using the SOS key. Your child will need to know what to do if the Primary Administrator doesn’t respond to the SOS call in certain cases. Get in-depth details about the SOS key in the user manual.

Adding contacts

The Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch doesn’t just tell time – it’s mainly used for communication. Adding contacts is a major part of the device. Your child can add a Primary Administrator and other trusted members that they can reach out to. They will be the ones who can make and receive calls.

The Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch user manual has two separate guidelines that teach you how to add and delete contacts. All you need to do is follow these instructions to ensure that your child has the right contacts in their smartwatch.

Calling and chatting

Now that you have contacts in your Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch, you can finally make calls on it. Not everyone is familiar with the idea of calling on your smartwatch. If this is your or your child’s first time doing so, you are recommended to go to this section to learn how to make and answer calls.

Below this particular section, you can learn how to chat on your smartwatch as well. However, chatting on your smartwatch isn’t done through normal text messaging. It’s advisable to check out the user manual to properly chat.

Setting alarm

The Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch acts like a proper watch. Besides letting you know what time it is, you can set up alarms on it as well. However, you’ll have to download a certain app before setting up an alarm. Find out what app you’ll have to download in the user manual and follow the instructions when setting up alarms.

Accessing settings

There are a lot of activities going on behind-the-scenes in your Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch. This is why it’s important to access your settings on several occasions. To access your smartwatch settings, all you have to do is learn through the user manual. Once you successfully access your settings, you can configure several items like your software.

Download user manual

While that finishes our summary, it’s not the end of the user manual. You can access more valuable information by getting a copy of the Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch user manual. To do this, you can click on the provided download link and get the user manual file.

Download: Coolpad Dyno Smartwatch Manual (PDF)