Motorola Edge Plus User Manual

What to do with your all-new device? Find out more about it through the Motorola Edge Plus user manual. Get a better experience by reading this guide.

Motorola Edge Plus User Manual

With the development of technology, we tend to update ourselves with the latest device for our convenience. Smartphones are one of the devices that we often update.

Motorola, as one of the leading producers in the mobile phone industry, not only cares about their appearances but also their performance. Motorola Edge Plus became the fruit of this labor.

However, did you know what exactly is contained within this powerful device? The Motorola Edge Plus user manual is the solution for you. Or perhaps a further detail about the in-built apps? It is all contained within one simple manual.

We have already prepared a little run-through of what is contained within this wonderful manual. By the time you finish reading this manual, you will have all the power in your hands.

Get Started

What is the first thing you do when you receive your new device? Well, most of us will answer with “use the phone”. However, do you know that there are more than what it seems?

The chapter will provide you with the precise function of buttons and sensors in your phone. The location of the sim card tray and how to access it. You can also consult this chapter if you have problems with connecting your phone to Google or WiFi.

Learn The Basics

Next is to learn the basics of your new phone. While you might think that it contains the same feature as your previous phone, in reality, it is not.

Within this chapter, you will get to familiarize yourself with the inside of the Motorola Edge Plus. How the main screen function, such as notification, status bar, and also quick settings can be found within this chapter manual.

Customize Your Phone

The Motorola Edge Plus user manual is equipped with such a dedicated chapter that contains all the customization information that you need.

Here, you will receive in-depth information on how you can redecorate your home screen. If you want to control how you use your Motorola Edge Plus, you can also find about the Digital Wellbeing programs within this chapter that you might never find unless you open its manual.


Application is the main feature of all of our phones. Of course, the same can be said with the Motorola Edge Plus. With this manual, you can find a whole chapter dedicated to the in-built application that is available for you to use.

These applications are custom-tailored to be best used on your phone. Providing you with the best experience you can get with this phone. These applications range from daily applications such as cameras, photos, and massages, to Moto application.

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Connect, Share & Sync

With the advance of internet connection, more and more variation of it is also available for us to use. Motorola Edge Plus does not miss this opportunity as it is shown in this dedicated chapter within the manual.

Within, you will find detailed instructions on how to connect to a network such as WiFi or Bluetooth, sharing data while using NFC, or perhaps connecting your phone to the Google Cloud.

Protect Your Phone

Other than the available features contained within your phone, security becomes an important issue. Of course, you can easily access the usual security measures such as the lock screen. However, Motorola Edge Plus is equipped with so much more than the usual lock screen.

Within this chapter inside the manual, you can find further detail about the security measure that can be found inside your Motorola Edge Plus. You can also find information on how to turn your phone into a virtual boarding pass or wallet by reading the screen pinning feature.


With the more diverse features available to our phones these days, making them accessible is one of the most important things to consider. Motorola Edge Plus does not forget about this as they prepared a separate chapter for accessibility.

Here, you will learn about how to turn your phone into your assistant by configuring its talk-back feature. You can also find out how to configure your phone to support disability with text-to-speech, braille assistant, or to turn it into a listening device if you need it.

Download User Manual

Well, that is all for the important point on the Motorola Edge Plus user manual. Of course, if you need to know deeper about the ins and out of your phone, you can keep a copy of the manual yourself. And you do not have to worry, we already provided the link for you to download here.

Download: Motorola Edge Plus User Manual (PDF)